Sadhu Sundar Singh – At the Master’s Feet

I have found something in the public domain so inspiring that I have posted it on this blog. As a young man from a wealthy family in the Punjab, Sadhu Sundar Singh was desperate for peace – something he could not find through his own prayers and devotions through following the teachings in his own Sikh holy book, The Granth, or in the Hindu vedas or even in the Qu’ran – though he knew much of these by heart. He hated and despised Christianity and even burned a Bible at school, considering it a religion of foreigners. He was most unhappy because the true knowledge of God eluded him.

Early one morning, he resolved that if God did not reveal Himself to him before daybreak he would commit suicide and look for truth beyond the veil of death. But before he could lay his body on the railroad tracks, he was surprised when Jesus appeared in his room and spoke with him. It was this encounter which was the foundation for his new faith in the living Christ. Sundar lived his life soon afterwards as a wandering Indian mystic, teaching and demonstrating a relationship with God.

I consider his book “At the Master’s Feet” to be a true revelation of Jesus Christ – though Sundar himself acknowledges that it may contain errors or be slightly imperfect in the introduction to the book. Even so, I believe that like me you will be greatly blessed by reading, considering and pondering this vision and this teaching.

This wonderful book contains many precious revelations which I believe will profit those who meditate on them and consider them deeply. The answers from the Lord touch on some of the deepest and hardest-to-answer questions that may be asked.

At the Master's Feet – Preface

First Vision

Second Vision

Manifestation of God – Part I

Manifestation of God – Section II

Sin and Salvation – Section I

Sin and Salvation – Section II

Prayer – Section I

Prayer – Section II

Prayer – Section III

Service – Section I

Service – Section II

The Cross and the Mystery of Suffering – Part I

The Cross and the Mystery of Suffering – Part II

Heaven and Hell – Section I

Heaven and Hell – Section II – At the Master's Feet

A Prayer – from At the Master's Feet

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  1. Timothy Noel says:

    The bible is clear that we are not to be speaking to the spirits of the world and that is satan.
    Satan can also appear as a ray of light that is in the form of Jesus to trick us.

    We should believe on Jesus by faith and on the work that he did on the cross. There is no second chance to believe or attain salvation after death since the bible clearly says in Hebrews that Men die once and after this is the judgement. Judgement does not mean a second chance, it’s condemnation of the sinner. This is clear when Jesus spoke of the rich man in hell crying out for God.

    Life is short, live it right by accepting Jesus as your ONLY true God and don’t follow people.

  2. Marc Shepherd says:

    I’ve done quite a bit of study on Sundar and have found many valuable jewels in what he says. Recently, while performing mission work in india, I asked church leaders if they had heard of Sundar. Almost all of the 450 people in one conference immediately stated they had heard…and studied some of the Sundar’s teachings.

    While I found many great things to brag about, there is at least one statement that makes me feel a bit uneasy. Again, it’s the topic of so-called “universalism”. I don’t doubt for a moment he had those visions and those visions were from God. However, I do accept the possibility that satan may have tried to poison at least some of the vision, or at least interrupted it. But I do have to admit that while I do not believe in universalism, his vision of saints being used to help teach those in hell does seem to be supported (though somewhat shakey) by Jesus preaching to those who were in prison. I know it may be a long shot, but perhaps there is something ini that.

    I don’t claim to know what is going to happen at the end of the world. I do know there is a heaven and a hell. I also believe those who are in Christ will be saved. Those who are not in Christ will not be saved. After that, I don’t know what happens.

    My two cents…….

    • sharoo bhalerao says:

      hello. i am a pastor from the Philippines and i’ll be going to India this thursday. i would like to ask for your help — i am also looking for the exact address of saddhu sundar singh evangelical association as i would like to trace the roots of Christianity in India. please help. thank you very much.

  3. mastergsan says:


    Sundar Singh was a Christian universalist; he believed that all people would, eventually, attain salvation. Writing in 1925 he argued:

    If the Divine spark in the soul cannot be destroyed, then we need despair of no sinner… Since God created men to have fellowship with Himself, they cannot for ever be separated from Him… After long wandering, and by devious paths, sinful man will at last return to Him in whose Image he was created; for this is his final destiny.[5]

    In 1929, before his final mission, he was asked about the doctrine of eternal punishment by some theology students in Calcutta. He said that “There was punishment, but it was not eternal,” and that “Everyone after this life would be given a fair chance of making good, and attaining to the measure of fullness the soul was capable of. This might sometimes take ages.”[5]

    • Yes there is strong evidence that Sundar Singh did not believe in everlasting punishment. Though I could wish to believe like him in this form of universalism, I cannot from the Scriptures, though some try valiantly to understand the Bible in this way.

      The belief in the reality of eternal hell is something that should affect the soul of every Christian. Even if the suffering was “only” for a million years we should still be motivated to turn people to the Savior. Not merely for the sake of the sinners, but also for God’s sake, who loved the world enough to give His Son to die in their place.

      It was too much for Sundar Singh to bear that his devoted and loving mother would be in hell. But that does not mean his universalism was right. Deception can enter in when we are open to it.

      Nevertheless, I believe that the overall testimony and ministry of this man glorifies God and contains a lot of valuable insight for us. Some may disagree, and if they do, I hope that they are never deceived on any point, if that is the standard by which they judge others. I don’t believe that you must believe in the doctrine of everlasting punishment in order to be a Christian. There are plenty of things you must believe in, but I don’t believe that is one of them.

      • mastergsan says:

        What gets me is that this universalism stuff is what he actually sees in his visions, its not simply a case of ignoring what the scripture says about hell.

