Rock and Roll and Pop Music

Ever since the ’60’s, Rock Music has been incredibly popular. Today it continues to be incredibly popular in its various
forms. You can hear it on the radio, on TV, in shopping centers. People love the feeling this music stirs up in them. Its a
multi-billion dollar industry. Its influence is everywhere. Well known rock singers are known and admired the world over.
Their publicity material adorns the bedrooms of many an adolescent admirer!

Great things are ascribed to Rock and Roll. One hit song tells us "We built this city on rock and roll". E.L.O. let us know that
"Rock and Roll is King". The Beatles informed us, "Its gotta be Rock and Roll music, if you want to dance with me".
Another song informs us, "Sex and drugs and rock and roll is all my brain and body needs".  We see that Rock and Roll has
taken on many of the attributes and functions of deity!  It is King, it provides all we need, and it is the foundation for our
achievements! I’d like to suggest that for many, rock and roll  really is a god. Its a lying god to be sure, but its a god
none-the-less. I know that people get upset when you blaspheme their gods. On the other hand, there is always the risk of
offending the true God if we fear the wrath of pagan gods. That is a risk I don’t want to take at the present time.

Psychological Effects of Rock Music

It is a fact that we are influenced by what we hear. Psychologists know very well that the messages we hear do go into our
brain and do go on to affect our attitudes to some extent. This is true even when we reject the message with our conscious
mind. If we like the music enough we will allow its message to repeat inside our heads even if we disagree with it initially.
Rock music, and more recently, rap, hip-hop and other forms of audio entertainment is generally repetetive, insistent and
seductive in nature. Its a perfect tool for brainwashing people. It can totally transform and mould the personalities of those
who are devoted to it. This is what has been happening in the western world for the last forty years and now we are
beginning to reaping the fruit.

A lot of people say they are not influenced by what they hear, but this is hogwash. For the most part, we are a product of
what we have heard and believed. Obviously, what we like to pay attention to will be very influential in our lives. Everybody
is following somebody, but the one you are following, do they know where they are going?

If you don’t believe you have been influenced by the values and philosophies of rock and roll, I invite you to read the next
section and consider whether your beliefs vary significantly with what can be shown to be the recurring themes of rock and
roll and other forms of popular modern music.

What is the Message of Rock Music?

Every song is different, but there are certain messages that come through again and again in rock/pop and rap music.

Message Number One – Rebellion and Lawlessness

"Do what you want."

"No one can tell you how to live your life."
"I don’t care what you say anymore, this is my life".

These lyrics encourage young people to despise the authority of parents, teachers, church leaders, government authorities –
anyone who would dare to try to instruct them and teach them in the way they should go. They appeal directly to pride,
independence and lust. If everyone followed these principles without compromise the world would be an unbearable place to
live in. There would be no happy families, just a bunch of selfish hedonists hell-bent on having a mad time. In practice, the
constraints of society put limits on these kind of thing, but there are many rock and roll stars who are out to convince us that
such a society should be destroyed anyway so that we can get on with the serious business of fulfilling our own lusts without

Message Number Two – Lust is the Way to Go

A lot of songs talk about love, but often this doesn’t mean much more than lust. Love want to give, but lust just wants to
take. Lust views people as a means to sexual gratification – not a really high view of humanity, in my view. The body
language of today’s pop musicians is loaded with sexual innuendo. Even if the words aren’t always about sex, the body
language on channels like MTV usually is. It is well known in the music industry that sex sells. Modern music has had an
enormous influence on the attitude of people towards sexual morality. Whereas before the 1960’s most people believed in
keeping yourself sexually pure until your wedding night, today, the majority of adolescents are sexually active in their early
teenage years. The consequence of this is usually hardness of heart, misery and dissatisfaction later on in life. In countries
where rock music prevails, not many couples manage to build an enduring, life long relationship. The break-ups multiply the
cycle of hurt in both parents and children. Hurt people are vulnerable to temptation to rebellion and to feed on the same
things that guarantee failure in future relationships.

