Recent mission trip to Thailand,

Missions Report April 2011

Pastor Pauline (Pakamas Meteakarakul)

Jesus Community Ministry, NakonRatchisima, (Korat) Thailand

Jesus Community Ministry,(JCM) consists of four Churches in Korat.

They are as follows: Tanpraporn Church, Pantakorn Church, Nongsano Church and Phimai Christian Centre. (We want to be New Wine Skin or Apostolic Church).

What I’m about to write took place after having a big Crusade, with Henry Madava, from the Ukraine. Shortly after which I took a trip to Cambodia, with Randy Nelson, from the USA.

Since November 2010, many churches in Korat (about 40) started working together to provide for the biggest crusade ever to be held in Korat. On March 18-20, 2011, there were 32 districts represented at the Stadium. 10,000 people attended the crusade. Many people answered the salvation call, and they were healed too. Glory to God, Jesus is the excellent doctor.

After the crusade, my team and I started praying for God to ‘send’ someone to help us disciple the new converts, and win more souls in the process. We figured, now that the people from the village got saved and healed. This would be a great opportunity to share the gospel in their village. The question was, who was going to help us and when?

I remembered receiving a call from a friend in India. I was exhausted at the time, so much so, that the date I received the call is indelible in my mind. It was on March 22, 2011. (We all were dreaming of having a good rest after the lengthy preparation before the actual crusade.) He informed me that a ‘Missionary’ from the USA (presently visiting India) was coming to Thailand on April 15. He asked if I can find the time to work with her. (At that moment I had forgotten what we prayed for, all I could think of was REST, I needed REST).

A few days later, I received another call from my friend in India, informing me that the “Missionary” has changed her plans, and is now arriving in Bangkok on March 29, and would be in Korat, on March 31, instead of April 15, as was previously discussed,

When I communicated with the Missionary on the phone, she introduced herself as “Geeta Arguello” she said, “I was so honored to go to my people in India, and now I am in Thailand.” I asked her where has she visited, and how does she do it? She replied, “I have ministered in several countries; I just listened to the voice of the Lord. He is the one who sends me out.” God sent her to Thailand, to contact us at JCM in Korat. He answered our prayers.

April 1, we started planning for outreach, using the name “Miracle Healing by Faith in Christ” with Missionary Geeta Arguello, as our guest speaker.

The following is a schedule of all the meetings in Korat. (As you read you would observe there was no time for rest, not even for Missionary Geeta.)

April 2 – we went to Nongsano Church. Many people got heal and, people received Jesus Christ. One man from the Mafia, (never attended church before, nor did he have any intention of doing so in the near future.) He had a huge fish bone stuck in his hand. He couldn’t bend his fingers, nor use his hand. He got healed and accepted Jesus.

One woman said, “She sold all her cows over a period of 20 yrs, so she can visit the doctors. She had problems with her legs. She was now poor, and her leg was still paining. That night she got healed. Another said, she had waist pain for almost 30 yrs, she too was healed. There are so many testimonies; I would have to write a book to tell them all. This is the goodness of the Lord.

Sunday, April 3. – Missionary Geeta went to Phimai Christian Centre. Many people came to Jesus and many people got healed by faith in Jesus Christ. Two men were paralyzed. They were brought in by family members, but walked out by themselves. One woman said she had abdominal pain since she was a teenager; (she is now an adult with children.) She was healed from menstrual pain as well as mental illness. These are just a few of the testimonies.

Thank you, Jesus.

After the two meetings at the different churches, we covered 7 Districts of Korat with the JCM team of about 80 people. I can roughly say that over 1,500 people attended the meetings, and 300 people were accounted for as receiving Christ as their saviour.

The names of the district we visited are, Chokchai, Huaytaleang, Chumpuang, Phimai, Muang, Seekew, and Noonsung. (In Seekew, we had four local churches working with us.)

