Saved from Alcohol

Hello. My name is Jonathan and I would like to testify to the miracle of deliverance that Jesus Christ performed in my life.

It was in the early 80’s ( I don’t remember the exact year ). I had been an alcoholic since I was a teenager and was then in my 30’s. Every Saturday and Sunday morning I would say the Sinner’s Prayer with Jimmy Swaggart usually sick as a dog with a hangover. I gave my life to Christ but I was still drinking. So I prayed and asked God to please take the alcohol away
from me because I had no power over it and I was drinking myself to death. I told God I didn’t want Him to help me with the problem because I couldn’t be of any help to Him. If he took away 99% of my desire for booze and left 1% up to me, that would be enough for me to get drunk on. I asked him to take it all away from me. Well, that day I drank and for a couple days after that I drank. The day after that I got up, went to work and did everything I was suppose to do that day but I didn’t drink. It was like I forgot. It just
didn’t enter my mind to drink that day or the next day. And now it’s been about 25 years since Jesus Christ took alcohol out of my life. I’ve had good times, bad times and even a few horrible times in my life but I’ve never felt the urge to celebrate or drown my sorrows with alcohol. Who the Son
sets free is free indeed! Blessed be the name of the Lord.

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