Good Morning to all,

I am finally steping out in faith. I am learning that faith is more than a belief it’s a walk. I am acting out in faith. I am steping out and asking God to help me each and every morning. Consequently I find myself more at peace, more energetic, I make it in to work and on time.

I am no longer feeling sluggish, depressed etc. The Lord is slowly making me more aware of my words, my thoughts and He is helping me understand that when I put Him first I no longer have control. I no longer mess things up. When I go to Him at the break of dawn I beg Him to help me get through the day. To give me the strenght and He does. I find myself waking up at 5am. I find myself in need to look for Him first. I find myself singing and praising Him. I am gooood at work. I have energy. I am focus. Amen!

I find myself thinking more of His words and the messages behind it. I find myself writing and at times I don’t know where it came from, where those words came from. For example, I had written the following to someone at church. When I write off I go, its just my pen (key board), my paper (the screen) and my heart. Grammer goes out the window and off I go writing (tyyping).
Then when I look back at my writing, I wonder why I said that.

God works with me by giving me a word. This time around I got the word, “revival”…
This past Sundays workship was quite different from any other time and so I responded to an email sent to me, the person asked me,”How was service” and so I answerd as follow:

Hey GOOD Morning,

I hope all is well. How is your dad?

Sunday prayer? much needed. It was awesome. Loved it.. Nice to see more people early on Sundays. The bible study was great “Back to Genesis”… God is answering my questions through other people, amazing…

Service? GREAT!!!!!! Something special is happening in the church.. Something amazing will take place. I can’t wait. We must go back to the beginning….
Where are we ? (as individuals and as the body of christ, where we stand with God)
What have we done?

Sundays atmosphere was amazing. I have never felt that way b/4.
As if God is just right there waiting to pour out His blessings but we must go back to the beginning. We must go back and understand….

hmmm, Service felt so good that I still feel it. It’s something very special.
Revival is on its way. Hold on (person’s Name) b/c you going to swim in much deeper waters!!

God is awesome! Can’t explain my ride, but it feels great!!!!!!!

Thank you so much for being who you are!!!!

Thank you for all your prayers!!

Thank you and God bless you ten folds….

Now my question is as follow, What is revival? I wrote this from the bottom of my heart and then when I re-read it I just couldn’t comprehend the meaning of revival.

The person ans me and said that Yes, there will be a revival and I will be part of it and so I responded: Don’t know what you mean? Me part of a revival?

I need help in understanding! Please advice…. I hope that I am making sense and sorry for my grammer… God bless.

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