Rebuild the Altars

the days of raising the dead,healings,santification by God are still here,not name it and claim its, i have seen and part of seeind the dead raised fie called down from heaven,healings that are instant and supernatural but requires fasting and prayer,and time spent with babies are teaching babies,and falling short.for detailed accounts of miracles just ask. i write these things today,for this is my first,because there is such a lack,causing more to fall rather than be streathen ,i be only a witness to these things,and feel i should share for your sake and help when its needed more now than ever.time is short and night is falling when no man can work

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  1. Holyroller_11 says:

    The alter is under attack because of the deepness 1 can get with God,more so than anywhere else.When we humble ourselves in God’s House with his people,today some have removed the alter and replaced it with either steps or a stage.It has become a trampled area for everything but worship.Its time the church to return to its first love and replace their alters and grasp the horns of the alter and seek God’s face.A time will come and right at the door.Churches and prayer meetings will be a thing of the past,people in high places are working hard to silence the christians and padlock the churches,Online churches are good ,but we still need to spend time in an alter of prayer

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