Reasons to be a Christian, not a wiccan

There are a lot of young people, young ladies especially, who find the teachings of wicca very appealing and empowering. I thought it interesting to hear one women’s view on why she worships Jesus Christ and not “the goddess”.

It is important for Christians to understand that wiccans are not satanists. Actually, they do not believe in the existence of Satan. They have a rule that you are not supposed to harm anyone. They believe that whatever bad you send out to others will come back on you threefold.

A very interesting testimony of a Australian Christian who became a wiccan, then a pagan, and then came back to Christ can be found here.

What is important to me about this testimony is that it comes from someone who actually was seriously into the wiccan religion and paganism, rather than from someone like myself who never was part of it. This man testifies that spells did work for him. So we are not saying there is nothing to this religion of wicca, or in being a witch. Actually, there is power in it, but I contend that wiccans do not actually know the true source of the power they are trafficking in.

Rather than debate this point with wiccans, I would prefer that they would seriously consider the issues around things like the physical resurrection of Jesus Christ, the problem of evil in the world today and the Christian understanding of why Jesus died on the cross before coming to an evaluation of the value of faith in Jesus Christ. It is not just a question of what makes you feel good at the time. Spiritual emotions vary for all kinds of reasons, we cannot rely on the way we feel to always tell us the truth. Otherwise no one would ever get deceived.

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