Prophecy of Tasmania Tsunami, Dr Owuor

Prophecy of an Earthquake to hit the ocean floor around the Bass Straight/Tasman Sea area of Australia that would cause a Tsunami to hit Tasmania, spoken by Dr Owuor 20 Nov 2010:

“Now I am prophecing another Earthquake, this is Australia, but there is a nearby island of Tasmania, (main city) it is called Hobart. Between them just a narrow part of the ocean and at the bottom of the ocean the Lord took me, and I touched the bottom of the ocean, very very deep, He took me to the bottom and I touched. And I saw an earthquake that is going to split / hit between Hobart (Tasmania) and the mainland of Australia, and the tsunami wave that is generated moves toward Tasmania. I don’t know whether there are two, but I saw at least one Major Wave. Precious people, in Matthew 24 the Lord said there would be famines and earthquakes. In Matthew 24, 7, there would be famines and earthquakes in various places, and then He said `these are the beginning of birth pains`.”
“… when it takes place, the tsunami wave, and Im talking about something like 100 metres of water, is going to come from Australian (mainland) side, between the two but from Australian side and cause devastation on that island, sweep the island.”

Spoken by Prophet Dr Owuor 20/11/2010 at Nakuru Kenya video –

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  1. lookinforacity says:

    Has anyone heard of Prophet Dr Owuor since Nov. 2010
    He didn’t surface when the Earthquake & Tsunami hit Japan.
    What happened to the earthquake which was supposed to hit Tasmania?
    There were specifics about events which would take place in Tasmania, which have not occurred, therefore, he is most definitely not the prophet people believed he was.

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