Questions for Dispensational Pre-Millennialists

Since no-one can currently get saved other than through faith, which is unseen, how can all Israel get saved after Christ’s Second Coming, which they shall see?

If God has some alternative way of instantly procuring all Israel’s spiritual salvation immediately before the end of the age, why doesn’t He procure it sooner?

Seeing many Gentiles got saved despite widespread unbelief amongst the Jews, why couldn’t a more widespread salvation of Jews have resulted in even more Gentiles getting saved?

If Jerusalem and a rebuilt temple must again be destroyed before the end of the world in order to fulfil Bible-Prophecy, how can all Israel be protected from her enemies in order to fulfil prophecy, at the same time?

If He’s going to allow most of Israel to be destroyed, and only save those He protects, how can it be said that all Israel shall be saved?

Seeing the abomination standing in the Temple was to cause the desolation of Jerusalem, how can Jerusalem instead be saved from desolation, if the Prophecy about the abomination is yet to happen in the future?

How can the preaching of the Gospel to all nations happen after the siege of Jerusalem and the deportation of Jews all around the world, if the siege is a last-days siege which must happen just before the end of time?

If all Israel must be protected from its enemy-nations just before the end of the world, why didn’t God always protect Israel from their enemy-nations in the past?

Since God’s interventions to protect Israel in the past did not result in the nationwide repentance and eternal salvation of all Israel, how shall it with certainty achieve it in the future?

How shall one-sixth of Israel’s enemy-armies survive and have time to return to their nations to declare God’s work, if God’s judgement against their armies shall be simultaneous with Christ’s second coming?

Seeing the prophesied siege of Jerusalem was to be followed by the desolation and deportation of Jews, and by the preaching of the Gospel all around the world, how shall the siege instead be immediately followed by the deliverance of Israel if it’s to be simultaneous with the end of the world?

Since the Second Coming is called the end of time/the end of the world, how can a thousand calendar-years be counted after it?

Seeing the Gospel brought an end to Old Covenant ceremonies and sacrifices, why should all nations in future be obligated again to travel to Jerusalem to keep the Feast annually and offer sacrifices or be cursed?

And in what temple shall they offer the associated sacrifices, if an antichrist shall have destroyed the temple? That would require not only a third, but a fourth temple!

If the building and destruction of a third temple is the subject of Bible-Prophecy, why was the destruction of the second and the construction of a fourth temple not mentioned at all in Bible-Prophecy?

If some Bible-Prophecies can be fulfilled twice, who are the authorities to tell us which prophecies can be, and how can we know when an event fulfils a prophecy for the final time?

An alternative understanding is that Bible-Prophecies about keeping Old Covenant Feasts were fulfilled in Old Covenant times; that Jesus’ prediction about the siege and desolation of Jerusalem and of the Temple and the deportation of the Jews, was fulfilled within the generation which Jesus specified would see all those events; and that since then, the Gospel has continued to be preached among all nations, just as Jesus said – and then the end shall come.

What difference does it make? One view obscures some of our focus on the Apostles’ Gospel and its implications – the other motivates us in it.

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