Message Number Three – Evil is Good and Good is Evil

It is amazing how popular satanic heavy metal music is in many places. These bands glorify things that are evil and perverse,
and despise what is clean and noble. Their attitudes are transmitted to their listeners. Just a casual look at the album covers
show a fascination with demonic and occultic imagery. Its not uncommon for these bands to openly mock God, Jesus Christ
and the Cross. Its seems as if these musicians have become controlled by demons who seek to express their hatred towards
God and the Christian message. I’ve never yet seen Rock and Roll bands mock Buddhism, Hinduism or Islam. Interesting…

If you find yourself in sympathy with these messages of rock and roll it could well be that this music has captured your soul!

Messages from Satan in Rock and Roll

How do these words strike you, from AC/DC’s song, "Hell’s Bells"

"Won’t take no prisoners, won’t spare no lives. Nobody’s putting up a fight. I’ve got my bells I’m going to take you to hell. …
Satan get you. Hell’s bells."

In previous generations, church bells would ring calling people to come and worship God. Now people are listening to Hell’s
bells and they are on their way to a place called hell. Not so many years ago a fire broke out in a disco in France and many
young people burned to death. Those who escaped testified that as the fire spread the band continued to play on as if in a
kind of demonic trance, until they too burned to death. Satan is so confident of his influence over the current generation that
he can’t help but brag about it a little.

Michael Hutchence, who tragically killed himself at the end of 1997 was a successful rock and roll artist who clearly had
some leaning towards religious themes. The songs of INXS, such as "Original Sin", "Dancing on the Jetty" and others reflect
this. I was amazed though when I heard the words of the hit song, "Devil inside".

"Devil inside, devil inside, every single one of us, the devil inside". I could not make out some of the lyrics of that song at first. It says, "It’s hard to believe we need a place called hell, a place called hell". When I heard it I could only make out, “We need a place called hell, a place called hell”. Its tragic, but we have no reason to believe Hutchence is not in hell now, experiencing the horror and agony of what it means to be cut off from all comfort in a place of eternal punishment. When people meet the Lord Jesus they don’t go off and commit suicide. You want to live for the glory of God. One of the doctrines of
satanism is to get as many people as possible to hell, as well as going there yourself. The problem is, hell is not some kind of
eternal wild party. Satan’s advertising for hell is one big lie. It shouldn’t be surprising to know that Satan is a liar. He’s always
promoted the practice of lying and he is the father of lies himself.

Its a statistical fact that many rock and roll stars have died young. Some, like Michael Hutchence, and Kurt Cobain, have
killed themselves after experiencing all that the world can offer (though some may dispute this). Something doesn’t work in
the philosophy of self-indulgence. It doesn’t lead to lasting happiness. Life is short. We were made by God and for God, and
we’ll never be fulfilled unless we come to Him and experience Him. Rock and roll is like a drug that promises to satisfy but
actually binds the souls of men to the power of evil.

Christian Rock and CCM

For the sake of Christians wondering about Christian Rock and Christian Contemporary Music, I’ve added a new page
where I address this subject.

I hope to write more on this subject in the future and provide more relevant information. Until then, I hope to hear back from

Michael Fackerell

What do YOU think?


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  1. Shandy_the_little_rebel_xx says:

    Ok. This one quote made me so mad I made an account just to comment on it:
    >>”I don’t care what you say anymore, this is my life”<< This is not about destroying authority, it's about learning to stand up for your self, and not be pushed down and destroyed by haters and bullies. You would have to be pretty crazy or really biased (or both) to read anything else into it. I'm a twelve year old english girl (and you have to be 13 to make an account. Oh, aren't I evil!) and I'm athiest/agnostic, simply because I see no proof for any form of god, but I don't have anything against religion (one of my best friends is Christian) unless they shove it down our throats or claim that we're evil. I'm not a particularly stubborn person, and I like to think I'm quite reasonable and intelligent, but this sort of thing only makes me want to go out and do drugs just to piss you off. I used to be mildly depressed, self harming and occasionaly suicidal, but my music really helped me get back on track and now I am doing my best to help out others going through what I went through. I respect that you have your opinions, but please, don't force them on other people or hate on uss because we disagree. Rock on! ~ Shandy xx P.S. My name is a JOKE. I don't burn down schools or run around naked, I'm actually quite shy and quiet. P.P.S. I made a special effort to listen to My Chemical Romance, All American Rejects, Panic! at the Disco and Fall Out Boy while reading and writing on this site. Not exactly hard rock, but its the thought that counts.

