Preparing for the End…ideas?

I have had such an urge to start preperations for the end. I know I won’t be here, butI feel like we need to get provisions together for the people that will be left behind. I’m looking for answers. What would be a good idea to leave a message to these people in secret (like a sign) so that they could find the provisions without the killers of Christians finding it. Has anyone else started this…any ideas?

What do YOU think?



  1. deborahknight20 says:

    There won’t be any left behind If you refer to the “rapture”, it is false teaching.The only people left behind will be the ones who don’t accept Christ and end up in hell. Best that we get that message out.

    • Well the Christians will go straight to Heaven yes…but I’m talking about the second coming. I should have not said “rapture”. I’m talking about preparing items for the non-believers that are left on this earth for the end times. The people who are given one more chance to accept Christ…the period of extreme persecution and torture for all Christians the time of the anti-christ.
      Please folks looking for response from those who have a calling to help these family and friends in the future that will need answers and help. Anyone out there that is thinking about this?

      • Timothy Luke says:

        Dear Sister,

        Please read the article and especially click the link below and read the full report. 100,000 Christians are being detained in N. Korea, violence and death are increasing among Christians in the Muslim world to where they have overtaken the Communist persecutions of Christians.

        If you desire to help the Christians of tomorrow, I whole heartedly recommend you help the persecuted Christians of today. In doing so, you will gain the wisdom you need on the topic.

        Personally, I believe if you tie in your 'rapture' verses with Zechariah 14, you will get the Biblical picture. When Jesus comes, He is taking over this earth. We meet Him in the air, because it is the logical meeting place, and we continue the descent as He destroys the enemy and reenters Jerusalem…

        Please read the link:

        ICC's 2011 Hall of Shame Report

        Washington, D.C. (January 7, 2011) – International Christian Concern (ICC) has released its annual Hall of Shame report, a list of the globe’s worst persecutors of Christians in 2010.

        Islamic fundamentalism has replaced Communism as today’s number one persecutor of Christians. Iraq and Egypt have been added to the list this year due to a substantial increase in anti-Christian violence. One of 2010’s worst attacks occurred in a Baghdad church on October 31 and left more than 50 worshippers dead. The next day, Al-Qaeda declared Christians throughout the Middle East as legitimate targets for the Mujahedin, or Holy Warriors. Since the declaration, Christians have been murdered almost weekly and thousands of Iraqi Christians have fled their homes, adding to the largest exodus of Christians in modern history.

        Egypt, more than any country outside of Iraq, has suffered the most from the Al-Qaeda threat. Religious tensions were inflamed early this year when six Coptic Christians in Naga Hammadi were shot dead in January. Anti-Christian demonstrations – inflamed by Muslim propaganda – followed. On November 24th, Egyptian security opened fire with live ammunition on Christian protestors in Giza, killing two people. The attacks on Copts have continued into the new year. On January 1, a suicide bomber murdered 21 Christians outside a church in Alexandria.

        The other countries ranked in this year’s report remain on the top persecutor list from last year, having made little to no progress in religious freedom. They include North Korea, Eritrea, Pakistan, Iran, Somalia, India, Vietnam, Nigeria and China.

        Jeff King, ICC’s president, said, "In compiling the report, it was striking to see the rate at which Christian persecution has accelerated around the globe, especially in the Islamic world. Anti-Christian hatred arising from Islam has flowed into 2011, as seen in the horrific attacks in Egypt, Pakistan and Iraq already this year. Constant vigilance is needed in the struggle to defend the fundamental human right of religious freedom. Those of us fortunate to live in countries that grant religious freedom must not forget nor neglect the plight of Christians who are condemned by extremist ideology or government tyranny to suffer – or die – for their faith."
        The report is in PDF format, and can be found on ICC's website,, or it can be accessed directly here. (

        • Finished posting on this website. So far I have heard a lot of people wanting to talk and not listen…please people in the future if your going to answer a question or reply…reply to the topic or question. Don’t just reply and wonder off the topic and not contribute to the ACTUAL question.
          It seems like alot of you are just hearing yourselves talk. To the rest of you I hope this website is enlightening to you and you fine your answers.
          Hope to see you all in the sky!

          • Timothy Luke says:


            Your topic has a premise built into it. I was addressing the premise and sorry for the long way about it. One thing I have found is that just about any forum comes with plenty of microphones and no earphones! Sorry to have been part of the problem for you. I did reply directly to your question and here it is again…

            "If you desire to help the Christians of tomorrow, I whole heartedly recommend you help the persecuted Christians of today. In doing so, you will gain the wisdom you need on the topic."

            I really believe that, regardless of rapture or not, the answer to your question of providing for persecuted believers in the future, even after a rapture, would be found by finding out how to minister to them today. You will find the same obstacles to getting aid to them then, that there is today. You will find out how the enemy gathers intelligence on Christians and how those measures can be evaded.

            I am not in a credible source to give specifics, as I do not know them, that is why I suggest YOU get involved and find out from credible sources who are doing today what you hope to be doing for someone tomorrow in your absence.

  2. Joshuagm1991 says:

    That’s sorta clever to think about. Actually I’m sure everyone will remember us and what we lived for. Should be the best sign eh?

    • Talking about leaving provisions (supplies) behind for those left behind… trying to think up a way we can let them know where supplies are that they will need. A sign to show them where to go.

      • Timothy Luke says:

        To let 'them' know where the supplies are is to risk letting a persecutor know, who will steal the supplies. Trust the Lord to feed his flock and provide. Teach them today about the Lord. They will search your house, will they find Godly literature and Bibles, not?

        Its a novel idea, but I think these things may address it.

        • Well that’s sort of the issue isn’t it? If they are going to take peoples food, supplies means to provide for the family…don’t you think that God wants to use us, His soldiers to prepare for these people that just don’t get that this will happen? Yes I know they will raid the homes…that’s why christians now are preparing secret places to stor supplies, Bibles anything needed when the time comes and we’re gone. I’m simply stating that we need to start preparing places for our families and friends that will wer left behind. Wouldn’t you need that if your whole world fell apart? wouldn’t you need a way to provide for your family. Do you think that they will have charity lines for Christians…NO! You people that have started preparing maybe you can send me a line… your the ones I’m trying to reach.!
          ..PS…People don’t stop buying books!! Once phones and communication is cut off books will be all we have.

          • dresserandkeeper says:

            Mind if I throw in my 2 cents here?

            Sounds to me like your expecting your family/friends/loved ones to be lost instead of saved.

            Hint, hint….

            give no thought for tomorrow…redeem the time….get on your knees and pray for the lost family and friends NOW.

            love you brother:) God bless you….

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