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Hi everyone, First I would like to introduce myself. My name is Clarinda and I am a disabled mother of 6 who just recently got married 2 mths ago. My husband and I are both saved; however, he was raised in an old school baptist church and as a result he has some beliefs that he will not be swayed on such as “once saved always saved”. He believes that although we choose christianity that we cannot say that other religions are wrong such as buddism, islam, etc… and he does not believe that every professed believer has the ability to cast out demons, heal the sick and so on. He really believes that when the scripture says those signs will follow the believer that Jesus was only addressing the 11 at that time.  It frustrates me when we have discussions and I end up angry which I know is not God’s will. How do I submit to and follow him as the head of the household when he is soooo far off base. I feel like I’m not able to trust him as the head and that when it comes to his prayers for us that we are not covered. How can your prayers be answered when he has so much unbelief about so many things. Our home already is divided and not on one accord and this troubles me. What am I suppose to do when he is telling people these things that I know are wrong. Plus, he believes his calling is in the ministry and that bothers me even more. 

What do YOU think?



  1. Hi Clarinda,

    Since you are in this marriage, you need to show Christlikeness and trust in God. Similar to the situation where a believing woman has an unbelieving husband, you need to win your husband over “without a word” – that is, without arguing.

    You believe in the power of prayer? Well use that power. Invite God to minister to your husband.

    Men have egos. Allow him to come to his own conclusions but invite the Spirit of God to teach him in your private prayers.

    As for covering,  you can still be blessed even though your husband does not believe all the things you do. God’s promises still work.


    • Timothy Luke says:

      Amen! While reading Clarinda’s post, the reply that came to mind was exactly what you wrote to Clarinda! Thanks Michael!

    • Thank you all for your replies. Michael, you pretty much confirmed what I felt I should do; however, this flesh got in the way. I have repented for the ways I have been trying to handle this and will now allow God to handle it while I continue to be prayerful.

  2. Joshua Raj says:

    Hi Clarinda

    The only work you have to do is, just have faith on Lord Jesus Christ. And beleive that nothing is impossible to God, everything is possible. God can change lives.

    Just wait patiently and see.

    Keep on prying.

    Well wisher. RajaRathnam

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