Prophecy of Floods, Flash Floods & Tsunami’s in Australia

VISIONS & DREAMS p5 – Sections taken from Sally Richters Website & page –

Brazil and Australia – Vision given on 14 November 2009:
I prayed and slept early this morning then I am awaken… I saw floods in Rio De Janeiro. I saw the statue of Jesus in Brazil standing. I saw Rio in water. After that I SAW AUSTRALIA IN WATER. I SEE A TSUNAMI. I saw another country but I shake off my head I dont want to see it anymore. I am crying and told Uwe about it.. Just three days after that, the city of Brazils lights goes off. I am seeing darkness there will be no Olympic games in 2016.

FLOODS ALL OVER THE WORLD – Vision given on September 20, 2009:
I woke up at around 7am and prayed and lie down again then suddenly I saw many countries in floods..its very a flash of a lightning. When the lightning lights flash, I can see the names of the country. I can remember AUSTRALIA, many other counties (but cant remember all) and the last one is Saudi Arabia, its still vivid in my mind…the others I was trying to remember when I woke up. I tried so hard to remember all the name of the countries I saw . While I was trying to remember the name of the countries I saw, I get the clock to check the time when suddenly..Uwe just said..its time..I was amazed and looked at him , his eyes were closed , I asked him..what did you say??? he said again its time. Uwe was surprised I cried because that is almost the same words that I heard when I was seeing the flood…THE TIME IS AT HAND….

Its time for a National Repentance in this land – 2 Chron 7,14

What do YOU think?



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  2. christ is coming 777 says:

    Australia, Brazil, and now Saudi Arabia is flooded all in the same month. Link to news:
    You are entitled to your view on this post, to speak against it if you disagree, but the elements in it are coming to pass. Be blessed

  3. michaelaus says:

    What else is she saying

    She is saying 2008 is the start of the tribulation

    Either I and spiritually blind to it and did not notice(think not) or I miss understand the scripture(very possible i leave this as a real option) or she is wrong.

    • Redbuck40 says:

      She said year OF tribulation.

      She goes on to say that 2011 will be “…the fulfillment of all the prophecies in the Bible is all about to happen to mankind.”

      This woman is a FALSE PROPHETESS!
      “Just type Apocalypse ,December 21, 2012) The NASA report, the Mayan Prophecy, Nostramus predictions and what one devoted christian explanation about it..that is base on the Bible and the words of the Lord…the time is at 12:00 but a hand returns it to 11:00 o”clock just as the number I am seeing before the end of 2004. The Holy Spirit of the Lord leads me to warn people …the tribulation has already begun (2008). The truth about the BIBLE as GODS word and light and warning for mankind. Including the warning of the LORD JESUS about the “MARK OF THE BEAST” that will surely happen and the information He gave to Choo Nam that we are already in tribulation.

      The LORD told her, “THE TRIBULATION HAS ALREADY BEGUN” and it begun in 2008 before the election in America..I had a very bad dream just this morning before i got up…Its about President Obama…(but cannot remember it well)…Let us pray for President Obama. I am afraid he is the one in the Bible prophecy who will have a fatal head wound and will die but will arise after 3 days, he will imitate Christ and will perform a great miracle and he will deceived a lot of people. A lot of people wont know about it… only the Holy Spirit filled people would know about it…when it happens it is the devil, Satan who is already inside him and he will deceive nations. Many people will believe him and will think that he is God after that he will start to impose the mark of the beast …. (

      I (Redbuck40) would advise that you test the person, before you post the prophecy.

      • warrior daughter says:

        If you go to the web site on Sally Reitcher you will notice that she had a specific prophecy concerning the date December 21, 2012 but it was removed.

        I do not think that the church world will be able to recognize a genuine prophet from a false prophet more especially if there are signs & wonders in the service.

        • Redbuck40 says:

          Did you notice that as a backup for the “truth” of her 2012 prophecy she appeals to:

          “The NASA report, the Mayan Prophecy, Nostramus predictions and what one devoted christian explanation about it..that is base on the Bible and the words of the Lord”.

          If that doesn’t put hairs up on the back of your neck nothing will. Nostramus (Nostradamus – Occult healer and seer) and the Mayan clock. Thankfully she didn’t mention the “devoted” christian, who needs another name right?

          Why 2012? Well I think that it is because it is half way between the significance (hers) of 2008 (including the election of Obama and the financial crisis) and the solar eclipses in 2014-2015 which will appear during the passover and feast of tabernacles in both years.

          When Jesus said “watch the signs” I don’t reckon he meant, prophecies by occult seers, demon worshiping religious clocks, and misguided ramblings of wayward people.

          It is just a pity that this information was ever posted on this site.

          • warrior daughter says:

            In one of her dreams she saw a female angel…Is this Biblical????My Bible tells me that any of God’s angels are sexless…
            Matthew 22:30
            For in the resurrection they neither marry nor are they given in marriage but are like the angels of God in heaven.

            Female angels have become very popular with those who are false prophets.

            In the Word of God when a person encounters an Godly angel, it is not female but looks like a male.

            Makes me think that those who are encountering female angels are encountering fallen angels..

            Another thing that caught my eye was that Sally is a Catholic & some Catholics believe that they have a personal angel & it is female that will do what they command it to do..

