Prayers for my husband

My husband left me for another woman labor day. He broke up with her for another woman. Now he is living with her. We were doing so well together then we started studying with false teachers. He then turned to drinking alcohol. He asked me to help him. Which made me feel like I was the bad guy. He stopped going to AA meetings. Then labor day he came into the shop I work at told me he loved me. Then he went home. I came home that night I could feel the anger and hate in the air when I walked threw the doors. He told me he never loved me and that he never should have married me. He has a mental disorder and I found out he had quit taking his meds. I know God has heard my prayers and I ask that you all pray for my husband to call me and start talking to me again. That we’ll be able to forgive each other and come against the spirit of divorce attacking us. I don’t know where he is I don’t what he’s doing I want him to talk to me again. Not screaming and yelling at me. I ask you all please pray for us. We need gods help so much. I miss him and love him so much I don’t know what to do anymore. I just pray and pray. I was lead to this site and I feel it’s a blessings to me. A place where I will be learn a lot. I also felt very strongly that I should post this prayer there’s one of you out there who has something to tell me. I don’t know what it is but it’s big. Please pray for my husband and for me. Thanks and God bless.

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  1. rebecca kenya says:

    my husband left me and remarry now am requesting someone who is abeliever join me n prayer for concilliation.Amen.

  2. newcreation says:

    I will be praying for you.Keep your faith.

    • barbie49701 says:

      Thank you for your prayers. Your right I need to keep my faith in the Lord. In the past when I was with my childrens father unmarried. Didn’t know anything about Jesus or God. I lived across the street from a church. I started attending it. Then my kids dad left me for another woman as well and married her. Now with my husband he left me to for another woman as soon as I started reading the word and studing. I fell away from everything the last time. Not this time I am going to remain faithful to Jesus. I feel as though without my faith in Jesus I would be lost and things would be far worse. I am going to remain faithful to the lord I confess it in Jesus name!!!!

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