How can you truly know you are going to heaven? What are doctrines of demons?

Sanctification / How To See The Lord

I hope what I am about to speak on gets you to take a closer look at your Salvation. If you profess to be a believer, it is always good to examine yourself to see that you are in the Faith. I am really concerned about what I see in today’s church. I think we have had a real watered down gospel preached and a false security ,and I think it’s time to wake up the troops so I am going to address some doctrines.

The doctrine of the chosen; Who are the chosen? The doctrine of demons; it says in the last days men are going to pay attention to doctrines of demons. I am going to talk a little bit about that. The doctrine of the old man, what that really is. The doctrine of sin in the flesh. The fulfilling of the law, righteousness, sanctification, and eternal life. I hope you will pay close attention because I am going to touch on issues in great detail that most preachers and teachers won’t talk about. This will be very controversial, but I am not afraid of that.

I think people have thought that sanctification is optional, but I am here to show you it is not optional. For those of you who do not have a bible near by I am going to use a lot of scripture and will underline all scripture I am using from Bible. So hopefully after seeing what I have to show you it my change some of your opinions and make some changes in your heart and your life. If you have your bible near by I would recommend grabbing it and going through each scripture so you don’t think I am misleading you or speaking something that is not in God’s word.

The first question I want to ask you is who see the Lord? Turn in you Bible to Matthew 5:
8 It says Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God. So who is going to see God? It’s the pure in heart. It’s the pure in heart that are going to see God; so I would say if you want to see God you better have a pure heart. Everybody reading this right now have a pure heart? Are you sure? Well lets see if you do. Turn to Hebrews 12:12-17 Now watch this!

Therefore strengthen the hands that are weak and the knees that are feeble. Make straight paths for your feet so the limb that is lame may not be put out of joint, but rather be healed. So in other words if you get off track; God will lame your leg so you can’t go quite as fast in the direction you were trying to go. He will cause some things to happen to shut down your walk when you are going wrong, and he says you better make straight paths for your feet so the limb that’s lame will be healed instead of put out of joint. In other words you start walking and your lame in your walk and the next thing you know God will break your leg because you are going the wrong way. It’s better to have your leg broke than to go to hell. God will break your leg if he has to. He will stop your path if you are going the wrong way. Pursue peace with all men. Including your husband, pursue peace with your husband and your wife, pursue peace with all men and women, and the sanctification without which no one will see the Lord.

Okay now then, Well I thought I was saved? Well maybe you were; maybe your not; maybe you don’t know. You won’t see the Lord unless you pursue sanctification. Without sanctification you will not see the Lord. Without a pure heart you will not see the Lord. Sanctification and a pure heart are the same thing. God is in the process of purifying your heart. That is the process called sanctification. It is a process. If your heart were pure when you got saved then you would not be speaking evil to your husband, and wife, or to your sons and your daughters, or to your friends, or your enemies or whatever. So obviously our hearts not pure is it? This is a process and this is what people don’t understand or realize. See to it that no one comes short of the grace of God, in other words you can come short of the grace of God. This false security grace message that is going around is wrong! You can fall short of the grace of God.

What is the grace of God it’s talking about right here? It’s sanctification. Sanctification is a work of grace. You can fall short of the sanctification of God. See to it that no comes short of the grace of God. If Paul tells you that you can come short of it then it means you can come short. Even if your 6ft 8in you can come short of the grace of God. You see we just read the bible and ignore these little words like this and think we got it made.

Sanctification again is a work of grace. That no root of bitterness springing up causes trouble, here’s one of the ways you can fall short of the grace of God is bitterness. Do you have any idea how many demons of bitterness we seen cast out of the people who come to our ministry for prayer. Almost everyone we pray for. I have seen bitterness on the tongue. I have seen tongues do things I haven’t ever seen a tongue do when bitterness comes out of a person., because bitterness is on the tongue and therefore the demon operates on the tongue. I have seen this many times. You can fall short of the grace of God. Bitterness can cause you to fall short. That there be no immoral or godless person like Esau who sold his birthright for a single meal. In other words for one pot of red stew he sold his inheritance to the kingdom of God. One meal, One of those all you can eat buffet meals and you have sold your birthright if you are not careful. You can sell your birthright for a deed of the flesh. You know what happen to Esau? For you know that even afterwards, when he desired to inherit the blessing, he was rejected, for he found no place for repentance. He could not get it back. He sold it and he could not get it back. It’s pretty serious. He sold his inheritance with God. So we can do that. It’s possible. We have been taught that’s not possible, but it is and Esau could never get it back.

Turn to 2 Thessalonians 2:13-15. I recommend you learn all the bible, not just part of it, or not just the part that used to fit in your doctrine that is changing. We are going to get the right doctrine so people can get saved, people can get healed, and people can get delivered. I learned all of this out ministering and praying for folks. Now starting in verse 13; But we should always give thanks to God for you, brethren beloved by, the Lord, because God has chosen you. From the beginning for salvation; now watch this! Through Sanctification by the Spirit and faith in the truth. In other words it’s not just faith in the truth. Your saved by faith through grace but it’s also sanctification by the Spirit because the work of grace is sanctification. He has chosen you for salvation through sanctification by the Spirit so let me ask you this. Just read that scripture right there; Is sanctification by the Spirit optional? It’s not optional is it?

