Saved from financial fraud

Glory to God Almighty. Glory to dear Lord Jesus. Glory to the Holy Spirit.

I belong to a brahmin family and was suffering due a money fraud. There was immense mental agony because of losing that money also guilt because the money belonged to my mother. My mother gifted me about 6.65 lakhs of money to invest in a plot and I gave about 5.6 lakhs money to a realtor. He took the money and never came back for registration of the plot. I started feeling that I am being cheated and did not know what to do. At one point I felt that I cannot do anything !! But Lord Jesus has come to my rescue and he has successfully completed the registration. At times of my immense depression, I felt solace in praying to the Lord. I started feeling confident that things will turn in my favour. And after 8 months after taking money from us, the realtor came to register the land. So I have realised that it is God’s gift to me. I wish to glorify Lord Jesus even more and I pray to God to please help me because my family to yet to know Jesus. Being from orthodox brahmin family, I feel afraid how my familly will react if I say about prayers to the Lord and acceptance of the Lord. Hence along with testimony I pray to God that I should give more testimonies glorifying God along with my immediate family members !!

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