Psychiatry – Science or Quackery?

Talking about political science in the 21st century.

Do you remember the movie Beauty and the Beast from Disney? The bad (but handsome) guy, Gaston, talked a doctor into declaring that Belle’s father was crazy, so that Gaston could have his way with Belle. Of course his plans did not come to fruition, but it wasn’t for lack of effort by a scheming practitioner. You might be wondering what in the world Beauty and the Beast has to do with today’s world. In case you haven’t considered it, the old “get them declared crazy” trick is probably not rare. It has especially been used in inheritance cases to get dear old Aunt Tilly declared incompetent so the shyster nephew or niece can get power of attorney. You know the drill. But the threat of insanity labels may become even more sinister in our future. We’re already hearing this terminology bandied about by the US government in regard to war veterans. The unspoken message has been, get out of line and we’re coming to take you away, or at least take away your guns and your ability to direct your own life. There will be no dearth of psychiatrists standing in line to cash in on a little malicious practice.

Somehow along the line, psychiatry achieved the status of science. To me this is just another indication of how science has been hijacked and how much of science has become political. Should you really trust the research of scientists who stand to gain financially from their “unbiased” test results or in the case of psychiatrists, their opinion? I don’t think so.

Here’s what Natural News had to say on this topic:

It seems that psychiatry is taking a hit in the public arena these days. Mental health professionals are questioning the foundations of their discipline. Check out an article that explains that very nicely.

As a Christian I could never take psychiatrists’ and psychologists’ explanation for inexplicable behavior of their fellow human beings. It was quite evident that those people have no clue what evil really is. The word sin is omitted from their vocabulary as is the notion of a Creator who made humans in his own image. They operate under the delusion that the human psyche has evolved just like everything else in life. Scientists can never come up with the correct answer, if they start off with the wrong questions or if they eliminate the correct answer from the list of alternatives. And so for years, this industry has been asking people to lay down on the couch and lay their check on the counter afterward. In the meantime, they’ve prescribed Prozac and other anti-depressants to more people than Carter sold liver pills to. Can I point out that many of the shooters in the massacre scenarios have been on anti depressant drugs? Was this a sign of their mental instability or evidence that anti-depressant drugs cause problems?

Check out what the natural nutrition folks are saying about depression. We’ve entered a vicious cycle where people don’t eat correctly, messing up their heads, sending them to “professionals” who prescribe medication which contributes to the overall downward spiral of the human body and mind. And of course this sends them back to the professionals to get a fix for the new problems and the cycle continues ad nauseum. Many of our behavior problems are chemically induced, caused by drugs, toxins, sugar related or hormonal imbalances. And some are even caused by demons. Put that in your Meerschaum and smoke it.

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