        God supposedly shows him visions supporting universalism which at the end of the day is a complete disregard for the sacrifice Jesus made as he implies you can get to heaven through any path, only difference being that being a Satanist or an atheist or sun worshipper will take longer to reach heaven after death. When it comes to understanding scripture we wont get it perfect as you mentioned before, but when god shows you something it should always be 100% accurate and 100% true like the test of a true prophet. God is not a God of confusion.

        This is supposedly what God showed him over and over, God supposedly showed him a sun worshipper who entered heaven after hanging about in what seems like some form of purgatory. also God supposedly says to him that he did not create hell, he says this over and over to ‘sadhu’ yet God’s word makes it clear that He did create Hell for Satan and his angels.

        I do agree that there are core beliefs that are needed if your a Christian and there are other less important things that we will have an eternity to learn. Universalism heavily draws away from what Jesus did for us and virtually makes it pointless as it implies that Jesus is not needed if you dont mind a little punishment before heaven in exchange for all your wordly desires, but that’s my opinion.

        I believe if a vision/prophecy etc, doesn’t line up with the Word of God then it is not from God, God knowing that he was going to write books would correct him on this matter i believe. But as i said before, i hope this man is saved, i have no pleasure in a person going to hell.

        He is physically dead now so it doesn’t really matter what we say, everybody has a bible so we should test all things, that’s the standard I go by and I ask others to do the same with me, if we dont then we cant blame anyone for deceiving us.

    • I’ve heard of this doctrine. Wasn’t sure what it was called.

      Even if he is right, from testimonies of people who have had tours of hell, even one second in that wretched place would seem like an eternity!!!

      I truly would not want to go there, even if I was only in those hellish, unbearable flames for a split second!!!

      Just Google hell, read the eyewitness testimonies and see what I mean.

      And if he’s right, we would have to believe that people; human souls, would come out of that place in love with God after all those years of punishment.

      My understanding is that they perfect their HATRED of God and all that is holy while enduring those flames.

  4. Sadhu tried to mix christianity with Hinduism is your allegation. What’s christianity you mean? I think here christianity you guest is ‘western christianity’. But it’s not what Jesus showed or taught. Jesus’ chritianity is more conform to Indian culture – that was what Sunder singh also followed. Prayer, Meditations, visions, spiritual experiences, etc. etc. But westerners turned it as their religion. Their christianity means eating chicken, beer, dancing,wearing suite, tie etc, etc and such dirty spirit-less practices. That was not Jesus taught, that was not sunder singh followed. Who gave you authority to decide a sun worshipper will go heaven? If a sun worshipper in his ignoranced worshipped sun all his life, and after death if his spirit confess about it, and God decide to let him go to heaven, whic English man can prevent it? Who made suite-wearers and chicken-eaters as the guardmen of heaven’ gate?
    Sadhu sunder singh was a godly man and christian ascetic. No English man can have such Godly experiences he had. Only they can jealous of it. If you want to enter in heaven you should turn to be like Sunder singh.

  5. I’ve done much studying and reading of Sadhu Sundar Singh and I find his Christ followership very inspiring!
    He was so conflicted that to be a follower of Christ to the missionaries he encountered was to shave his face and dress in the western style and conform his worship style to that of the western white missionaries, that he came to realize Christ didn’t suffer on the cross so that we could all walk around in suits and worship to western hymns and conform to capatilism christianity. No, Jesus Christ was the word from the beginning who created these different cultures and languages and asks each of his peoples to worship him…as they are!
    If he had conformed to the missionaries ways, he wouldn’t have made such an impact in his area he ministered. He was recognized as a Sadhu “holy man” which is very respected in the Hindu cultures. Without that title, he would not have been welcomed into areas that he continued to travel to.
    I would suggest also reading “Peace Child” by Don Richardson and also his “Eternity in there hearts”. These are both about how our awesome God has been preparing people groups for hearing his message in a way that is so understandable to them. It’s amazing!

    • Amen to what you said about capitalism Christianity and suits and ties and all that. definitely the traditions of men, which Christ condemned.

  6. im not sure about this guy, ive read to much things that are not biblical and when i ignor it i find another. i really hope this was truly a man of God but i find it hard to read his writings as i see to much errors which he does mention in the beggining.

    the one that stood out most is when he saw a sun worshipper who died in the spiritual world in the intermediate state as i belive he calls it, and he basically ended up going to heaven. a sun wrshipper going to heaven is not biblical, also refering to Jesus as the Sun instead of Son is troubling for me personally.

    As i said, error may have crept in and i hope he was genuine in his walk with Christ.

    • Tropical_Guy says:

      This man was indeed popular. He was also Hindu. I personlly question his conversion. My reason are he always tried to mix Christianity with Hinduism. That is mixing Truth with a Lie. His supposed Spirit has been recorded as to have been talking to Todd Bentley and the other False prophets known as the Kansas City Prophets.

      He is tied in with much of the New Age False doctrine of today

      • Question his conversion if you wish, but the fruits of repentance were very evident in his life. If he was a Hindu or a Sikh before he met Jesus is not important. The Apostle Paul was a Pharisee and a murderer. Does that mean we should not listen to Paul’s teaching?

        If you are going to accuse Singh of mixing Hinduism with Christianity, you had better have reasons for saying so. But please, find another forum to post them on. You seem to come up with unhelpful things to say faster than I have time to put aside to refute them.

        Just because a false prophet like Todd Bentley claims to have spoken with the spirit of Singh, does not make Singh false, any more than a medium supposedly channelling the spirit of Jesus makes Jesus false.

        There is enough New Age false doctrine around today that IS THERE without trying to label the teachings of true followers of Jesus as New Age doctrine. But honestly, I don’t think you are in the spiritual place to accurately discern these things. I suggest you go back to your Bible and read it again, because all of us should recognise that we only know in part and prophesy in part (if we believe in prophesy), and its important to get our facts straight.

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