Now you have got to be real blind to believe that is optional right now. It is not optional. I mean if you can read and think just a little bit you can see that is not optional. So brothers and sisters we are far away from where we ought to be. It says in the last days because lawlessness has increased the love of many is going to wax cold. It’s going to get worse and worse and worse, and the deception is getting worse and worse all the time. I was in Guatemala and I was dealing with this witch. He was one of the principle witches in all of Guatemala and he used to be a preacher. Before he turned to witchcraft he actually used to be a preacher, and he has hundreds and probably thousands of people under him. We where trying to get him to receive the Lord and get saved before we fired him out of the company. He was working for this gentleman and he told us there are many ways to God. I have been looking up on the internet about what Christians believe and 60 to 70 percent believe there is many ways to God. Did you know that? You may be saying, I am one of them. Man we are in trouble. We are in bad trouble guys. It’s going to get worse and it is not going to get better. It is going to get to the point where those that really love God are going to look like a bunch of weirdos. You better get ready if you are not weird already.

You are going to look really weird to the rest of the world, and you better not have a reputation if you want to get to heaven. Jesus made himself of no reputation. It was for this, what is this? Salvation through sanctification that he called you through our gospel that you may gain the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ. In other words you get to be like Jesus. That’s the glory of the Lord to be like Jesus. You get to be like Jesus if you walk in sanctification by the Spirit and faith in the truth. That’s what he called you for. So then brethren stand firm or in other words don’t let anybody shake you off of this, and they will try to take this away from you. The demons will, the false doctrines, the false teachers, all of these things will try and take this away from you. You will see this when you get through going through all of these scriptures I have to share with you.

Okay now lets take a look at the chosen. Turn to 1 Peter 1:1. Now if you notice I use a lot of scripture. It works better that way. That way I can’t lie. If I don’t use scripture I would probably end up lying somehow, but if I use the scripture then you are going to get the truth are you not? I really get frustrated with people who read one verse and preach for a hour and a half and who knows what they are saying is true or not. Let’s use the word and let the word speak for itself. As you begin to study the word and learn the word it’s going to start speaking for itself and it is going to be very clear what God is saying, but you have to put all of it together. You can not pick and choose through the Bible. You can use divination which is where you pick and choose the things you want to or the part you want to obey. That is divination. That is what King Saul was into.

Now back to Peter; Now Peter an apostle, you know it is interesting he wasn’t afraid to call himself what he was. We need to get back to the apostles doctrines that was taught in the book of Acts. We need to listen to what the apostles and prophets said instead of what denominations and everybody else is saying. Lets look at the apostles’ doctrine. The real apostles not the false apostles. Now Peter an apostle of Jesus Christ, to those who reside as aliens. Uh oh! You know what you are? You are an alien. Aliens you know don’t have a lot of rights. You know when you are an alien in a foreign country you don’t have a lot of rights do you? Well guess what? We are an alien so give up your rights to be mad. We need to quit trying to be at home and comfortable on this earth. Because if you are at home and comfortable here then you are not an alien.

If you are at home and comfortable here then you are not an alien here and you know what we try to do. We try to get comfortable and at ease in Zion. Woe to those who are at ease in Zion. Woe to those who are comfortable. He said you say you are rich and increased with goods and have need of nothing, but you don’t know you are naked, miserable, blind, wretched. So Peter said to those who reside as aliens. Keep your finger in Peter and turn to James 4:4. Look at this. If you are a friend of the world, or if you are comfortable in the world, or if you are not an alien here then guess what you are? You adulteresses, do you not know that friendship with the world is hostility towards God? If you are not an alien here and you are a friend of the world, therefore whoever wishes to be a friend of the world, makes himself an enemy of God. Do you see what he is saying? If you are a friend of the world then you are God’s enemy. If you are not an alien here then you are a friend of the world, and now you are an enemy of God. And brother, you do not want God as your enemy, but see we just ignore that stuff. You see that so if you make yourself a friend of the world then you are an enemy of God, and I will guarantee you that you will never let the sanctifying work of the Spirit if you’re a friend of the world because you are an enemy of God.

If you’re God’s enemy then He will fight against you. You say well I haven’t heard that kind of preaching. Well I am just reading the bible. Go back to 1 Peter; to those who reside as aliens scattered through Pontius, Cappedonia, Texas. Scattered through Texas , Mexico, Guatemala, who are chosen. Chosen we are going to talk about chosen here in a minute. What does chosen mean? What are you chosen For? How do you get chosen? Keep your finger in 1 Peter and turn to John 15:16. Jesus says, you did not choose Me but I chose you. Listen you did not choose God; He chose you, and He appointed you that you should go and bear fruit. Listen if you are chosen this is what you are supposed to go and do. You are supposed to be bearing fruit; if you are not bearing fruit guess what? You may not be chosen. You ought to be bearing fruit if you are chosen. If you are not bearing fruit then you better check out whether you are chosen. If you are not chosen then you better check out whether you are saved or not. God has really put this thing of evangelism in me lately. Everywhere we go we are seeing people saved and re-saved. People who thought they were saved finally got saved. It is a very big deal. I want you to see what this is all about. He said I chose you, and I appointed you that you should go bear fruit and your fruit going to remain and whatever you ask in my name He will give it to you.

If you are bearing fruit when you pray you get your prayers answered. If you pray and you are not getting your prayers answered you are probably not chosen and you are not bearing fruit. Whatever you ask you are supposed to start getting it because you are going to ask properly with the right motive, not according to your own motive. You can not bear fruit unless you are walking in the sanctification which we are going to see here in a moment.

