Rough day

Still on this roller coaster ride! Today is a rough day for me. I feel down, and unworthy. I know its satan trying to take control. Just hope God gives me the strength to fight this. My goal is to quickly put behind me the past and focus only on God and his plan. Some day soon I hope to put to rest the sin I did and pay the punishment deemed by man and move on to sing of God’s glory. Just Hope to stay strong and not lose focus during this trying time. Thanks for a place to voice my feelings. God Bless you all.


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  1. Don’t give the Devil a foothold, don’t wait, make the day to end the suffering and to admit your wrongdoing today.

  2. bornagainbytheblood says:

    Stay strong, friend! I know it’s tough, but by faith push those feelings aside. Jesus loves you and wants to lead you to victory ground.

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