Relationship Difficulties

NEVER GIVE UP. I have prayed for such a long time and I feel a breakthrough is near. God has given me words, pictures, and sentences which have bought me hope and peace – ALTHOUGH my friends doubt what I am telling them I have been told. I know that God is drawing me closer to him in my suffering and is there for my children and I. I KNOW C will return to me when the time is right. I know I have not been pure and holy as God has called me to be, but as I have now made a sincere attempt to be, I am finding that in the confession of sin and forgiveness I am finding answers to my prayers.

I post this to encourage others to NEVER GIVE UP. Ask God to help. Obey him in EVERYTHING (This is important) although the flesh will not be happy – submit your will to HIS and implore him to answer your prayer and to give you the courage and patience to wait out the storm or soar above it like an EAGLE.

Pray for one another.

Thank you for dying for us on the cross Lord Jesus. Come Holy Spirit, the world needs more of you. AMEN.

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