Prophecy on fast Forward.

Wow! Do things seem to be heating up or what? Earthquakes and a tsunami causing nuclear meltdown in Japan, a new war in Libya, (where the US curiously finds itself edging toward fighting on the same side with al Qaeda and Hezbollah) serious civil disorder throughout the Moslem Middle East, the Palestinians preparing to unilaterally declare statehood in September with growing European and UN support, and Israel threatening to take some unspecified unilateral action of their own if that happens. The rockets and missiles are flying into Israel again, and there’s talk in Israel of another Gaza invasion, perhaps as early as this spring.

A video recently released from Iran showed officials there announcing that this is just what’s supposed to happen right before al Mahdi arrives. According to Islamic prophecies, this so-called Islamic anti-Christ will return to Earth during a time of great chaos to restore peace and reorganize the world under an Islamic Caliphate. 7 years later the world will be judged.

In the US, the congress is heading for an economic showdown that could result in temporarily shutting off revenue to the government. Food and fuel prices are rising aggressively, and Walmart’s CEO has confirmed that the price of clothing and other essentials is sure to follow. Housing sales are at the lowest levels ever recorded and 2011 promises to set a new record for foreclosures. Personal wealth is down almost 25% from 3 years ago, most Americans are living week to week, and record numbers of capable people are unable to find full time employment consistent with their skills. One out of seven Americans is already enrolled in the food stamp program due to their inability to purchase sufficient food without help and experts say the trend of increasing prices and actual shortages will continue for years.

The 50 states, which by law have to balance their budgets every year, are finding it more and more difficult to do so. It is now believed that many of them knowingly agreed to wage and benefits packages for employee unions that they’d eventually be unable to pay, and that situations like the one in Wisconsin will soon become more numerous. Other states are finding it impossible to continue extending benefits to illegal aliens that were designed to help American citizens.

The policies of the man we elected by a wide majority just two years ago seem to be designed to confiscate the wealth of most Americans and put an end to America’s super power status by eliminating what little value our currency still has. More and more experts are warning us to be prepared for the hyper-inflation that’s sure to come when the rest of the world decides to stop lending us the money we need to fund our deficits. Already 70% of it is coming out of thin air, courtesy of the Federal reserve.

The claim that the protestors in the Middle East are only seeking western style democracy is pure fiction. They’re protesting against the same economic conditions that will soon prevail in the US. The result here will be the same as there, and it’s not far off. According to competent observers, protests against food shortages and rising unemployment will begin to erupt in the US by this time next year, if not sooner.

What’s most amazing to me is the fact that so many people from all over the political and religious spectrum are looking for this year or next to bring events that will change things forever. Whether it’s the Islamic Caliphate, a New World Order, the Age of Aquarius, the rapture of the Church, or whatever, these viewpoints all foresee rough times in the months ahead but promise a happy ending for their followers

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