Prophecy of Floods, Flash Floods & Tsunami’s in Australia

VISIONS & DREAMS p5 – Sections taken from Sally Richters Website & page –

Brazil and Australia – Vision given on 14 November 2009:
I prayed and slept early this morning then I am awaken… I saw floods in Rio De Janeiro. I saw the statue of Jesus in Brazil standing. I saw Rio in water. After that I SAW AUSTRALIA IN WATER. I SEE A TSUNAMI. I saw another country but I shake off my head I dont want to see it anymore. I am crying and told Uwe about it.. Just three days after that, the city of Brazils lights goes off. I am seeing darkness there will be no Olympic games in 2016.

FLOODS ALL OVER THE WORLD – Vision given on September 20, 2009:
I woke up at around 7am and prayed and lie down again then suddenly I saw many countries in floods..its very a flash of a lightning. When the lightning lights flash, I can see the names of the country. I can remember AUSTRALIA, many other counties (but cant remember all) and the last one is Saudi Arabia, its still vivid in my mind…the others I was trying to remember when I woke up. I tried so hard to remember all the name of the countries I saw . While I was trying to remember the name of the countries I saw, I get the clock to check the time when suddenly..Uwe just said..its time..I was amazed and looked at him , his eyes were closed , I asked him..what did you say??? he said again its time. Uwe was surprised I cried because that is almost the same words that I heard when I was seeing the flood…THE TIME IS AT HAND….

Its time for a National Repentance in this land – 2 Chron 7,14

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