Ronald Reagan goes to hell and back

No, its not the former president of the United States of America. Its another Ronald Reagan, one who was caught up in violence and hatred. It was a result of being attacked with broken glass that he lost blood and was taken to hospital. While there, he actually saw hell while clinically dead.

You can view his wonderful testimony here. Its part of a series by Dr Maurice Rawlings – a cardiologist who resuscitated quite a number of people who saw hell while clinically dead.

Here is the conclusion of his story – part 2.

Part 3 and the conclusion of the story of Ronald Reagan. Then Maurice Rawlings talks about why Near Death Experiences (NDEs) and Out of Body Experiences (OBEs) are really something quite different to clinical death.

The next part of the video deals with Charles McKaig, and his clinical death. He was a regular kind of guy, who dropped dead during a stress test in the hospital. He saw hell, and was resuscitated. He was led in a prayer to Jesus, after which when his heart stopped again he was in peace and saw his mother and step mother beckoning to him.

Dr Maurice Rawlings himself was converted and became a believer because of what he saw at this time in this man’s life.

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  1. Tim Ellison says:

    Ronald, My wife and I have a gospel music ministry called Gods Garden Ministries and we live in Bean Station TN. I sing music made popular by “Michael Combs” and we are constantly looking for new encouragement in a dark world. We are not narrow minded christians but believe God is a great big God. Thank You for your testimony! God is doing miracles in our lives and if you ever need encouragemant in your life feel free to drop us a line, but anyone who has had an experience such as yours takes the place of the encourager.God Bless you & your family. Maybe one day the Lord may cross our paths on this side of eternity.
    Tim & Kosha Ellison

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