Saramma George

My name is Saramma George and I am from a Jacobite family back ground. I would like to share with you how I am saved through a dream.

I was interested in the feasts in our church and always tried to paticipate in the church activities. One day, I got a chance to give a talk about mother Mary. But I was not able to answer their doubts. I felt very bad and cried for a long time when I reached my home. I begged Jesus for the blessing of Holy spirit. On that day I had a dream.

One day, at night, when I was sleeping, I saw a great light in my room. I was affraid at that time. I couldn’t understand anything.

After a few days, i.e. in 1960 January 14, I had a dream. I dreamt that two young ladies came to me and took me to a place. When I reached there, I saw that a lot of people were praising and worshiping God in tongues. I could see that all of them were very happy. They were filled with the power of Holy spirit.

But I felt very sad because I didn’t experience such a joy in my life. I was the elder one in my family and had to work for the family in my childhood itself as my parents died.

When i opened my eyes, I prayed jesus to give me more wisdom to know him. I praised the Lord for opening my eyes through that great dream. I heard somebody calling me by my pet name. I turned to see if there is anyone. But I couldn’t find any one there. I realised that it was the voice from Jesus. At the same moment my room was filled with light and I saw my past in a screen. I felt sorry on my sins and tears rolled down from my eyes. I begged Lord to forgive my sins. Then, I saw that two hands with blood and wounds washing all my sins.

I started praising in tongues for about half an hour continuously. My neighbours came to our home and asked me to stop what I was doing. But I didn’t heard anything. They thought tht I became mad.

I decided to love God and work for him. I beleive that Lord is caring me so much and he will stand for me forever only if I am by his side.

On the other day, a young man fromour church came to see me and asked me about all those happened on the previous day. I explained all to him. After a few hours he came with some brothers and sisters to have a pryer in my home. I agreed and praise be to god that we had a great time there. We all experienced the presence of God at that time.

We have been continuing the prayer meeting since then.

I thank God for coming to my life and blessing me with Holy spirit and making me an instrument to work for him.

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