Praying on your behalf

Hello…I have noticed that sometimes when we post things we dont get responses. This is completely understandable when there is so much we could possibly comment on and so forth. I will pesonally offer you my prayers. I just wanted to let evryone know that so that you wont feel discouraged and continue to post prayer request and so on. I hope that is ok with all of you. I have heard that the best thing to do when you are need is help out someone else. So that is what I am trying to do for all of you. God Bless

What do YOU think?



  1. yashua777 says:


    i saw your post with the great offer to pray

    good on you and i would ask that if you could pray for me for the gift of faith?
    so as to help others reveive what they need.

    the joy of answered prayer is fantastic


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