          • Look at Michael he was a male arch angel.Michael was also the one that Satan fought against for the bones of Moses.Your right Catholics are way off on their doctrine and very scary to listen to because most catholics dont even know what their own doctrine is because their told not to study their own beliefs.So I just wanted to share this,,,,,,,,,,Tim

          • lookinforacity says:

            Rom 8:15 For ye have not received the spirit of bondage again to fear; but ye have received the Spirit of adoption, whereby we cry, Abba, Father.
            Heb 2:15 And deliver them who through fear of death were all their lifetime subject to bondage.
            1Jn 4:18 There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear: because fear hath torment. He that feareth is not made perfect in love.

            Three places where Angels are spoken of as “SONS”, therefore I believe any apparition of a female Angel would be for the purpose of deception.

            Gen 6:2
            That the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose.

            Job 1:6
            Now there was a day when the sons of God came to present themselves before the LORD, and Satan came also among them.

            Isa 14:12
            How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations!

          • Redbuck40 says:

            Hear Hear!

  4. Redbuck40 says:

    That for something as important as this warning of impending danger that the person can not remember the names of all the countries.

    “many other counties (but cant remember all)”

    It has been my experience that when Father wants me to say something he keeps reminding me of all the details until I say it.

    By that test alone I must wonder about the validity….. or the truth of this.

    We are told to weigh and judge everything, how do you do this for half a prophecy? How can we call the nations that have been left out to pray? How can we pray for the unknown? How to we prove this as true if we don’t know the full details?

    Too many questions for my part, too many holes, too many unknowns, for me to believe that this is a true prophecy from God.

    • christ is coming 777 says:

      The floods have already hit Australia as prophesied and in Brazil at the same time, thats good enough confirmation. If you really want to know more contact the author on that link.
      Both Sally Richter and Prophet Dr Owuor have also prophesied Tsunamis coming to Australia. Dr Owuor has prophesied a Earthquake to hit between the Mianland and Tasmania causing a major Tsunami to cause devastation on Tasmania. He also prophesied a historic and horrific earthquake to hit the north west of Australia that also cause tsunami , that also hits island off Aust (maybe indonnesia area).
      The words have been given, we have enough detail, now we need a National Repentance – 2 Chron 7,14

      • Redbuck40 says:

        But most of what she says on her website is gibberish.

        • christ is coming 777 says:

          I posted a clearly fulfilled prophecy in the interests of what has just happened in Qld Australia & Brazil floods (with a link to where was found). Im not here to debate everything else on that site, you can make up your own mind.

          • Redbuck40 says:

            Actually the prophecy can only be called fulfilled if it all comes true, and since we do not know even half the details “…but cant remember all”, then this prophesy can only remain in the area of “unprovable”. But since we do know most of the ramblings of this woman, from that website, most of what she says is gibberish and has little or no foundation. According to another of her prophecies we are half way through the Great Tribulation.

            If Australia was not mentioned would you have posted it? If there is a flood in New Zealand will you post this prophecy saying that the flood is proof of the prophecy, even though most the details are missing? How can you say that it is fulfilled when you don’t know all the details? According to the website Queensland is not even mentioned, nor is any other state, nor is the flood country wide.

            I think you are grasping at straws.

            The problem with your statement “you can make up your own mind” is that it was you who introduced us to this false prophet, it is you who was showing support of her by posting it.

          • christ is coming 777 says:

            The floods have happened in both Australia and Brazil at the same time, fact.

          • Redbuck40 says:

            In her prophecy September 20, 2009 she says she can’t remember all the countries but yet she is claiming fulfillment all the same:

            “Note: After only a week, the floods in the Philippines, Vietnam, Samoa, eathquake in Samoa, floods in India happened. They have also shown in BBC News, that the Alps in Switzerland is melting fast that causing floods on the village downhill and West of Greece is flooded (26 October 2009) and today (30 October 2009/CNN Reports)people in Egypt wonders about the rain in their country as I did not know this country have not most experienced rains…and in my dreams I saw Saudi Arabia as the last name. Its like A to Z.”

            “I saw Rio in water. After that I saw Australia in water. I was seeing tsunami. I saw another country but I shake off my head I dont want to see it anymore. I am crying and told Uwe about it.. Just three days after that, the city of Brazils lights goes off. I am seeing darkness there will be no Olympic games in 2016.”

            Rio in water, Australia in water, three days later in Rio there is darkness, in that darkness there will be no olympic games?

            Does this mean that all this was to happen in 2016?

            Further more, since (according to her “dreams”) we are halfway through the Great Tribulation then the games will be after Jesus returns?

            Then will the prophecy be fulfilled after Jesus returns?

            What do you think?

          • christ is coming 777 says:

            I think she is just recalling what she saw in the dream , and there are different elements in it, the floods, flash floods, tsunami, later darkness , no games in 2016. They are different elements, so doesnt mean all happening in 2016.
            I beleive she was quoting someone else (Choo) that the Tribulation has begun. I remember when Choo said that, and it did confuse people, Choo later qualified her word that it was time of trial, suffering (when GFC started) not the time of 7 year Great Tribulation. English is not these peoples first language. Also, someone may be gifted in receiving prophetic dreams & visions, but not always in other areas. We see in part, know in part

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