Some 15 years ago, outside of a church my parents had visited.  I not sure why we were there, it wasnt our normal church and was out of our way if i recall.   But there were people outside after the meeting, The pastor had pushed them outside cause they were in the spirit and he wanted to go home. 4,5,6 I dont recall, but one of them was laying down, and as a child I wasnt fully aware of what was going on and was playing, a jumped over one of them. Such a shameful thing to do.  Forgive me lord. It was then God spoke directly to me in Audiable Voice, the only time i can recall him Speaking to me. He yelled at me, but he also told those around


“if you were to see the kingdom of heaven tonight, your spirit would lift out of its body”

I dont recall comepletly, I was very young, I had pushed the entire thing out of my head.  And it just seemed to come back.


God does speak.

What do YOU think?



  1. i completely agree with you on the pastor and we never went there again if i can recall. and yelled is the word i used but more like pointed out what i was doing was wrong is what He did. It did not cause me fear or anger, because i knew i had done wrong before i did it. If he never convicted us of our faults how would we know where to turn?

  2. warrior daughter says:

    This whole scenerio does not speak of God but of a spirit that is not from God.

    First off the pastor wanted to go home so people were sent out of the church…Where was his waiting on the Lord???It seems that he was catering to the flesh & not to God…

    Secondly, I do not think that you heard from God. This is not a characteristic of God to yell at a child…He wants children to come to Him.

    Anyone who has children knows that when they yell at their child, it causes fear, & anger, all kinds of wrong emotions toward the parent…

    Remember this that God is patient & tender with children and His ways are not like the ways of men

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