Turn back to 1 Peter 1; He is talking to who? The chosen, okay! Now look at verse 2; To those who are chosen according to the foreknowledge of God the Father, How? By the sanctifying work of the Spirit!

So now lets look at how your chosen and who is chosen. You are chose by the sanctifying work of the Spirit. That’s how you get chosen. Those are the ones who are chosen. By the sanctifying work of the Spirit to do what? Obey Jesus Christ and be sprinkled with his blood. In other words, the sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit will lead you to obey Jesus Christ. That is how you are chosen. In other words if you are not allowing the Holy Spirit to sanctify you and cause you to obey Jesus Christ then you are not chosen. The ones that are chosen is by the sanctifying work of the Spirit to obey Jesus Christ and be sprinkled with the blood. That’s how you get chosen and how you know you are the chosen of God because the sanctifying work of the Spirit is working in you to get you to obey Jesus Christ and then when you obey Jesus the blood covers everything. That’s how you get sprinkled with the blood. You can’t be sprinkled by the blood without the sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit and obeying Jesus Christ. You can pray the blood of Jesus and for the blood of Jesus and it won’t do one thing for you, if you are not being sanctified and walking in obedience to Jesus Christ. I don’t care how much you say I am covered by the blood, I am covered by the blood. You are not covered by the blood.. This is only one way you get sprinkled by the blood. It says it right there in Peter. The chosen people of God are the ones that have been sprinkled by the blood who have the sanctifying work of the Spirit living through them to walk in obedience to Jesus and His words. Did He say he has chosen you for salvation through sanctification by the Spirit to obey Jesus? If you are not obeying Him then you do not have faith. You are just saying words and you are not His. That is why very few people are going to get there, because They don’t know this, and they think they have a security in something that is not right, the security of the un-believer. To obey Jesus Christ and to be sprinkled with His blood; in other words when you start walking in obedience to Jesus the blood covers you and when you mess up and you repent then the blood covers you. If your not then the blood does not cover you and you are out from underneath grace. May grace and peace be yours in the fullest measure. To obey Christ is why we were chosen and obedience is what the sanctifying work of the Spirit causes us to do. If sanctification is working in you it is going to cause you to obey Jesus. You will never become sanctified if you are comfortable and friends with the world. If your comfortable in the world and friends with the world you will never go where I am talking about going. Obedience and sanctification will cause you to be covered by the blood. The blood does not cover those who are not obedient. Keep your finger in 1 Peter and turn to Hebrews 10:24. This is going to make some of these scriptures that people have tried to explain away very clear to you now, As you begin to see the blood, grace, sanctification, and obedience. Now Hebrews and watch this. Let us consider how to stimulate one another to love and good deeds. Did you know that you are supposed to stimulate other people to walk in love and to do good things? We are supposed to be doing that to one another. We are supposed to stimulate each other. If you are not around believers then it’s going to be hard to get stimulated, and it’s going to be hard for you to stimulate others. Not forsaking our own assembling together as the habit of some, but encouraging one another and all the more as you see the day drawing near. The purpose of assembling is to encourage one another, to stimulate one another, to love in good deeds to continue doing what you are supposed to do. That’s why it is so important to meet with the body. Now verse 26, here it is; If we go on sinning willfully after receiving the knowledge of the truth then there no longer remains a sacrifice for your sin. Do you see that? In other words the blood doesn’t sprinkle you when you sin willfully because he says when you obey Christ you are sprinkled by the blood. Now then it says if you go on sinning willfully that means the blood doesn’t sprinkle you. It’s very simple. I have run into this in deliverance many times before when I prayed the blood Jesus over a person trying to get the demon out and the demon said the blood don’t mean anything to me. The blood did not mean anything and that person was not covered and sprinkled by the blood because they where in willful sin and disobedience and the blood did not cover them at all; therefore I could not get them delivered until they repented and then the blood covered them and then they got delivered every time! This is how it works. Look what happens if you don’t obey the truth and sin willfully in verse 27. A terrifying expectation of judgment. Now who is he writing to? He is writing to the Jewish people or the believers. He said if you do this there is going to be a expectation of judgment. Guess what the judgment is? It’s the powers of darkness; and the fury of a fire. I do not have time to cover this but when you do a word study on fire and refiners fire you will find out the fire is the powers of darkness that come to destroy you. Because you are not covered by the blood and you are not protected by the blood then boom you become open access to the powers of darkness. That’s what the judgment is. The fury of the fire which will consume what? Who’s it consume? The adversary, okay then who is the adversary? A friend of the world is an enemy of God. See if you are a friend of the world then you won’t walk in obedience and you won’t obey God so you’re an adversary and you become His enemy. See how all of this ties together? It all fits. All the scriptures fit. So because you’re a friend of the world you’re an adversary and judgment comes and the fire comes and boom! You are burned up! Anyone who sets aside the law of Moses dies without mercy of two or three witnesses. That’s the law of Moses. How much severer punishment do you think he will deserve who has trampled under foot the Son of God, and regarded it as unclean the blood of the covenant. When you don’t allow the sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit to cause you to obey Jesus then do you know what you are saying? The blood is unclean; I don’t wan to be sprinkled with that blood. That’s what you are saying. If you do this then you are regarding that blood as unclean. When you obey God; you get sprinkled by the blood, but when you don’t obey God then you say I don’t want that blood on me. It’s an unclean thing. What have the churches done today? Have they taking the blood out of the gospel? You bet they have because it’s an unclean thing to a lot of people; because when you obey God the blood comes on you and sprinkles you and cleanses you from all unrighteousness and you regard it as clean; But when you choose to walk in disobedience you are saying the bloods unclean and I don’t want it! That’s what you are saying. That’s how you regard the blood as unclean when you don’t walk in obedience. That’s what he is saying here. You regard the blood of the covenant by which He was sanctified. By which He was sanctified. Didn’t we just read about sanctification by the Spirit, and faith in the truth, you walk in obedience and your sanctified and sprinkled by the blood. Can you see what these scriptures are saying. It’s all saying the same thing. Look and he has insulted the Spirit of grace. Look there’s your grace. You want to see grace. Grace is the sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit and you insult the Spirit of grace when you don’t walk in obedience to God and receive the blood and be sprinkled and cleansed. Guess what that means? You are going to hell! You are going to hell. That is really what’s going on; you are going to hell. That’s the truth that know one will tell you. That is exactly the truth brothers. When you are not sprinkled by the blood, then you are not covered and you are regarding the blood as unclean and it’s a bad deal! When you start walking in obedience to Jesus then you can lay hands on people and they get delivered; they get healed; and things start happening and people get saved and people get convicted because you are cleansed by the blood. But when you don’t allow the Spirit to sanctify you by obedience to the word then you regard the blood as unclean because you won’t allow it to sprinkle you. In other words I don’t want the blood to touch me. I don’t want that old blood. This is why the church has taken the blood out of the gospel because it is an unclean thing to a lot of people. It’s an unclean thing; do you see what I am saying? Does this make sense to any of you? For we know Him who said, vengeance is mine I will repay. Again the Lord will do what? He will judge His people. It is a terrifying thing to fall into the hands of the living God. Brother we have made it, no big deal in the churches today. God says it’s a terrifying thing, and see this is what happens and why people are in bondage today an don’t understand. I learned this as I have gone out and ministered, and preached, and have done deliverance. God has shown me all this stuff, and this is why people are in trouble today because they have disregarded the importance of walking in obedience to God and have taking lightly the judgment of God for disobedience. You can get out of the mess by receiving his word and walking in sanctification. There is no other way out. You can’t pray your way out of this mess. Nobody can fix you. You have to walk this way and then when you do, boom, you can get delivered, you can get healed, and you get to go to heaven. Turn to 1 Peter 1:3 Blessed be the God of our Father and Lord Jesus Christ who according to His great mercy has caused us to be born again to a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. Who are protected by the power of God through faith, for a salvation ready to be revealed in the last time. You know what God is doing right now? He is revealing the salvation in the last time here. It is being revealed to those who want to hear it. Hopefully that is why you are still reading this is because God is opening you eyes right now. Go to verse 9; obtaining as the outcome of your faith, the salvation of your souls. That is the outcome of faith and the sanctification by the Spirit. He just says faith here but you have to put all the other stuff together you just can’t read the one verse. Do you see what I am saying? You have to put it all together. He does not repeat everything every time he says a verse. He will just say parts of it. You have to put all of it together.

