Retired Navy Officer healed of Cancer

I am a retired Navi officer and I had a cancer in my urinary bladder in 1998. It was healed after a couple of operations and a few other check-ups within one year.

In 200 May, I was shown by the doctors that my bladder is absolutely healed.

But a few months later, the doctors found a contrasted eternal cancer in my colon and I was operated. I was given a kemotherapy which was taken 6 months to complete.

In between I used to have regular medical reviews. I beleived deeply in Jesus Christ. I build up my faith in him and trusted that he will look after me and he will surely meet my needs.

Thank God and praises to him that I am healed completely. I was lead through some more check-ups to make it sure that I am healed. The results of those tests were showing that I was definitely fine.

Thank God and Praises to his name.

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