Prayers about Loving

Lord, make me an example to the believers in love. (1 Tim. 4:12)

Help me, Lord to purify my soul in obeying the truth through the Spirit in sincere love of the brethren, and to love other believers fervently with a pure heart, as you command me. (1 Peter 1:22)

I pray that all that I do be done with love. (1 Cor. 16:14) I pray that all those around me will sense Your love through me.

Lord, I believe you help me to love my wife as Christ loved the church, and gave himself for her. (Eph. 5:25)

I believe Lord that you make me patient in all kinds of situations. (1 Cor. 13:4ff)

I believe Lord that you make me kind, gentle and respectful to others.

I believe Lord that you eliminate jealousy and envy from my heart, so that I rejoice when others are blessed.

I believe Lord that you keep me from showing off, seeking man’s praise or speaking to glorify myself. (John 7:18; John 5:44)

I believe Lord that you keep me from being proud or arrogant in my dealings towards others. I believe you keep me from setting myself up as a judge of others, from being critical and complaining. I can learn from anyone.

I believe Lord that you make me sensitive to others, and keep me from behaving rudely or inappropriately.

Lord, I give you my will, for you to work in it. Not my will but Yours be done. Let Your interests and Your honour, not my own, be the focus of my life. Let me not seek my own profit, but the profit of many, that they may be saved. (1 Cor. 10:32)

I believe Lord that you keep me from being irritated or angry with difficult people or situations. You make me to be self-controlled, calm and friendly. Thank You for this miracle.

I believe Lord that you keep me from being negative in my thinking about others. You give me faith, hope and love for them in my prayers. I believe that you keep me from dwelling on temptation or evil of any kind.

I believe Lord that you give me wisdom as to when to confront sin in others and when to wait and cover the offense graciously.

I believe Lord that you cause me to rejoice in You, the Truth! I believe that You give me hatred for all the things that offend You.

I believe Lord that through You I can bear all things.

Lord, I believe in Your Love and in everything You say, because I trust You. You help me to think the best I can of others also.

Lord, I hope in You and Your Word. I believe you cause me to abound in positive expectation and hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. I hope for the best about others.

Lord, I believe You enable me to endure all things for the sake of Christ.

Lord, I believe that Your love in me never fails. (1 Cor. 13:4-8)

Lord, this love of God I pursue. (1 Cor. 14:1)

Lord, in You I am rooted and grounded in love. (Eph. 3:16)

Lord, I believe You cause me to walk in love. (Eph. 5:2)

Lord, You make me merciful, even as my Father in heaven is merciful. (Luke 6:36) I believe you enable me to give practical help to those in trouble around me.

God, You have poured out Your love into my heart by the Holy Spirit whom You has given to me. (Romans 5:5)

Lord, as a man elect of God, holy and beloved, I put on tender mercies, kindness, humbleness of mind, meekness, longsuffering. I bear with others, and forgive others; if I ever have a complaint against any one of them I must forgive them, just as Christ forgave me. Above all things I put on love, which binds everything together in perfect harmony. (Col. 3:12-14)

Take me Lord so that I love You with all my heart, with all my soul, with all my mind, and with all my strength, and my neighbour as myself. (Luke 10:27)

What do YOU think?


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  1. says:

    Does the love of God really exist? I haven’t heard Gods voice in several years, I’m confused, does he really love us or is it just me not hearing or feeling it?

    • Timothy Luke says:

      The love of God absolutely exists! You may have not heard God's voice for several years, but look at the testimonies of all who are hearing his voice even up to this very week!

      "The arm of the Lord is not shortened that it cannot save, nor His ear heavy that He cannot hear, but your sins have seperated you from your God." Isaiah something.

      Now, does this mean you are evil? No, but there is sin that is blocking you from hearing Him. Do you have any idea what that sin may look like? Have you backslidden? Have you not obeyed the last thing He spoke to you about?