Now then! Doctrines of demons. Turn to 2 Timothy 4, now watch this and this is what is going to keep you from the sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit. It’s going to tell you don’t have to this. That is what it is going to tell you. The doctrine of demons is going to tell you do not have to do this. How many of you out there reading this have heard this? How many of you have heard that preached? Saying well God knows your heart and He knows you can’t do that. If He knows you can’t do it, then why would He tell you to do it and confuse everybody? God’s not the author of confusion is He? Now 2 Timothy 4:3; Now the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine. In other words, people do not want to hear sound doctrine. Wanting to have their ears tickled. They will accumulate teachers to their own desires. In other words, in the last days people will find teachers that will lead them down the road that they want to go down. Teachers in accordance to their own desires, not God’s desires but their desires. You can find every flavor of teacher; just flip on Christian television. Just go to any place that calls it’s self church in America and find the flavor that meets your desires. Now we are not talking about Mormons and Jehovah’s witnesses here brothers and sisters. That is not what I am talking about. They are going to turn away their ears and will turn aside to myths or a bunch of junk. False teachers will bring these false doctrines because this is what the peoples hearts want. This is what the hearts of the people want so their going find that and God’s going to allow it. Because God will give you what you want to test your heart. They are going to find teachers according to their own desires. Do you see what I am saying? This is the way it is going right now. It says people will not endure sound doctrine. Let me just say this while I am on this subject right now. Just because you may be attending something that has signs and wonders happening in it right now does not mean it’s from God. Satan will deceive you with false signs and wonders. I will also make this statement that true signs and wonders follow you when you walk in obedience to Christ. God will confirm His word with true signs ad wonders. I have seen God due some amazing healings and deliverances but it always comes after repentance and obedience to God’s word. You better not as a believer chase after or follow signs and wonders or you will get deceived, but the signs are supposed to follow you. That is the biblical way. Signs follow you. I have found out about people sometimes years later that people got healed after I had prayed for them. Going back and visiting churches I have had people tell me many times that people got healed after I had prayed for them. Sometimes it is not a immediate healing. Other times I have seen God heal people immediately right there in front of my eyes. I have seen both types of healing happen many times. Again I say this to tell you as you begin to walk in obedience to Christ and teach others how to do the same then God will confirm His word in you with signs and wonders. It always follows; you can never chase it. Okay 1Timothy 4:1, Now watch this; But the Spirit explicitly says in the later times, some are going to fall away from the faith. Okay that means they where in the faith, but they fell away. If that’s not real clear I don’t know how else to say that. They had to be in the faith to fall away from the faith. We dealt with a witch in Guatemala that was in the faith preaching the gospel and fell away from the faith and he is in witchcraft now. Probably because he never saw the real thing and went after some power because he did not understand. They are going to pay attention to deceitful spirits. Do you know what that is? That is demons. Deceitful spirits are demon spirits and doctrines of demons. So demons are going to speak doctrines of demons through people, and also to your mind. By the means of the hypocrisy seared by their conscious of those, men who forbid marriage. How many people in Hollywood now are having children without getting married. It’s a popular thing now. It is happening all over this country, not just in Hollywood. Have you seen that? It says that it is going to happen in the last days and abstaining from foods. Man I will tell you what, You talk about eating disorders. You did not really used to hear of eating before like twenty years ago. You think maybe some of these signs are happening because we are in last days. All of this is happening because of demon spirits promoting their doctrines. Everything created by God is good and nothing is to be rejected if its received with gratitude for it is sanctified by means of the word of God in prayer. In pointing these things out to the brethren you will be a good servant of Jesus Christ. Okay I am pointing this out to you therefore I am a good servant. It is a good thing to point this out to you. Constantly nourished on the words of the faith and the sound doctrine you have been following.