  2. Sardaukar Hraesvelgr says:

    “You are going to hell” hmmm how many times have I heard this before? I would rather be free of hypocritical, close-minded, corrupt, and oppressive forces (the church), thank you.

    When I got to the part where you said “If you find yourself in sympathy with these messages of rock and roll it could well be that this music has captured your soul!” I literally laughed out loud…then proceeded to put on Kreator’s “Enemy of God” to listen to for the rest of what you call an “article.”

    One of the most critical things you must to do support a point is to provide evidence…but as usual Christian zealots are not intelligent enough to do so. If you do not have evidence to support your claims, ALL of your assertions are FALSE.

    I have actually gone to a Christian church on my own will to keep my mind open to new ideas. Man, was that ever a mistake. Every visit I made to the church reaffirmed everything I hated about Christians and the way they perversely practice their religion. The counselors leading the youth group (whom I prefer to call brainwashing session leaders) would start off the meeting by saying “we want this to be a place where you can keep your minds open” then they would bring up an obviously pre-meditated subject in which the church had an unbudging standpoint. They would allow all of the teenagers to discuss it then at the end they would say what the church’s position was on it then swiftly move on to the next topic. Any voices of dissent were quickly and effectively silenced. Afterwards I would go to the main ceremony where the very young children would be sent off to the “nursery,” yet another facet of the brain-washing process. One of the main things Christian fanatics try to do is get new followers when they are young and their minds are still malleable. Another two things I noticed were the typical money-plate that is passed around while the preacher is saying things to covertly make you feel bad if you don’t put money in it. Money should not take any part in the proceedings of worship. period. At the end of the sermon the preacher hopped into his hummer and drove home. I wonder where he got the money for that?

    I have been listening to Slayer while writing this, I’m sure you will approve 😀

    • Timothy Luke says:

      "If you do not have evidence to support your claims, ALL of your assertions are FALSE."

      This shows how pompous and ill-informed you are. If a tree falls in the forest, but you are not there and no one records it, then I guess it did not make a sound after all!

      God sets the standard, not man. Just because you went to a "Christian" church a few times and it happened to be one where there MAY have been false teachers, does that make you an expert on ALL churches? Why don't you open your mind to the fact that people kill themselves and cause harm to others while working themselves up to a fervor on certain types of rock music? What do you think "Slayer" stands for? You are a real piece of work!

      Face it, you went looking for reasons to not go and you found them in a church of your choosing. I do not think you are brave enough to read the Bible and live your life according to it. Any church or group has to have an official opinion on what it promotes. That does not mean they are coercing anyone, it means they are simply saying, "this is where I stand on this issue."

      To sum it up, I am not impressed with your rant, but I am sure you are. Enjoy your music. Eat drink and be merry for tomorrow you die, and after that comes the judgment – whether or not you agree. Your problem is not with Christians, it is with the God who created you.

      It appears you have opened your mind so much that your brains have fallen out.

      • Shandy_the_little_rebel_xx says:

        >> Eat drink and be merry for tomorrow you die< < That's a little grim isn't it?? Still, I do love your comment >>It appears you have opened your mind so much that your brains have fallen out.<<. I shall treasure this little gem of sarcastic wisdom forever. Rock on! ~ Shandy xx

    • Shandy_the_little_rebel_xx says:

      I’m with you there mate 🙂 Last year in year 7 a priest/vicar/something came into our R.E. class to talk about God. I kept asking questions – eg. why is God The Father not The Mother? I was told he didn’t actually have a sex, and that The Father was most fitting ,so I said as he created us from himself, then nurtured us and helped us grow Mother seems more apropriate – and if he has no gender he might as well just be the creator. After this he started pretending I wasn’t there. I love the way that they’re so confident untill you have questions. We have religious assembelies at our school, and what the vicar implies everytime, however much I try and find another message, is that athiests, muslims, hindus ect. are ignorant and evil. I’ve spoken to friends and even teachers about this, and I’m no where near to being the only one to see this. By the way, thanks for the recomendations – I looked up Slayer = Awesome! They remind me of my friends band 🙂
      Rock on!
      ~ Shandy xx

