Saved, then lost, then saved, then lost again, then saved again, then lost, then saved.

I stated my testimony in a condensed version, but will continue here. As stated before when I was saved in that prison yard in 1975, I got out in 1979 and was still a Christian in word only with a moral compass totally out of kilter. I continued my alcoholism towards a deadly spiral and while I did go back to prison again, but in another state, I was still only calling on Jesus when I was in trouble. Back in 1975 while I was alone in my prison cell, my name was called out…I turned thinking it was the guard but nobody was there. I turned to take a nap (it was around noontime) and heard my name called out again, but more forceful. I got spooked and went out into the prison yard. Off in the distance I spotted one of the Jesus freaks, as they were called. He walked and I walked until we came face to face. We were the only ones out in the yard. He ask me if had accepted Jesus as my personal savior and I said I go to church (lied) and ask me I wanted to accept Jesus as my personal savior. I said, “OK.” He put his hands on my head and ask me to repeat after him. When I uttered the last word in accepting Jesus I was hit with a supernatural force that left me physically shaking from head to toes. I asked him what was that? He smiled and said, “that was the Holy Spirit going through you and you’re now a child of God.” I got out and continued drinking and consorting with ladies of the evening, and porno movies, and having my life spiraling downwards into madness. Nine years ago I was into my 2nd week of detoxing, and mind you, at my age and years of drinking my detox was severe. After pacing back and forth wanting a drink I instead yelled out at the top of my lungs, “Jesus, please help me” and I immediately felt the same beautiful, physical, supernatural force going through me like it did in 1975. Praise Jesus! It only lasted a few seconds, but you never forget God’s spiritual force going through you, never! I’ve struggled with my faith to be sure, and I know the devil would love to get me back where he had me before but it’s not going to happen. That’s why I need to get in touch with other Christians on this website. Please contact me fellow Christians, I need your support and prayers. Today I’m more in touch with Jesus than ever before and I have been instrumental in bringing only 2 people to Jesus, but would like to bring more. You know, even if I was on the last bottom rung in Jesus kingdom (heaven) I would gladly accept that. Thanks . Ptonio

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  1. Haven’t been to this website in a while due to school demands, but am now free to post and read the fantastic testimonials on this website. You know, despite all the inroads I’ve navigated throughout my christian life, there are some things that have not changed. I’m referring to my sons back in Texas. Have not heard from them in quite a while. I do pray for it to happen, but perhaps God is not listening to me. Don’ t know. I guess my alcoholic past is determined to still hold me hostage, even though I have been sober 91/2 years. I also still smoke, and can’t seem to stop for any reason. Guess I’m hooked pretty deep. One aspect of my life that has changed is that I now look and listen to more christian TV stations more than ever. Especially the 700 club. The other day on that station, they were showing “The Passion of the Christ” by Mel Gibson…the movie still brings tears to my eyes even though I’ve seen it so many times, like it hurts me what happened to Jesus so long ago, for us! Well, I’ve gone long enough. Bye and God bless everyone!

  2. Believer82 says:

    I hope all is going well or you and that you can stop smoking. leading two people to Jesus is a amazing thing. Do you know the Bible says that all the angels in Heaven actually rejoice and there is great Joy when one soul is saved think about that! prayers with you ; )

  3. Hi Ptonio,

    Thank you for your testimony.

    I love how you said, “I’ve struggled with my faith to be sure, and I know the devil would love to get me back where he had me before but it’s not going to happen.”

    I love the confidence. Please keep it up. I will pray for you that God will deliver you from temptations.

    Take care


    • I’m still struggling with my faith, but as Jesus once told his disciples that if a man has faith like a mustard seed, that is what is going to prevail and grow…just have to nurture it like you would a plant. I guess some parts of my past is still with me, but every time I say my prayers (usually at night) I always start with “My Jesus, please forgive me of my sins today and above all else, please remove the anger and resentments I have towards any human-being here where I live or anybody I come in contact with” and I continue with other prayers. So far, it has worked because I have calmed down (anger) considerably. Didn’t mean to write a book. I went outside to have a smoke (yes, I still smoke) but I realized that if I had more Christians praying for me to quit it would be tremendous. You see, I’ve been smoking for a very long time and I do have COPD (very bad too) and I need prayers for me to help me quit for good. Please remember that if you pray for me. Bye and thanks again. Ptonio

  4. Let us know how we can pray for you. Contact me on skype: michaelf8888 if you want to pray online together.

    • Thank you for your offer and I would like praying with you but I don’t get to this website that often. My schedule keeps me busy, however, I will make time because God (Jesus) is always listening and watching. And Lord knows that i have struggled with my Christian faith but I’ve gotten much better. As I stated in my testimony, the devil is also listening and watching for any opportunity and for a way in. Nay I say, Nay! Where are you located? Oh yea, almost forgot to ask you if you can pray for me to quit smoking, since I have been smoking for a long, long time and I have COPD and cough all the time. Please pray for me to stop. Bye and thanks again.

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