Preaching the Full Gospel Does Minister the Power of God – part 1

Paul says in Romans 1:16 (a):

“I’m not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God for the salvation of every one who believes: …”

Its a common mistake to think that after someone preaches the gospel, God sends the power. But the Bible says that the gospel “is the power of God”. If someone gives you a machine gun, you need to be trained before you can handle it, don’t you? But our wonderful God told you on the day you were saved: “I’ll give you my power to handle!”

What is that power? It is the gospel! When you preach the gospel you preach the power of God to the people!

I was one interrupted in the middle of my preaching in India by a woman of about 50 who suddenly got up and ran towards the platform. She wanted to shake my hand and give me an offering. I told her to wait until I had finished preaching, so she went back and sat down again, and when I had finished preaching and prayed for the sick we invited people to give testimonies. This woman came back to testify, and I asked her why she had run up in the middle of my preaching. She said, “I have a 27 year old daughter who was born deaf and dumb. I brought her to the meeting yesterday, and when you prayed for the sick she began to hear, but she still could not speak. But today as she sat beside me listening to you preach, she began to speak and call me ‘amma, amma’ (mummy, mummy).” Praise God! But how did the miracle happen during my preaching? The previous day her deaf ears were opened and that day as the gospel was being preached, the gospel was entering her. The gospel entering her was actually the power of God entering her. When it entered, the dumb tongue was released and she was able to speak.

In another Indian city during a gospel crusade, a little seven-year-old girl who was lame and had never been able to walk was carried into the meetings by her grandmother. As the gospel was preached, this little girl suddenly stood up and began to run all over the place. I have seen countless people get healed while the gospel is being preached. Why does it happen? Because the gospel is the power of God. It makes me so irritated when anyone says: “Oh! He’s only preaching the gospel”. They don’t understand taht it is the Power of God!

From Dare to Win by P.S. Rambabu. Reproduced here with permission by the author.

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  1. Whosoeverwill93 says:

    I keep hearing about people chasing the signs and wonders, when all they really need to do is tell their preacher to be quiet about the things that tickle the flesh and preach the Gospel, the true Gospel. The signs and wonders will follow. But, that doesn’t please our flesh they say, or fill the tithe and offering plate. My pastor says if you are not willing to Preach the Gospel for free then you shouldn’t be a pastor. For anyone that wants to know the tithe went out with the law, and the law was for the Jewish people. Not for us gentiles. Jesus fulfilled the law and grafted us (gentiles) in. There is nothing wrong with supporting your church or missionaries, in fact it is a blessing to do so, but that is the sowing and reaping principle that is as steadfast as gravity is on planet earth. Now if the pastors and preachers want to live in the church and not have one material possession to their name, I would gladly endorse their congregation to tithe. Another pastor I know doesn’t take a salary or gives back his salary if the church’s bills aren’t paid by the offering. Well, I will get off my soapbox and just say “PREACH THE GOSPEL!!!!!”

    • Redbuck40 says:

      The signs were to precede the preaching, be a source of proof of the words and that the kingdom was coming.

      In regard to free preaching have you not read “a worker is worthy of his wages” or “do not muzzle an ox while it treads out the grain”? A preacher or teacher not collecting a wage doesn’t make it more scriptural,

      Tithing went out, so did special buildings, special days, altars, special robes, special diets and special people. That means no church buildings, sunday, easter and christmas, vestments or clothing that defines position, and forbidding the drinking of alcohol and eating red meat during lent, also no pastors.

      The only scriptural leadership in the church were to be elders, or in other places called bishops, the workers were to be deacons. An elder was to be paid to either preach or teach, but those who did both deserved double wages.

      Look how free we are now!

  2. Let’s return to the message of the Gospel – and never desire to get beyond preaching the Gospel. The Gospel is not just for unbelievers – it is for believers. Even in heaven, the Lamb of God is central. The message that saved us is the same message that will cause us to grow. All Christian growth is really growth in FAITH: therefore it is the message of the GOSPEL which is able to build us up. The message is a person – Jesus Christ – and Him crucified. Jesus, and the message, are one and the same. Our spiritual health will correspond exactly to the quality of the message we are hearing. Therefore let’s feed on quality food, and see that we feed others with quality substance also. Then the quality of our spiritual life will automatically be better.

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