Protestant Bishop and wife killed in Islamabad Pakistan

ISLAMABAD, PAKISTAN : — A Protestant Bishop and his wife were killed in their home in the Pakistani capital of Islamabad on Wednesday night, August 29.

According to Christian Today, Bishop Arif Khan, a Pakistani-American citizen in his 50s, and his American wife Kathleen Khan 45, were found late Wednesday at their home in a residential neighborhood of Islamabad, said Manzoor Hussain, the local police chief. The wounds in their bodies indicated that they have been shot at short range.

The Police officer said they had arrested the suspected killer and his wife on Thursday, and stated that the couple were also Christians.

Hussain said police had arrested a suspect, Honey Haveed, and his wife, who also were Christians. Haveed said during questioning that Khan had an affair with his wife and that he had shot him “for honor,” according to Hussain.

It is believed that in addition to the two suspects, a third male is also being sought after by the country’s police.

Police have told reporters that all three suspects come from the town of Wana in the tribal region of Waziristan near the Afghan border.

U.S. Embassy spokeswoman Liz Colton said American privacy laws prevented officials from discussing such crimes.

Hussain said Khan was the pastor of a small church set up in a private house in Rawalpindi, a garrison city near the capital. He didn’t know the denomination.

Killings in the name of restoring a family’s honor after perceived disgraces are common in the country.

Pakistan Christians made up about 1.5% of 161 million (UN 2005) population in an overwhelmingly Muslim majority country, whose state religion is Islam.

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