  3. abba232 says:

    This article Is just trying to scare people into thinking that the Christian religion is correct which I believe is a religion made up so the other people felt they were as important as the Jewish (the chosen people) And this article about Rock and roll “brain-washing” you is just mest up Music is for enjoyment not to “brain-wash” you. I listen to Rock and roll and pop music all the time am I an evil person doing drugs and killing people no. I know lots of others who listen to rock and roll who live a perfectly happy life. You people are the ones who are “brain washing” others to listen to your Christian bands and support a false religion. Sorry to offend anyone but I guess I am going to hell for posting this but oh well.

    • warrior daughter says:

      ” I guess I am going to hell for posting this but oh well. ”

      You are entitled to think what you want but when you stand before the judgement seat of God you will realize how foolish your statement is.

      • Gods sunflower says:

        Warrior daughter from reading your postings and your stance for God, I just grew to love you, and don’t even know you personally, you have me here smiling and laughing at your reply to the gentleman foolish statement. God bless you and may He continue to bless you as you speak out the truth for Him.

    • faithishearing says:

      I can see that you are curious about Christianity. (:
      No one is being brainwashed, every one of us who chooses to follow Jesus, did so out of our own free will.
      All people are equal before the sight of God.
      There is neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male nor female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus. Galatians 3:28.
      At the heart Christianity is not a religion so people could feel more important than anyone else, but to realize the truth that all are equal before the sight of God and that all are sinners. Maybe you never killed someone or you wouldn’t describe yourself as an evil person, but that is besides the point. All sinned. No one can stand before God and His holiness on their own works. That is why through Jesus Christ ANYONE can be saved! We are not saved through religion, but a relationship with the living God!
      I know you don’t mean your last statement. You really don’t want to go to hell, and you don’t have to! God provided a way through His Son Jesus.
      That said, because of some musicians ties to Satan and some blatant lyrics that seem to mock God and Jesus, people raise objections to listening to it. And they should.
      Why would I find enjoyment out of someone mocking the Person I love? Think, if the lyrics were, say, insulting to your mother, you wouldn’t want to listen to it would you? It is the same with Christians who decide to forgo such music. Jesus died for us on the cross and gave us a new life, so why would we listen to something that insults Him? It is not brain-washing, it is something done out of love and respect for our Creator.

    • Shandy_the_little_rebel_xx says:

      Hah! I used to listen to abba- they’re not exactly rock and roll though are they?

  4. kevin colburn says:

    i have come to believe and live that people have their own preferences on music. God did create us with taste in things. in fact not every one likes the same food. some religions will say you shouldn’t eat meat. some may not like country while others love it and they same with hip hop, rock, pop, classical, whatever. God can and will use what ever music he wants to bring people to him.
    there is no such thing as christian music as there is such a thing as christian lyrics. if the words and the person are glorifying Jesus Christ and not himself then may we all enjoy the sound of music we truly enjoy.
    it is not up to someone to tell me what listen to does not glorify Jesus if indeed with all of my heart it does. for someone to force that belief on me would be judgemental and legalistic.
    may God be lifted up in hip hop, rock, gospel, bluegrass, classical, pop, contemporary…all music. so many different types of people, so many different styles of music.

    • Ephesians 4:5; 1Peter 4:3-4. Are good examples of how we should live a Christian life. As Christians we are to put away things of the world and give are lives full to Christ meaning getting rid of the ungodly/ unchrist like nature.
      I would also say many times in the Bible it says be aware of false teachers who are decieful. Many people will say they can do what they want but this isnt true.
      As Christians we are to do thing that edify God and by listening to ungodly music we allow sin to creep in and feed us with evil spirts of lust, and disobidence. I pray that no one would be decieved by thing of the world.
      Also as Christain we should not compromise.

