Recommended Books

First of all I recommend the Bible. We need translations unless we want to master Hebrew and Greek. No translation can
capture 100% of the nuances of the text, but there is no doubt that the message comes through very clear in any serious
translation. I prefer the New King James translation, but  the New American Standard is probably more literal overall (except that it doesn’t use the right text – the Majority Text). The
important thing is to understand the meaning of the words used. You should read more than one translation and read the
Greek or Hebrew words if you want to speak with authority on the text.

There are many other good books on the market, covering a wide range of topics. Here is a small sample of books I have
enjoyed reading from. None of these books could be regarded as totally correct or infallible on every point, but they will
help the sincere seeker of God’s purposes.

On many basic Christian issues and concepts

“Mere Christianity” – by C.S. Lewis

“The Father Heart of God” – by Floyd McClung


“A More Excellent Way” by Ps. Henry Wright

“Christ the Healer” by F.F. Bosworth.

“How to Heal the Sick” by Charles and Frances Hunter

All books by Gordon Lindsay on John G. Lake


“Listen to me, Satan!” by Carlos Annacondia

“That None Should Perish” – by Ed Silvoso.

From Previous Centuries

Revival Lectures by Charles G. Finney

John Wesley’s 53 sermons

The Christian in Complete Armor – by William Gurnall


“God will Provide” by Dr. Raleigh D. Jenkins.

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