Sadhu Sundar Singh – At the Master’s Feet

I have found something in the public domain so inspiring that I have posted it on this blog. As a young man from a wealthy family in the Punjab, Sadhu Sundar Singh was desperate for peace – something he could not find through his own prayers and devotions through following the teachings in his own Sikh holy book, The Granth, or in the Hindu vedas or even in the Qu’ran – though he knew much of these by heart. He hated and despised Christianity and even burned a Bible at school, considering it a religion of foreigners. He was most unhappy because the true knowledge of God eluded him.

Early one morning, he resolved that if God did not reveal Himself to him before daybreak he would commit suicide and look for truth beyond the veil of death. But before he could lay his body on the railroad tracks, he was surprised when Jesus appeared in his room and spoke with him. It was this encounter which was the foundation for his new faith in the living Christ. Sundar lived his life soon afterwards as a wandering Indian mystic, teaching and demonstrating a relationship with God.

I consider his book “At the Master’s Feet” to be a true revelation of Jesus Christ – though Sundar himself acknowledges that it may contain errors or be slightly imperfect in the introduction to the book. Even so, I believe that like me you will be greatly blessed by reading, considering and pondering this vision and this teaching.

This wonderful book contains many precious revelations which I believe will profit those who meditate on them and consider them deeply. The answers from the Lord touch on some of the deepest and hardest-to-answer questions that may be asked.

At the Master's Feet – Preface

First Vision

Second Vision

Manifestation of God – Part I

Manifestation of God – Section II

Sin and Salvation – Section I

Sin and Salvation – Section II

Prayer – Section I

Prayer – Section II

Prayer – Section III

Service – Section I

Service – Section II

The Cross and the Mystery of Suffering – Part I

The Cross and the Mystery of Suffering – Part II

Heaven and Hell – Section I

Heaven and Hell – Section II – At the Master's Feet

A Prayer – from At the Master's Feet

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