  5. IneedJesusso says:

    I am a Christian/messianic Jew and mother of two sons one nesrly 17 and the other nearly 19. I have at times had to tell my sons of the danger of listening to music that is not pleasing to God. My sons are both very recently reborn, well at least they tell me they are. Both are independent spirits if you know what I mean, and it has been a hard struggle. Their choice of music being one of the struggles as a part of that. I had an incident a week or two ago when one of my sons started to play a bad music choice. You see some music I outright ban in my house as I find it disturbing to my soul. I got a slammed door in my face and words from my son saying I take things too far and that a bit of music can’t do any harm. Anyhow he turned it off. I prayed for my sons. As a mother I worry for them and want to keep them on the straight and narrow path. Well God started to work immediatly. You see, I as a part of my normal week listen to Christian music on the internet. It helps me in some way. Well this week I found myself listening to new Christian rock music, music I had never much listened to before and I found myself loving it. I had heard it before but had not so much gelled with it, if you know what I mean by that. Anyhow getting to the point. I have now found lots of Christian music that my sons would like. God has opened my heart to new music, to help my sons on their road in life. Then out of the blue, I got a phone call this week asking do I want 4 Bon Jovi tickets. The timeing uncanny. I have no real knowledge of Bon Jovi and wondered if anyone could tell me is he a safe bet from God or if this is a trap from the enemy. I don’t have a clue. I have heard it rumoured that Bon Jovi is born again but don’t know for sure. Fellow brothers and sisters please help me to know should I accept these tickets for my sons or not.

  6. I myself am in a christian rock band. I play the bass (or “bass anchor” as I like to call it since it holds the music steady)
    and sing back up vocals while my brother sings lead and plays guitar. I love it. I’d like to eventually get some strings as part of our band. I believe that music is one of the most wonderful gifts that God has given to us, and that it can be used to not only spread the love of God, but to ultimately give Him the glory.

    I think that it is a shame what people have done with music, they have taken it and, like all good things God has blessed us with, have perverted it. But God looks at the heart and if you listen to secular music then I don’t think it’s wrong. I just feel that it should be balanced by some good, positive, music that in its lyrics glorifies God.

  7. gordwick says:

    This is an interesting music debate, does listening to rock music turns you into a bad aggressive person? I love listening for pop music and, it always makes me feel better. I am a huge Madonna fan and I wouldn’t miss the chance to get Madonna tickets and see her live. Music makes me feel free, this is the message I get.

  8. I mave been a musician since I was eleven years old when I was given my first guitar.

    As I was growing up, I became a fan of rock and heavy metal and by my late teens was starting to get “pretty good ” on the old guitar.

    My dream was to become an “axe hero”, up on stage blasting out some awsome guitar solo and being the object of peoples adoration.

    Even though I knew that the chances of me making it in the music industry were pretty slim, I held on to this dream as an excape from the mundane life that I was living.

    When I became a Christian at the age of 25, The Lord clearly showed me that I needed to turn away from the idolatory of the music scene so I abandoned the whole thing, got rid of my albums and just kept a guitar which i would use to make up a few tunes once in a while.

    I became involved in a local church and was asked to accompany the worship. I was happy to do this as service to the Lord. I was not putting myself before God because rythm guitar was not a strong point of mine. My pride was lead solos.

    A few years later I was involved with a church that had an annointed music ministry. The focus of which was the gospel choir.

    I did not jump to become involved at that point but was content with helping with the equiptment and such.

    After a year or so, the bass player left and the Lord was telling me that I should take up the role of bassist in the choir.

    I kept his word to me secret and one day the choir was approached by the BBC to participate in a “songs of praise special” which was to be conducted at Goodison Park, home to Everton football club.
    The musical director invited to me to become involved in the project.

    Even though I knew that my skills as a bassist where pretty weak, I saw this as a confirmation of what the Lord had said to me so I accepted and we set about reherasing for the concert.

    When the day came, Goodison was packed to the rooftops with church members from all over the north west of England. There were 34,000 spectators in the park and the TV coverage was watched by millions.

    It was a hugely enjoyable time for me. I was serving the Lord with the best of my ability, not showing off with my talent and skill.

    The show was a great success and the thing which amazed me was that God had fulfilled the dreams of my youth, not for my glory, but for His.

    I continued with the choir for a further two years after that. We ministered to hundreds of thousands, even millions through further newtork coverage.

    Through my act of submitting my music to God, I can now enjoy it as something which was created by Him, for us.

    Secular music, by nature, will not glorify God, but we can, and must bring all things (including music) into submission to the holy spirit.

    God bless,


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