Man Saved from Sexual Addiction

This testimony is about my husband and how he got free from sexual addiction. He came from a religious family (controlling). He became addicted to porn and masturbating. His family almost broke us up soon after marriage, and I was so upset all the time, he felt rejected by me. He used it as a comfort, so he went back to the porn and masturbation. He had had a problem with it in the past, but it had been fine up to this point when he felt rejected. Then it got BAD. The more he felt like he’d caused pain in my life, the more he hurt me, the more he turned to sexual sin. He got me pregnant when we were on our late honeymoon. Now i got pulled into sexual sin with him also. But he actually DID rape me a few times, it really hurt too, cos he always wanted so much sex and my bits couldn’t cope with the demand. The pain would be excruciating sometimes.

Anyway he got me pregnant while we were on our late honeymoon. And i was pretty upset when i found
out, cos i was still thinkin bout leaving him and was scared that if i did his family would try n take my child off me. i got so sick with the pregnancy i lost 8kg in less than 2 months, vomited all day, in bed all day pretty much, he had to go get me weird foods n stuff. this is when he went rank with the sex stuff, would be sittin downstairs in the garage masturbating over porn on his mobile while i was upstairs waiting for him desperately to bring me some food that would bring me relief. I found porn on the computer a few times. Anyway we moved for me to go back to uni to finish my degree, we are 22, and then, because he wasn’t working, he went really bad into the porn. I prophecied at him one night without knowing what he had been doing, that if he didn’t get help now, he would have an affair..

It was spot on because turns out he’d been havin that desire growing towards one of his female friends who i had told him repeatedly to stay away from (and he sneakily met up with her a few times) for coffee etc. So anyway, he just confesses like EVERYTHIN one night, i’m so broken i can’t believe it, God tells me i can choose to forgive or not, he is begging me to not leave, when i mentioned that i was considering it he starts hyperventilating (mini panic attack) tells me he’ll do whatever it takes to keep me.

Anyway, on the way back down he’s driving (he was in another state for work when it all came out), he’s crying out to God and God hits him like he’s never been hit before, he gets home n he’s drunk in the Holy Spirit insanely. He prophecies all this stuff over me that is spot on, not to do with him, to do with the fact that God loves me etc. That night, after he calmed down, he wanted sex, and i REALLY didn’t want it. He pressured me, so i let him, but then, he turned the light on during, and i felt this dirtiness as he looked at my private parts, so i turned the light off, he turned it back on. was HORRIBLE. Felt so damaged after. Next night we pray thru this stuff on and i MADE him read psalm 119 cos it’s all about he word of God, he can barely get the words out cos this demonic presence is trying to stop him, he couldn’t focus, his vision was blurred, he was tired, complaining, fidgeting, it took him about 20 minutes to read it out.

So he starts prayin this stuff, confessing this
stuff off the site, it has specific prayers see. then he can hardly speak, so he binds this thing from manifesting in Jesus name. It throws him off the chair, convulses his body, he commands it to get off him, it does. He fasts, has done a few fasts, can all of a sudden read his bible, in fact is DEVOURING it, then we commanded in Jesus name any further demons to be exposed. so he does another fast, (just 24 hours no food only water) and he wakes up masturbating one night while he’s away, calls me, in desperation cos he’s finding it so hard to stop, so i tell him to, start prayin an he manages to stop. we pray specifically that God’ll expose whatever other spirit it is or is there, then he falls asleep n has a dream, God tells him to bind the spirit of sexual idolatry. so he does (awake in bed) and the spirit chucks a fit and tries to drag him off his bed by his
feet, PHYSICALLY. He rings me at like 5am like freaking out, crying i think, telling me about it, n i tell him that it’s trying to drag him to
hell with it.

Anyway, we both go to this prayer ministry thing and they identified that first spirit as a controlling spirit of lust, and they prayed this thing where he renounced his past sexual relationships (he had not slept with anyone else since we’d been married), had 3 girls before me, anyway they break soul ties, and they pray then that every part of my husband who had been left in these girls would be returned to him, and vice versa. I also prayed about an ex of mine, who i hadn’t slept with, but wanted to in my heart, and still had some kind of attachment to him.. i felt a part of me return.

This demon wants him back, keeps tormenting him, trying to make him give in, but he’s continually
fillin up on the Word and it’s empowering him, he’s even encouraging me with so many scriptures. it’s awesome. If anyone out there struggles with this I
am telling you go to the site. It is amazing and it will set u free if you do the freedom journey things. God never lets us down. He saved my husband and our marriage and our family.