Missionary Geeta, laid hands on the sick in every meeting; they were all healed by faith in Christ. In one area there were 300 people in the prayer line. The blind could see; deaf could hear; dumb could speak; crippled walked; paralyzed, and even those with a humped-back got straight. Someone was unable to eat because of Thyroid problem. God healed her, and after prayers suddenly she could eat. There was another old woman; she told us for over 20 yrs she couldn’t swallow her food without pain. She was healed. Many people had waist pain they got healed. There were people whose fingers were locked in one position, they got healed, and even Autism was healed. Many diseases got heal by faith in Jesus Christ our God. Thank God who is the Healer, who can heal the sick in the name of JESUS CHRIST. This is marvelous. The gospel was proclaimed and many people came to Jesus Christ.

I had a discussion with the team on what we all learned from Missionary Geeta’s visit to Thailand.
1. The team grows up to be the one called – “New Wine”. When the four churches come together we used our gifts and worked in Unity.
1.Submissions – The team submits to the leader: (When we set out to work) even though the leader might be younger than they. Thanks to God. This is very good for practicing our discipline when we serve the Lord together
2.Walking by Faith – The weather forecast for the next two days was bad. The people were warned of storms and heavy rains. It started drizzling heavily. It was thundering and lightening. Up. (Pastor Geeta’s and my bible had huge water spots on the pages.) She continued preaching and I also continued interpret as if nothing was happening around us. The drizzle stopped. The next day, I found out that the storm was diverted less than 4 km from crusade ground. Trees were blown down, and many areas were affected, but we were able to continue the work of the Lord without any disturbances from there on. THANK YOU JESUS!
3.The Miracles – People got healed and gave their lives to Jesus Christ. This strengthened us to continue. (We were all tired). The team started working by 8 A.M. and finished by 2 A.M. During this time they would set up and pulled down the stage, musical equipment, and all that’s involved in having a successful meeting in the natural. This was done for the next seven meetings.
4.Many testimonies were given by the team on how they fell asleep behind the wheels while driving home after the crusade. When they woke up their cars were parked in the driveway. They cannot explain how they got home. (The angles of the Lord took them home safely.)
5. There is another incident, this time it was the electricity.
6.The power kept turning on and off every five minutes. A few of the intercessors (women) went looking for the breaker. When they found it, they literally saw demons turning the breakers on and off. The demons were cast out, and the problem with power outage was solved. The grace of God kept us all. Give thank to God and glory to Him
7.God’s financial provision – All our resources were depleted. We have already gotten the support from the people for the crusade at the Stadium. Who was going to support us again? After making a few calls, God sent us people who wanted to be blessed. The stage, equipment, electricity, chairs, transportation, food, and finances were all provided for. Thank you God. God bless all of you. Hallelujah!!! Amen Praise God. HE IS A MORE THAN ENOUGH GOD.
8.The interpreter – There was a problem with understanding and interpreting what was said by Missionary Geeta. This created a problem with the flow of the message. (The enemy was telling me, I couldn’t interpret, that I wasn’t good enough, so I became insecure) This is when Missionary Geeta ‘commanded’ the devil to leave me alone, after which the words just flowed out of my belly. I felt the power of God from then on like never before, whenever I interpreted. Thank you Jesus.
9.My personal team – Thank you so very much for working with Missionary Geeta and welcoming her to Thailand. You all have done such a great work. It wasn’t easy for anyone, working day after day for one month. You have given testimonies on how you felt like giving up, but you didn’t. You told of how you learned about the “Love of God, and patience by watching us (Missionary Geeta and me) show love to all people.

I would like to thank, Missionary Geeta, for hearing the voice of God and answering the call. She was obedient to Him by coming to Korat. People’s lives were touched and changed. Praise God for her coming to work with us in Thailand. We had no idea we were going to have a repeat, of what we just did at the Stadium. In our minds, we thought it would just be someone going out to tell the people about Jesus, and that would be it, nothing more! What we experienced in the month of April, could have only come from the LORD JESUS CHRIST.

Thanks to all the pastors; my friends, and those who worked with us for one month. God bless you all.

Your sister in Christ Jesus,

Pastor Pauline, Korat, Thailand.

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