      • says:

        Timothy Luke,

        ( FYI: This sentence typed last before posting – I did wander on my way to completing my post, but did want to thank a friend on the way – sorry for to everyone else for the rabbit trail. )

        Thank you so much for your reply, though it does leave me perplexed.

        I, now as a Confessed “Long Time Lurker”, have to say your (good) reputation precedes you. ( Yes, lurkers – we’re out here – such is the nature of the internet ) I know from reading many, if not all, of your posts that you’re a very wise, learned and sensitive man of God. I’ve learned so much about you and who you are that I feel like I know you personally! Not a stalker, just a big fan – Call it a Lurker Crush 🙂

        There are even “groupie classics”. I remember a pretty involved interchange where you were very helpful to a sister (kimkrys1) in response to her post, “The Beginning”. What a story…what an endeavor! We, my husband and I, literally discected it all, schritt-fur-schritt, to make sense of it, even the (melodycat) and (lookinforacity) comments – which really gave it dimension. It was so intuitive and clear, the plot intent, so profound that someone in a similar situation might have thought “God was reading their mail” and be “moved to act” on your Godly counsel! That’s a compliment by the way, as moving someone to actually see their “need ask forgiveness” is no small task.

        We were really moved by that interchange and as a bonus there was the follow-up post by (kimkrys1), I think called “The Beginning – part 2” or something similar.

        Wow, when the “light-bulb-turned-on” and we saw the truth, fore-thought, intent and inspiration of it all we were stunned!

        The post “The Beginning” was great and “The Beginning – part 2” really wrapped it up and made it all worth the price of admission! We’ve since had continued revelation and new insight – plus we’ve been informed, inspired and entertained!

        These two post are what really inspired us to take a close look at the CF Forum and what made us go back and save, savor and appreciate the personal email from a “Sister in Christ” that was “specifically sent to invite me to this forum”. I appreciate it so very much and think more than anything she wanted me to be blesed & moved to action by “The Beginning Part 1 & 2”. I’ll always remember the sweet intent, motive and love behind that email and how it’s changed our family forever!

        I have digressed…my apologies…

        This is where “being perplexed” comes in – normally you’re discernment seems to be “very sharp”. Today though, your reply was more than discernment, but being pretty specific would have to be classified as a “word of knowledge”.

        I say this because, even though you know nothing about me (in response to my question about not hearing God),

        You said,
        “Now, does this mean you are evil? No, but there is sin that is blocking you from hearing Him (God)”.

        Your answer is certainly not ambiguous and pretty specific – a ‘word of knowledge’.

        When you say,
        “… there IS SIN that is blocking you from hearing Him (God)”.

        This is either:
        1) A message from God, spoken to you through your spirit to me.

        2) A message from the enemy, spoken through you to me. ( inadvertantly of course )

        3) A message from your own mind, spoken to me.
        ( inadvertantly of course )

        A word from God is always welcome, but this isn’t from God as can be testified by myself and my Christian family, friends, brothers and sisters.

        It could be surmised this is referring to unknown sin of which I was “unaware”, but I don’t think so, and without specific reason/motive to suggest it is, i/e ‘God says it is’, then that also would be a mere guess.

        Could you please tell me more about why you say it’s, “…SIN that is blocking ‘me’ from hearing Him (God)”.
        I’m sure you have an explanation I haven’t considered. Does anything come to mind?


        Back to where we started…

        I found, after I posted my question here, a post on this forum by (cubits) called ” How to hear God’s voice” referrencing info by Mark & Patti Virkler which has been very helpful!

        Plus, as far as the direction I was leaning…

        I found the following on another website. These ideas plus the (cubits)-Virkler info make some sense but I would LOVE to hear back from anyone on your personal experience.