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  1. inno4xrist says:

    wonderful testimonies. You guys really give hope to us. I discovered that the devil keeps us focused on the negative so much that we loose consciousness of the positive. I have fallen in these sins many times even after being born again. I have myself each time but discovered that, though i’m not possessed, i create grounds for the devil through the movies i watch, books i read, discussions i engage in, even tv programs. I then had to make a decision not to watch secular films or any thing unchristian. I’m still contemplating whether to stop watching tv at all. It does have good but most stations show rubbish. I also discovered that the amount of satanic anointing behind an advert or movie matters most. Most “harmless” movies have more evil power than x-rated movies. Also satan is a good advertiser but his products are not up to his claims. Pornography has no satisfaction whatsoever. The devil only capitalises on our desires to lead us to sin. I’m still fighting. I’m 20 and still a virgin. Please pray for me to stand . I stay long periods and then make one mistake and room i’m watching evil. God forgives me but i don’t want to risk it again.

    • I agree, with secular TV, you never know what kind of evil spirit may be working with it to promote something wrong. When you watch TV, many times, someone else is in control of what you are feeding your mind.

      Its good to watch Christian videos. But sometimes the best thing is to withdraw from all this for a while and just get into seeking God with a Bible, pen and notepad, until God comes and does something in your life.

  2. SetFree2007 says:

    My Name is Joe, and I am 28 years old. I was blessed to have come to know the Lord Jesus at the age of five. It was through the teaching of my parents that I came to know Christ and began to grow in my faith. I was blessed to be a part of a Christian school where their motto was “training in righteousness.” I was baptized in May 1997 in the Jordan River during a college trip to Israel. Based on the presence and conviction of the Holy Spirit living inside of me and based on Eph. 2:8-9 and other related passages in Scripture, I have full assurance of my salvation in Christ.

    Despite having known the Lord, However, I struggled with habitual sin for many years. Praise the Lord that although I used to be in shackles to pornography and other forms of sexual impurity, I am now set free by the precious blood of Christ. I have never been married and at 28 years of age feel so blessed to be set free well before that ever happens! I tried ending the habitual aspect of this sin on my own for three years, but then on August 2, 2000, after crying out to God on my knees for deliverance and confessing that I couldn’t do it on my own, I was then freed of my “slavery” to sexual impurity. The struggles lingered, however, with many battles–some of them were intense all the way through 2006. I would win many by the grace of God, but I would also lose some battles. God personally convicted me of certain music I was listening to that I needed to throw away. The Holy Spirit also showed me that I had to stop browsing websites that only gave the enemy an ‘open door’ into my life. Although the sites were not pornographic, they still appealed to my sinful nature. Since I have eliminated or “radically amputated” these, I have had incredible victory in my thought life, and the Lord is enabling me to take captive each thought –to make it obedient to Christ (2 Cor. 10:5), is enabling me to cancel out every impure thought via the cross of Christ, and is enabling me to be victorious over the enemy on a regular daily basis now! Praise the Lord! In addition, there were other forms of demonic oppression in my life, but the Lord has healed, delivered, and set me free of that as well and I am now walking in freedom by His grace. God has taken the place of all of the worldly treasures I once admired. In other words, I don’t have to have this stuff—as my old self used to cry out. I no longer “need” this stuff in my life. All I need is the Lord.

    I also want to mention that though I used to be extremely shy and had this social problem of fearing people, I am now on the radio doing what I never imagined doing, and doing what I didn’t want to do initially–and that is in addition to anchoring and reporting the news– hosting a talk show! It is a Christian program where the Lord is using me to speak out against evil and bring the truth to light. It is my goal now to reach out to those who struggle with addictions, demonic oppression, and ones who have been abused in some way via a radio ministry that I hope to be national and international someday. The Lord has allowed my radio show as it is now to be broadcasted live locally in DE and on the internet every week. Praise the Lord, and I couldn’t have made it this far without Him!

    “Thus saith the Lord God unto these bones; behold I will cause breath to enter into you, and ye shall come to life.” Ezek. 37:5

    • michael says:

      That is a great testimony Joe and thanks for posting it. Its very important for single people to know that they can have victory over impurity in this sex-crazed world. May God bless you in your ministry and times with Him.

      • Bro Joe ,
        You must also consider getting married.
        That way you will be stronger in Christ.
        Pray that God sends the right person for you.

    • James Polasek says:

      What a great testimony of your “victory in/through Jesus”! Thanks for sharing it! I’m sure many men, both single and married, can (–& still do) relate to the same struggles with sexuality that you did. Especially as you said:
      “The struggles lingered, however, with many battles–some of them were intense all the way through 2006. I would win many by the grace of God, but I would also lose some battles.”
      God Bless!

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