Real Salvation

Savation is a term widely used but not always real,some use it loosely and think they can use it like a get out of jail free card,but on the average day its not important. Real salvation goes something like this. My dad died when I was 15, My mother remarried,but I was a hard headed and a little mixed up. the man she married was a good man,he took me hunting and fishing,and tried to have good relations,well most times I was rebellous and give him much trouble,I even shot his truck with a 20guage shotgun. I ran over him for a few years,but after a while,I began to realize he was not my enemy. Years passed and we grew closer,after I finally gave my heart to God at 26,I would at times when I saw him,tell him about Jesus. Until his 70s he was unsaved,but about 5 years ago he got cancer,and a preacher went to see him and he gave his heart to God. Now he was very unlearned of the ways of the bible,but after he went home he went to a man’s house of whom he hated for a long time,knocked on his door and went in ,sat down and told that man,Please forgive me I have hated and ran you down and hoped you would die in my past,but Jesus saved my soul and shown me my whole life in 10 minutes,and now I beg your forgiveness. This was his last year of his life,but his testimony was,’I wouldn;t take a million dollars for what Jesus has done for me!, On his death bed ,He said ,I;m slipping,I’m slipping! I;m going home,and he died. There are many reasons for me to want to make it to heaven,but one big 1 is to see that old man,one more time!!!!!!praise God !!!!!

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  1. Holyroller_11 says:

    In the post of salvation 1,I told of my step father,and in his last days,how he recieved God,then shortly after he learned he had cancer,he decided not to take any treatments for it,because he was afraid of becoming a burdon to his family,and for about a year,he did fairly well. but in a few days he went down fast,but he was saved,this was a desease,not a spirit. anyway, the night he died,he went very quickly,saying I’m slipping.I’m slipping,I’m going home!. well this was a hard thing for me. and what I said then and what I say now,will most likely set off someone,but I say I can’t say truthful that Jesus and me could not have brought him back,we have done it before, but all his life he was a sinner,and even if I could have brought him back,I would not,for fear of satan’s helpers,possibly pulling him back and he die in sin! I dearly loved that old man,but I rather he be with Jesus,than be lost in this world. We as christian’s have much responsibility,and may not realize the power we have in Christ Jesus, If we only believe and not let up, I believe if we feel burdened for someone,then we should pray and fast continuely until that one is saved or healed or delivered,then move on to the next one. If we make ourselves press,on a scale as if our life depended on it,We would see more great miracles from God. when a boxer is training for a big fight,he often puts a picture of his rival on the mirror or something he sees everyday to keep his goal in clear view,so to remind him to stay focused. We as christians are in a fight often as well,either for loved ones or mountains in our path,maybe if everyday we posted our problem on the mirror,we may spend more time looking for that miracle to come to pass. we don’t have to wait years or a lifetime to see miracles,if we push ourselves in prayer.

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