Okay let’s look at another doctrine of demons. Turn to Genesis 3:1-5 Watch this, here’s a doctrine of demons of the last days; it was a doctrine of demons in the garden, and it’s a doctrine of demons all the way through history and it is still here today. This is a doctrine of demons. Now the serpent was more crafty, now that means he was pretty smart. The devil is pretty smart. Don’t think he’s stupid. He is pretty smart and he knows how to deceive and fake things out. Don’t think he doesn’t. He was more crafty than any beast in the field which the Lord God had made and he said to the woman. Indeed has God said you shall not eat of any tree of the garden. There’s a little confusion there he is trying to put on her. You can’t eat from any tree! There is your anorexia right there in the garden. Did God say you couldn’t eat from ant tree? You can’t eat. That’s anorexia. Eating disorder is right there in the garden. Isn’t it amazing how much stuff has to do with eating. Esau lost his birthright. Adam and Eve lost everything. The woman said to the serpent well from the fruit of trees of the garden we can eat but the fruit from the tree that’s in the middle of the garden you shall not eat from it or touch it or will die. The serpent said to the woman you surely will not die. You know what the doctrine of demon is right there. Here is the doctrine of demons; you can disobey God and it will not kill you. That is the doctrine of demons of the last days. What did it say over there by sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit to obey Jesus Christ and be sprinkled with the blood. Here in the garden they did not obey and they weren’t sprinkled and they lost everything, but the doctrine of demon said you can disobey God and it will not kill you. You won’t die. You won’t go to hell. It’s no big deal. Do you see what I am saying. This is a doctrine that is promoted. Just say forgive me God or go to confession. Go to the pope, the priest, the preacher. This is the doctrine of demons of the last days. For God knows in the day you eat from it your eyes will be opened and you will be like God. This the current doctrine of demons that says you can disobey God, and it will not bring eternal, but it will. Are you with me so far? Have I been pretty much reading straight out of the bible.

