Reason and purpose of life

What is man’s ultimate purpose in life?
Man’s ultimate purpose is to have an intimate loving relationship with his Maker (God).
That’s the reason man exist.

There is reason and purpose in everything. A reason creates a purpose and the fact that there is a purpose shows that there is a reason behind it.

The reason why man exit in this earth is to fulfill the purpose of having an intimate loving relationship with God. This is the Divine purpose of God for mankind. In other words, this is God’s will.

If there is no reason behind a certain thing, then there will be no point for this certain thing to exist. In other words, existence requires a reason in order to exist. Since God is the One behind all existence, we can say that existence exists for the God-intended purpose.

An intimate loving relationship is a two way street, both parties need to respond to each other so that this could work as (God) intended.
It is already revealed that God is willing to work out between Himself and mankind as shown by the fact that this is His ultimate purpose for man, and by the fact that He had done great work on the cross to bring man who are willing to come to Him. However, He also gives mankind the freedom to respond to Him or not because an intimate loving relationship cannot be forced upon.
God values the lives of mankind because they are so precious to Him. God really loves mankind so much that He could sacrifice His Son to open up this relationship. God is very committed and He really treasures those who want to come to Him and have such a relationship. That’s why He is also faithful.
It will be the greatest loss for an individual not to have an intimate loving relationship with God. This individual will miss out his/her ultimate purpose in life and will be living in emptiness or living in vain. This is just like an empty glass which hasn’t been filled with any water and has no use.
That’s why evangelism is very important. Evangelism is like introducing people to know the One you love (the One who is God, whom you have an intimate loving relationship with.) This way, more people will get to know God and start to have an intimate loving relationship with Him. Also, by evangelism, you are bringing love and purpose to these individuals because you let them realize that they are living in a great loss, that they are not living a life abundantly (a life which is full oRf purposes/uses.)
To illustrate how you are bringing love and purpose to these individual, it is like a man helping out a poor and unemployed person by hiring him to work and receive pay to have an affordable living.

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