Rejoice for this generation

Just pick up a newspaper or watch the evening news,every where we are seeing prophesies being forfilled as we speak. Trials for the saints of God raining on us by the buckets. Strange days with family feuds,brother against brother, money almost worthless. It seems to take a suitcase full at the supermarket. Our churches are more like social clubs with playgrounds for the kids. For those with no hope heart attacks are on the rise. But you know ,the generations before us,would be shouting happy to have been able to see these things. They would be dancing in the streets because they would know Jesus will soon split the eastern sky,and they will be able to see it,praise God! We are blessed to know all the signs are here, the ability to watch from everywhere in the world at the same time.Jesus when he steps his foot on the mt of olives,and the mt splits into. I say rejoice for thy redemption draweth nigh,amen

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