Now let’s look at the doctrine of the old man and the old nature. Now this is going to help you understand why you have problems. Turn to Romans 6:1 ;now has anybody ever read Romans and it confuse you a little bit. I hope to straighten a little bit of this out for you. What shall we say then are we to continue in sin so that grace may increase. May it never be, how shall we who died to sin still live in it, or do you not know that all of us who have been baptized into Christ Jesus have been baptized into his death; therefore we have been buried with Him through baptism into death so as Christ was raised from the dead through the glory of the Father; we to might, now it says might not that you will, walk in newness of life. Now watch this, for if we have become united with Him in the likeness of His death. That’s not just talking about getting dunked in the water. That is not saying because you have been dunked in the water that you have been united with Him in His death. Baptism in water is a picture of it and it is a requirement, but it is not the uniting in death we are talking about. I will show you later right out of the Bible what that means. Certainly we shall also be in the likeness of His resurrection, which means you can’t have the resurrection without the death. There is no way you can get raised from the dead if you don’t die. Okay so we are going to have to see what the death is. Now verse 6 which just so happens to be the 6th verse in the 6th chapter of the 6th book of the new testament. So you can remember it as 666. It’s kind of scary. You know what? The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. We don’t have a fear of anything today. Just look at the young people growing up. They don’t have a fear of anything. We have lost the fear of God. The truth will make you free and it will make you fearful of God. Now verse 6, watch this, knowing this that our old self was crucified with Him, now you got to follow with me here; you have got to understand this. Our old self was crucified with Him in order that our body of sin might be done away with so that we would no longer be slaves to sin. There’s two things here that you have got to see. What’s the first thing? Our old self was crucified with Him. That’s the first thing so that the body of sin might be done away with. Now let me ask you this; has your body of sin been done away with? Is anyone still sinning? Is sin done away with? No. Was your old self crucified with Him? Yes! Let me show you what this means. You may wonder why do I sin? I’ll show you why in a minute. When you come to Jesus for salvation here is what He does. He kills your old desires and your nature that wants to do wrong. If that is still alive, you did not come to Jesus. You are crucified with Christ. Before you get saved you don’t want to do right. Before I got saved I used to cuss, drink, smoke, chew, and all that other stuff before I came to Jesus. You know what I did not want to do anything good. I wanted to do bad. My nature was to do bad. I did not want to do something that was good. I could care less about doing good things, but when I came to Jesus my desires changed. Do you know what I am talking about? When you came to Jesus did your desire change? If it did not change you never came. Your old nature got killed. The old desires died. Okay you want to do right now you don’t want to do wrong. Is that right? But you have a body of sin now that has to be done away with. That’s the process of sanctification that I getting ready to go and show you. That is what you have to deal with now. When you came to Jesus; He crucified the old man, the old nature that did not want to do right. You now have new desires and you have a new nature, and there is a new man, but you still have a body of sin don’t you? Do you agree you have a body of sin? Has your fist ever done something it should not have done? I have seen anger come out of fingers. I have seen tongues say things they shouldn’t say. I have seen eyes do things they should not do. It’s because you have a body of sin. This is your problem that you have got to deal with, and if you don’t, guess what? You don’t belong to Jesus. All right let’s go on. It was necessary for that to happen in order so we can now begin to put to death the actual deeds of the body or flesh Paul is referring to in verse 6. If you did not have the desire to live right how could you ever live right? The old nature is dead. It better be. Now then you have a desire to live right. Are you with me? Verse7, for he who has died is freed from sin. In other words when you start dying to the deeds of the flesh and the deeds of the body you are free. That is the only way you will ever get free. When you come to Jesus believe me you are not free. This is the reason. This will help you if you can understand. When you put to death the deeds of the body you are free from being a slave to sin. You still have this slavery mentality which is a slave to sin. We are going to see this later on as we go on. Turn to John 8:43 and watch this. When you are born what kind of nature are you born with? You are born with a sin nature which is Satan’s nature. You are born looking just like the devil. Some people say well I married the devil. Well actually you did. If they are not born again. Do you know why you have to get born again? Because you where born wrong the first time. That’s why you get born again. You are born according to the nature of Satan. Now to John 8:43, Why do you not understand what I am saying, Jesus is talking to these people and if you study this you will see that early on they believed on Him until He started dealing with their sin and then they wanted to kill Him and He is dealing with them. Is it because you can’t here my words. In other words he said you can’t hear what I am saying. Your of your father the devil; now He is talking to the Jewish people and He is really trying to make everybody happy and feel good about themselves. He has a feel good meeting here. Now you have got to get this picture. Jesus is telling these people there father is the devil and they are thinking are you calling me the devil. How dare you call me the devil! And you want to do the desires of your father; in other words the old nature, the old man, wants to do the desires of Satan. That is why you have to get born again, but that’s not the end that is only the beginning. You have to go to maturity, and this is he process of sanctification that which without no one will see the Lord. He was a murderer from the beginning and does not stand in the truth because there is no truth in him. When he speaks a lie he speaks from his own nature. That is the nature of Satan, and that is what we are until we get born again. When we get born again, we get a new nature, the old nature is dead but we got a problem. This is where most people get confused thinking I am supposed to be a new creation. Well you are but you still have a body of sin and you have to start dealing with this. This is sanctification.

Turn to 2 Corinthians 4:7 Now watch this; We have this treasure in earthen vessels so that the surpassing greatness will be of God and not of ourselves, in other words this earthen vessel is a mess, and so when you see God doing something in somebody it is no from the person it’s from God. I know this when I go out to preach or minister to somebody that if I have to rely on myself I am in deep trouble because I got nothing. If Jesus does not show up then I am in big trouble because the powers not in us, it’s not from ourselves but it’s from God. We are afflicted in every way, but not crushed perplexed but not despairing, persecuted but not forsaken, struck down but not destroyed. Now watch verse 10, always carrying about in the body the dying of Jesus. Did he say back up there that you had to put to death that body of sin or that the body of sin had to die? That is what that is talking about. We are carrying about in the body the dying of Jesus, that’s Romans 6:6, so that the life of Jesus can be manifested in our body. In other words you will not have the resurrected life of Jesus if you don’t carry the death. If you want the life without the death you will never get it. And the death is the sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit. That is what death is. I show you as we go on. Look at verse 11, for we who live are constantly being delivered. How much? Constantly! Do you ever feel like you are constantly being delivered over to death? Anybody feel like you have been dying? Does anybody have a bunch of junk come on you to kill your flesh? You are constantly being delivered over to death for Jesus sake so that the life of Jesus will also be manifested in your flesh. In other words you, are supposed to die to everything so that the life of Jesus can come out. If you don’t the life of Jesus will never come out. Some people do no not want to die to their junk. They love their stuff. They love their anger; they love their rejection; they love their bitterness; they love their whatever more than they love God, and they have not repented. When you repent God will take that away. If he has not taken it away then you have not repented, and you have not died. Now you could have demonic stuff operating, but when you repent they will go. They will leave. You can say boo devil and he will say okay and he leaves, but if you do not repent they won’t leave. So death works in us but life in you. You see death works and what happens when you die is the life comes. We see here that the dying process of sanctification is a constant work in us before we can have the life of Jesus. It is not unusual for you to have to deal with some sin and some junk. That does not mean that you are not a believer but if you are not dealing with it then you are in trouble, because you are not allowing the sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit to work in you, salvation comes through this. Now verse 14, knowing that He who raised the Lord Jesus will also raise us also with Jesus. In other words, when you allow the death process to work in you then Jesus will raise you up from the dead and give you His life. If you try to save your life by keeping all the stuff, that’s saving your life then He will not raise you from the dead spiritually or physically. You better get his life here before you get the resurrection of the body. If you don’t get it here on this earth by dying to the flesh, and dying to the deeds of the body then you are not going to get it when He raises people from the dead. Now then go back to Romans 6, now I want to go back to it now that I have shown you these other scriptures. I am going to read again Romans6:6-7. Knowing this that our old self was crucified with him in order that our body of sin might be done away with so that we would no longer be slaves to sin. So you see what I am saying, the sanctifying work of the Spirit is to put to death the deeds of the flesh and then you are not a slave to the sin anymore. In other words it’s not controlling you. It is not mastering you. Now then Roman’s 7:14, now lets go and look at this scripture. Now everyone uses this scripture to say well Paul did not do what he wanted to do therefore I am in the same boat as Paul; I just have this little problem. So they use Romans 7 as an excuse not to get free. For we know that the law is spiritual but I am of flesh sold in bondage to sin. Now he already said that the old man was dead but you are still sold to the bondage of sin because the body of sin is here. You see what I am saying, the old desire is dead but the body of sin is here, for what I am doing I don’t understand for I am not practicing what I would like to do but I am doing the very thing I hate. Is anybody there right now? You can’t stay there. That’s the issue. For the good that I want, I don’t do it, but I practice the very evil I don’t want, but if I am doing the very thing I don’t want I am no longer the one doing it but sin which dwells in me. In other words you and I have a little thing in you and me called sin. Sin is alive and well on planet earth. That is what he is saying. I have got a sin issue in me. Well I thought Jesus Christ took all your sin? Well He did, but not if you are walking in it. Paul sees the problem here and he is explaining it to us in Romans 7 and 8. Verse 21, I find then the principle that evil is present in me, the one who wants to do good. Anybody ever see any evil in yourself?

