Saved from financial fraud

Glory to God Almighty. Glory to dear Lord Jesus. Glory to the Holy Spirit.

I belong to a brahmin family and was suffering due a money fraud. There was immense mental agony because of losing that money also guilt because the money belonged to my mother. My mother gifted me about 6.65 lakhs of money to invest in a plot and I gave about 5.6 lakhs money to a realtor. He took the money and never came back for registration of the plot. I started feeling that I am being cheated and did not know what to do. At one point I felt that I cannot do anything !! But Lord Jesus has come to my rescue and he has successfully completed the registration. At times of my immense depression, I felt solace in praying to the Lord. I started feeling confident that things will turn in my favour. And after 8 months after taking money from us, the realtor came to register the land. So I have realised that it is God’s gift to me. I wish to glorify Lord Jesus even more and I pray to God to please help me because my family to yet to know Jesus. Being from orthodox brahmin family, I feel afraid how my familly will react if I say about prayers to the Lord and acceptance of the Lord. Hence along with testimony I pray to God that I should give more testimonies glorifying God along with my immediate family members !!

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  1. Bloomdido says:

    Did Jesus negotiate directly or did he appoint someone to act on his behalf?

  2. It is amazing how Jesus works.

    Praise Him for the works in your life,…..



  3. jerry abraham varghese says:

    yes i too praise my lord to make the above 2 peolpe changes and its made by gods grace!! praise him!!
    thanks for sharing the testimony , also i need 2 change my lover she is Hindu.. but she says she believes but i think her belief must be made strong so plz pray for her 2!!so rather than i can explain you both can explain more abt Jesus and heavenly father in detail to her as you where born as Hindu! so either pray or tell me a way or just give a testimony how you people changed or what made you 2 believe in Jesus

  4. Anurekha says:

    Indeed, all Glory, Praise and Honor be to our Lord God Almighty. Thank you sister for sharing your testimony.

    I am also from a Hindu family, but like you God choose me too and I am saved by His grace. My family had rebuked me for my faith, but thanks to God that now they have started to understand me and I pray they will be saved before it would be too late. I will also pray for you and your family. I know it is not easy when our family is against us, but believe; by faith we will win this battle.

    • jerry abraham varghese says:

      let me know how you changed from Hindu and believed in jesus!! if u dont wish to display here ,plz mail me [email protected]..
      as i am asking this because i find hard to change or make to believe or give the concept or the living of Jesus to my friend,(gal friend who pretends me that she believes in Jesus). i am praying for her 2 make her belief stronger
      . you 2 pray in Jesus name…as you are from a hindu back ground you can help me a lot i think!!
      ok thank you lord for showing this people ,, i was looking .. what to do . you are great!! your name is glorified let ..anurekha be remained blessed

      • First of all I came to God because Jesus choose me and I’m thankful for that. Praise God.

        I came to know about Jesus Christ at a very early age may be from the time I know I’m alive because I was born in a Christian society. I remember sending my Christian friends Christmas Cards and I even went to Church, but I didn’t know who Christ was. My parents had no objection at that time. As I grew up and at the age of nine, I knew He was my Lord. But I considered Him to be one of the god and not the Lord.

        The most difficult part of my life was that, I saw Christian everywhere but they were all lukewarm or asleep. Jesus was confined only to Sunday Church service. They were not hot neither cold. I had so many questions about religion (I was always curious about the word “RELIGION”) but no one answered to any of my questions. Christian around me would say that Hindu gods were Satan, and I could not digest that. I was so confused and I didn’t know what to do.

        As I studied in a residential school (Class 6 to 10), I had lot of time to pray alone and study Bible. I knew Jesus was my Lord and Savior, yet I was not able to understand what Hindu gods were and why should I leave them. Though I prayed only to Jesus, still I was bounded by it.

        My sincere quest for the Truth led me to a revival meeting where God touched my heart and I can tell you He is so real. It was like a veil taken away from my eyes and I could see the Light.

        I realized that I was trying to sail on two boats, one that is of Christ and other that is of the confusion that Satan had made. I can’t be a Hindu and a Christian at the same time. I can’t put my legs one on each both. I have to leave one and follow the other. God helped me and I know that religion man have created; rituals man have created; idols man have created; the stories that are woven in Hinduism man have created. How can there be more gods in Hinduism and the entire population of India. Is there any logic in that? Hinduism is so confused in itself that people follow the one they can understand little and believe it is true. It is because they don’t want to search for the Truth. They love following traditions and rituals as they love religion and they never try to understand why God created us and the relationship that we have with God.

        After I submitted myself completely to Christ, my family turned against me. My family had no objection accepting Christ as a god but they were totally against to believe He was the only son of God (or God Himself). I stayed firm on my faith and I showed the patience and love of Christ while they separated from me for two and half years. Since last six months as they are with me. I always question for their belief in the idols either one or the other way, for which they have no answer and then I try to give the singularity of God to them. They don’t mind me playing Christian music at home or meeting my Christian friends.

        To bring our near and dear ones to Christ is a difficult job, so I have placed this situation in the hands of Our Savior and God and I continuously pray that they will be saved as well I try to be a better person each day and show them the love of Christ. And they see a change in my attitude.

        God helped me overcome my fear through the anger that I sometimes showed up. I need to love the person more than the circumstances itself. Well, earlier when I got angry I forgave the person yet I was not able to love them. But now God have helped me with it and my family clearly sees that and they know the reason and the Person who changed my heart. Slowly God is taking away all the hidden weaknesses, fear and confusions that I had. But it is a long learning process for me and each day is a new day.

        Today I feel sad whenever I see Hindus around me following their faith without ever questioning it. When I try to bring the message of salvation to them, they feel offensive. But, the Light that God lighted in my heart is slowly glowing and I hope God will use me in their life.

        We cannot change someone’s belief but we can lay down the burden of our heart for them to the One we believe and see how He works to become their belief too.

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