        Words of others on ‘hearing Gods voice’:

        “I am convinced that God’s heart’s desire is to have an intimate friendship
        with each one of His followers. The most frequently missing major
        component of intimate friendship is hearing God’s voice. God wants you to
        hear Him! You cannot claim to have an intimate friendship with someone you
        don’t ever hear from. You can read old letters from someone that point to a
        relationship you once had, but you can’t claim that the relationship is
        intimate if all of the letters are old.”


        ” In order to correctly hear God’s voice, it is helpful to believe that God loves


        ” A lot of us are not naturals at hearing God’s voice, and we have put up
        blocks to hearing Him that we don’t even realize we have put up. Sometimes
        God simply wants to see if we have enough love for Him and enough
        character to demonstrate it through our perseverance.”


        “Even if we think we have heard God speak something for another person, we
        should also seek God about whether that is for us to share with the other
        person, or whether we are simply to pray about it on behalf of the other
        person. We sometimes feel like since we have heard from God, we need to
        force others to obey what we think we heard. It is never our job to make
        others obey God and we would be wise to be as honest as we can with
        others, while not being personally offended with what they do or don’t do
        with what we share.”

        Thanks and God Bless,

        • Timothy Luke says:

          Dear sister, you ask,

          Could you please tell me more about why you say it's, "…SIN that is blocking 'me' from hearing Him (God)".
          I'm sure you have an explanation I haven't considered. Does anything come to mind?

          Isa 59:1-2  "Behold, the LORD'S hand is not shortened, that it cannot save; neither his ear heavy, that it cannot hear:  But your iniquities have separated between you and your God, and your sins have hid his face from you, that he will not hear."

          That is the only reason I wrote that… because that scripture came to mind. The problem is not with God not loving us, it is that we have an adversary who can find ways to lead us off base and then he has the nerve to blame God for the bad reception. For you to say, as your original post does:

          Does the love of God really exist? I haven't heard Gods voice in several years, I'm confused, does he really love us or is it just me not hearing or feeling it?

          Shows that you are now questioning God at His very core… for "God is love." Now, I can either believe and base my life upon the Word of God, or I can call Him into question and affirm your righteousness. I think you and I would both find it easier to trust in Him and His holiness, than to trust in your own perfection. Job trusted in his own righteousness and God got the blame by default. It is easier to get us to line up with God, than to get God to line up with us.

          Speaking of Job, since you like rabbit trails!

          God said, 'consider my servant Job, that there is none like him…" On other occasions the righteousness of Job is mentioned as one of the three most righteous men in the Bible… YET, we serve a God who looks at the heart.

          Do you remember the fear Job had when offering sacrifices for his children? The man was living in fear. Now, God allowed Satan to take his children away from this earth (but God is also the God of resurrection, so death is simply a 'pause button' for God) and all Job's goods as well. At the end of the story, Job, as righteous as he was, was purified of self-reliant righteousness and the fear that it was all about him, and hence all on his shoulders to keep everything together.

          At the end of the story, Job was now able to enjoy the blessings the Lord had given him, rather than have it all a burden while he yet had it. End of rabbit trail, resume nature hike….

          Its a whole other blog in the "Sin and Saints" series… I better write about 'What is sin?" soon.


    • Holyroller_11 says:

      how is your prayer life,does God ever hear from you, he will not chase us down ,for some he may have to travel fast.hope your not one of them,any way,take time to be holy,God will direct your path but trust and seek

  2. This is a prayer request for A dear Old Friend. He says He’s a Jesus freak. I Know that I am. But enough about me. He has had troubles finding the right mate & I think he needs to walk uprightly before God. His NAme is Mark Perry & he does have a tender Heart. But I wonder if he is looking for a mate according to the worlds standers & not According to Gods StandArd. I just ask that God find Him a equal partner. Some one that he can Grow to Love & I pray dear father that he. Finds you and hears you knocking on the Door of his Heart. For faith comes by HeAring and. Hearing by the Word of God (Jesus). Then I pray that. God gives him the Wisdom to know the right woman for him. In christ Jesus I pray! Your sis in Christ Jesus, Annette

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