We have sin living in us. In other words sin is alive. It is almost like a being in a sense. It’s alive and you have got to kill it. How on earth can you kill sin in the flesh, if you have a demon in there promoting it? How if you have a demon of lust or anger will you ever die to lust and anger? When you have got a demon in there promoting it. This is why the church has been so messed up because they ignore the ministry of deliverance. What do you think a good doctrine of demons is? Awe the devil can’t be in a Christian. If I was the devil that is what I would do. I would promote that. So I would never have to leave. That is going on today. That is a doctrine of demons. Because he already said the devil sinned in the beginning so sin is in you. I am not saying that every sin issue you have is a demon, but many of them are and if you don’t get the demon out then you will never get rid of the sin. Romans 7:22, for I joyfully concur that the law of God with the inner man. Is the law bad? No! Well we are not under law is what many Christians go around quoting. You are if you are not doing it. You are under the judgment of the law. I see a different law in the members of my body. Members of my body like your tongue, your eyes, you hands, your feet waging war. Okay you are in a war. Did you know you are in a war? If you don’t know you are in a war you are being defeated. If you don’t know you are in a war you are being beat up, killed, and destroyed. Waging war against the law of my mind and making me a prisoner of the law of sin which is in my members. I am a prisoner. Now we see we are in bondage to sin and we are in a war to come out of the slavery. We are in a war and we have to come out of slavery because we are a slave to sin. Verse 24, Now I don’t know why people don’t go all the way down to this passage here because they say well Paul was like this and he could not help it. Well look at this, wretched man that I am, who will set me free from the body of this death. In other words, he is saying that body of sin which was in Romans 6, that body of sin that had to be done away with, He is saying here in Roman’s 7; I have got to be set free from the body of sin. Who is going to do it? So Paul recognized that he needed to be set free from this. In other words you have to be set free; I have to be set free; this is the sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit. Part of this is deliverance; part of this is death to the flesh; part of this is walking in obedience to the gospel. Do you see what I am saying. This is the way you do this. Thanks be to God, who will set me free, through Jesus Christ our Lord through the sanctifying work of the Spirit to obey Jesus and be sprinkled with His blood. When you start walking in obedience to God by the Spirit then you are sprinkled with the blood then the stuffs got to go. If you have repented and you are covered by the blood and it has not gone then you need to get delivered from it. There is probably a spirit there. Because many people say I have repented, I have repented but I am still doing it. Then we cast the devil out and they won’t do it anymore. So if you have repented and repented and truly repented and you are still doing it then there is probably a demonic entry point in that area that you need to be free of. Just get the demons out and go on. So on one hand I myself with mind I am serving the law of God, but with my flesh the law of sin. Go back to Romans 6:10, for the death He died, He died to sin once for all, but the life He lives, He lives to God. So consider yourselves to be dead to sin but alive to God in Christ Jesus; therefore do not let sin reign in your mortal body so that you obey it’s lust. In other words, if you obey sin then it is your master and it’s controlling you and Jesus is not your master.

Nobody teaches this in the churches for the most part. Everybody teaching about how to get rich and how to feel good about myself, but they don’t teach how to get to heaven. Our job is to die to the sin by not obeying it. Listen brother sin talks to you. It talks to you doesn’t it? You know what I am saying. I know it does. I heard it. I heard it just the other day. Romans 6:13, Do not go on presenting the members of your body to sin as instruments of unrighteousness but present yourself to God as those alive from the dead and your members as instruments of righteousness to God for sin shall not be master over you for you are not under law, but under grace.

