Restoring a City

Life in the city was hard but it was OK,
then it was transformed in a wonderful way.
It all came about by a divine request,
someone prayed for God’s forgiveness.
A few said separation of church and state,
but many still changed because God is Great!
Then some argued forget kindness, educate,
we’ve blood and airborne diseases to debate.
Yet travelers there, were now asked to pray,
for those less fortunate they saw that day.
Patiently waiting instead of honking a horn,
drivers now tried to make it their norm.
On public transit -bus, trolly or train,
people offered up their seat once again.
Courtesy, kindness, politeness, and more,
had all taken hold as had never before.
The streets got cleaner, the buildings too,
even the skyrises were painted like new.
Genuine kind greetings now came cheerfully,
and the city became a great place to be.

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