Reach 100,000 homes for just $25 on cable television

We calculated it, and did you know you could reach 100,000 homes with Cable Television in a certain South Asian country for around $25? That’s right, just TWENTY FIVE DOLLARS. We are talking about “Prime Time” for 25 minutes or the equivalent of a prime time slot made up from multiple slots at other times.

I know the ministry I am speaking about, but I would rather not talk about it too openly on the world wide web. However, I can say that this ministry sees people responding and testifying of salvation, healing and other miracles. We know of at least 3 cases with people or families who were about to commit suicide, and after stumbling upon the channel just before sending themselves into a Christless eternity, they repented and encountered our Savior. In one case, the lady had already swalled a bottle of pills to kill herself – after hearing the preacher on TV talking about the gift of life God gave us, she called the prayer line, and after prayer, vomited up all the pills miraculously! We praise the Lord for such events!

This channel creates a platform for local people and others to share their story, their talents and their gifts for the glory of God and the reconciliation of souls to God. It gives priority to local language content from local people, though there is also some English programming since quite a few people there also know English. Its important for people to hear God’s word in their own language. This is a significant break from the tradition of beaming the richest megachurch leaders from different cultures into the homes of people who many times cannot understand what they say and if they could might stumble over cultural or even doctrinal issues.

This television channel also does not ask for money or partnership on TV, so as not to be a stumbling block to people. It remains then for God to stir some of his own people around the world with the vision of using this powerful medium to reach into hundreds of thousands of homes where many times no preacher of the gospel can or would go. Yes, the ministry gets calls from muslims and other non-Christians who are touched by the anointing of the Holy Spirit when they watch the channel. They are coming to know our Savior.

People in the country where this ministry operates are very receptive to the message of Jesus. Even if only 1% of the homes are tuning in, and there are only 3 people watching, that would mean 3000 people would hear God’s word – many of them non church-going people. YOU could be responsible for reaching them through purchase of a DVD for $25!  Can you think of another way to effectively reach so many people for so little? Think of all the ways you could spend $25. Ask yourself, are these things more important than reaching souls and finishing the Great Commission in a cost effective way?

God today needs people who will do what it takes to get the job of worldwide evangelisation done, without necessarily experiencing firsthand the emotional rewards of being there yourself and doing it. Can we do something for Jesus and wait to receive an eternal reward? You can receive an eternal reward from God if the Spirit of God stirs you to act and you do something about it. I will not speak of what God may or may not do for you in this life as a result of your obedience to God.

Maybe you cannot go on a missions trip yourself – but for the cost of you and a small team going for a month you could put the gospel in 100,000 homes FOR AN ENTIRE YEAR.

Let me repeat: for $25 we will send you a DVD with very worthwhile materials – testimonies, messages and reports and you will be putting the gospel in potentially 100,000 homes for 25 minutes of prime time TV, or equivalent.

Contact me if you would like to do this, or are interested to find out more, or just use the Paypal donate button on the right, and mention what it is for, if that is what you would like to do.

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