You are under grace when the sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit is causing you to obey Jesus then you are under grace and you are not under the law, but if you are not under grace you are under the law and you are in judgment because if you go sinning willfully then judgment comes. Verse 14, for sin shall not be master over you. In other words if you are walking in the sin then it is your master and Jesus isn’t in that area. Do you hear what I am saying? Paul is saying you are not supposed to go that way. Turn to Genesis 4:6-8, remember when Cain wiped out a fourth of the earth. Cain wiped out one fourth of the earth when he killed his brother. Can you imagine that, you got one brother and you kill him? Well you think if I did not have that brother or sister I would be all right. No you would kill whoever you had. That’s what Cain did. To me that is really weird; he’s got one guy on the face of the earth to talk to and he kills him. I guess he did not want to talk to him. Genesis 4:6, the Lord says to Cain, why are you angry, why has your countenance fallen. If you do well will not your countenance be lifted up. If you do not do well then sin is crouching at the door. I mean it is addressing sin like a lion crouching at the door. It is like a living breathing thing. So you can see that sin is alive. It is crouching at the door and it’s desire is for you but you must master it. In other words, God told Cain the same thing he is saying over there in Roman’s 6 and 7. God hasn’t changed; the gospel has changed; and you got to master it. You know what happened? Cain told Abel his brother and it came about when they where in the field, he rose up against Abel and killed him. Sin became the master of Cain and he became like Satan who was a murderer in the beginning. Do you see it? What I am trying to get you to see is you have no choice in this matter guys. You have to make a decision. You are either going to walk in the way of righteousness or in the way of the Lord or you are not going to get there. I don’t care if you say you got your ticket punched. You don’t have it punched. It’s not punched. That’s a false doctrine. I have read enough scripture today to show you that. Okay now lets go on back to Romans 6:15, what then shall we sin because we are not under law and under grace, may it never be, do you not know that when you present yourself to someone as a slave for obedience you are slaves to the one you obey; either sin resulting in death or obedience resulting in righteousness. In other words, If you obey sin it’s going to kill you eternally, you walk in obedience; it results in what righteousness. Well again many Christians go around quoting I am the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus. Well you are not if you are walking in sin. Don’t quote that scripture and say I got everything settled and my ticket punched. There is no condemnation to those that are in Christ Jesus. I am going to show you what that means in a minute. You see we as Christians will just throw out these Christian clichés and take it to hell with us because we don’t understand. So if you walk in obedience what does it result in? Righteousness! Has anybody ever taught you that? Obedience results in righteousness. Well I thought I was righteous? Look I am just reading the Bible. Let’s just read the bible and say what it says and not get into all this doctrinal theology stuff that is not right. But thanks be to God that though you where slaves to sin, you became obedient from the heart to that form of teaching that you were committed and having been freed from sin you became slaves of righteousness. So that means if you are a slave to righteousness then that means that righteousness is your mater so you are obeying righteousness not sin. Obedience to sin equals death and hell. It’s the same in the Garden of Eden. Obedience to Christ equals righteousness.

Turn to 1 John 3:7-8, Little children make sure no one deceives you. Okay you know what that means little children, he is talking to us? It means you can be deceived on the one thing John is about to point out, on the one thing I am about to read. How many people are deceived on this? The one who practices righteousness is righteous just as He is righteous. Do you see the deception? Well there are many out there who believe they are righteous and they are in sin and rebellion to God. The one who practices righteousness is righteous. You know John wrote the book of 1 John, and John walked with Jesus and John most certainly new what the gospel was. Do you think John the apostle knew what the gospel was? He knew what Jesus taught. The one who practices sin is of the devil because the devil sinned from the beginning. The Son of God appeared for this purpose to destroy the works of the devil. In other words, sanctification by the Spirit is going to destroy the works of the devil. That is what He appeared to do by the Spirit that’s why He gave us His Spirit. You deal with sin by doing and practicing righteousness. You do that then sin dies. When you practice righteousness then the sin dies. That is how you do it. You overcome evil by doing good. You are not a slave to righteousness if you are walking in sin. Now back to Romans 6:19, now I am speaking to you in human terms because of the weakness of your flesh, for just as you presented your members to impurity; Impurity means you don’t have a pure heart; and to lawlessness and further lawlessness, so now present your members as slaves to righteousness resulting in sanctification. In other words when you walk in righteousness the next step is sanctification. You don’t get to sanctification without walking in righteousness; you don’t get righteousness without walking in obedience by the sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit to obey Jesus Christ. That is a process here. You come to Jesus the old man and the old nature dies. You start obeying the Lord and waking in righteousness, then this is what happens. When you walk in righteousness and obey God there is a sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit and you know what he does? He changes your heart. Which you can’t do. That’s grace. That is sanctification. That is how this works. When you obey God; He sees your heart and He says I will change your heart which you can not do, but you can obey when you are led by the Spirit. Sometimes people are trying to get delivered from anger and unforgiveness they got to go and repent to somebody they have to ask forgiveness and then God will deliver you, but you will have to do something in obedience to God before grace can come in sanctify your heart in a particular area. Then when you obey from the heart; God purifies your heart and we become sanctified in holy vessels of the Lord. He does in your heart what you can’t do when you walk in obedience to God. This is called sanctification or a pure heart.

This is the grace of God to do what you can’t do when you, and make you something you can’t be. Verse 20 in Romans 6: for when you where slaves of sin you where free in regards to righteousness therefore what benefit were you deriving from things which you are now ashamed., for the outcome of those things is now death, but now having been freed from sin and enslaved to God you derive your benefit resulting in sanctification and the outcome eternal life. I rest my case, if I was in a court of law I could prove my case right here. I rest my case. Obedience, righteousness, sanctification, and the outcome of sanctification eternal life. Did we read that about fourteen times in all these other scriptures.

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