I want to share my life story today,

My grandpa (from my mother’s side), he is in heaven now, used to pray: “may you be blessed my son so you can feed a thousand people and more”! That time I used to think “I’ll have to become very rich to be able to do that!” But then God taught me another way!
12 years ago I had a, what the people call, good life; a good paid job, a nice apartment with swimming pool, parties, girls and so on! I could afford a good life, but I still could not call myself a happy soul, because there were just too many of those days where you just feel that nothing is right! Once someone asked me “when is your happiest moment?”, and I said “when I look at my bank account”. But deep in my heart I knew that it wasn’t true! No matter what I bought it just didn’t make me happy, I was always excited when I bought it but a day after it was thrown somewhere in the corner!
So I started to buy more things for my friends and girlfriends. But even then I saw that they appreciate it just for a while, no matter how expensive the diamond ring of my girlfriend was, it seemed to keep her happy, just for a short time.
So I bought more and more, and they left me one after another! I did not understand, I thought I did everything for them, so why are people like that? “You make peoples wishes come true and they leave you! Ungrateful world.”
The years went by and happiness did not come I changed several jobs, Bars , Hotels, Kinder gardens, nursing homes and so on. It seemed that everybody no matter how old or young had problems, and what made them happy was somebody serving them or giving them some attention.
“Okay serving is the Key but what is with my happiness who serves me?”
As it was God’s plan for me my beloved grandpa in Iran became very sick, so I decided to visit him and spend some time with him. So I left Germany and took a flight to Tehran.
When I arrived in Iran they took my papers away and told me that I’ll not be able to leave the country anymore!
“Thank you God” I thought, “What did I do to you that you just give me so much pain?”
So I drove to Shiraz , where my grandparents used to live. My heart broke when I saw my Grandfather, he did not recognize me, he had Altzheimer ! He had beside that Parkinson and a tumor . His condition became worse and we had to take him to Hospital just a month after I arrived there. 85% of the next 8 month I was with him in different Hospitals!
Now I have to tell you something about my Grandfather, He was a very rich man blessed by the Lord. He was a very successful business man who saw many countries and spoke 18 different languages (Even though he could not read nor write)!
He loved to go from time to time to developing countries and help poor people! He always used to tell me “What God gives you must share!” Everybody who knew him loved him and every time he came back from a journey his house was full of people, he cared for every single person who passed his door, paid weddings let families live in his apartments for free, settled problems and so on! Once I asked him if his not afraid to loose everything and his answer was “there is just one thing you should be afraid to loose and this is the love of God!”
He did so many things. I have to write a book about him one day.
Anyway, when this man got sick everybody left him, okay from time to time somebody came to visit him, but even the visitors became less and less. And at the end he died alone with me in his room! Although he suffered a lot pain till his last day he said “Thank you God” and “Forgive me Lord”
Once I said “Why do you ask God for forgiveness? You served him all your life and look how the people paid you back, they abandoned you and God let you suffer, I just don’t understand!” Then he grabbed my hand and looked straight into my eyes, it was like for a moment all his diseases were gone, he said “No matter what people do to you, you should serve them, as a servant of God you should not wait for gratitude! Always be good and do good for you do it for God! And God…..oh how I love him…, sent you to me in my time of need. You are his sign and his present to me! I hope he forgives my sins!

10 month after he passed away I got persecuted by the Iranian government because of my journalistic works for the Green Revolutionary Movement and for the Underground Brotherhood of Iranian Christians.

I flee to Pakistan. There I was arrested and was in prison for more than 9 month. But there God showed himself to me, I met there two people who taught me what I was looking for my whole life! Happiness through faith!
This two people were a Nigerian fellow, E.Okeke, who was in prison since 5 years and Pastor A. Nunes who visited us once a week and preached for us.

However, I got out of prison, and the lord kept me safe all this month when i had to live among thieves, murderers, rapists etc.
And even now he keeps me safe in a city where people get shot everyday and there are bomb blasts weekly.

And here with 50 Euros monthly, a Pakistani worker earns at least 100 Euro per month.

I can share the word of God and hope and happiness with more and more people everyday, and may they become more and more !
This is Gods work and I thank him.

I was finally back home to Germany at September first 2011, ! Thank God! Home sweet home!

This are my pages for those who want to read more

God bless you all

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