Prayer is communication with God. Its important that we know how to get answered prayer. God answers prayers on His terms, and He shows us in the Bible what is required if we want to be sure of answered prayer.

We need to believe, because without faith it is impossible to please God. (Hebrews 11:6)

We need to get hate sin in our lives. We can't love it and expect to get answered prayers. (Psalm 66:18).

This site contains teaching on prayer, different suggested prayers you could use if you are starting out – like prayers for salvation, healing and deliverance –  information about fasting and prayer, Scriptures about prayer, Bible confessions about prayer and a lot more.


This site will have achieved its purpose in your life when you have a powerful prayer life, when you know God personally, and receive regular answers to prayer.

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  1. Hello I’m new here and I need prayer for divine healing upon my fiancé who has been diagnosed of diabetes type 2 n his going tru serious pain on his hands n feet that he can’t even work,walk,use his hands n the pain stoped him from doing lots of things.Please you guys should help and put him in prayers.Thanks!

    • barbie49701 says:

      Hello Viv you are added to my expanding prayer list. I sent you a message introducing myself. Be Blessed my friend.

    • One of my potential business suppliers reckons he knows of doctors that have discovered a herbal cure for diabetes. If you are interested I can forward you an email. I am not an affiliate for these products but maybe they are good. 

    • lookingforhope2011 says:

      Ok. I have two very dear friends one was raised In the morning church and the other is a diehard catholic. I have tried witnessing a little bit to both. But both are just as sure of their faith/religion as I am of mine. That being Jesus is the only way to heaven and living a sanctified life. I don’t want to say much more as im sure it will open up a whole can of worms. But maybe some advice on how to approach this

      • Holyroller_11 says:

        the fact is mormons say Jesus and satan are brothers,that would make Jesus a created being.which is a quick way to hell, catholics make a god out of Mary which will send you to hell, how to handle this with friends,is tell the truth,if they are friends(real) you will have saved their soul,and they will be better friends, and you would be a friend to them indeed. you choose

        • Holyroller_11 says:

          deuteronomy 18;20 But the prophet,which shall presume to speak A WORD in my name,which I have not commanded him to speak,or that shall speak in the name of other gods,even that prophet shall die. Deut.18;22 When a prophet speaketh in the name of the Lord,if the thing follow not,nor come to pass,that is the thing which the Lord hath not spoken,but the prophet hath spoked presumptuously, Thou shalt not be afraid of him.

          • lookingforhope2011 says:

            That kinda went over my head. Should I not say anything else to them?

          • Holyroller_11 says:

            The comment is concerning false prophets in general, as far as friends are concerned,if you can help do so,follow your heart

      • I was raised Mormon and I will tell you that. I have a healthy respect for them. Yet they don’t know Jesus. I was Fortunate that I heard the Voice of God as a Child. The best way to Witness is by allowing others to see Jesus in you. Let your light shine before all men so that they see god inside of you and wonder what you have That they ask you & you can Glorify in the Lord. My sister found the Lord through a challenge from a friend told her that if she could prove that Mormonism was the truth that he would give up his belief in God & become a Mormon. He had that much faitH in God that he knew she would discover the truth & that he would set her free. That plus a very Humble prayer from this one young woman. I won’t name names but Jesus is faithful. I know very little about catholicism but I don’t believe in praying to anyone but Jesus nor do I follow any book but the Bible. Yet they are closer to Christ than mormons but lost is lost and the blind lead the blind many times. I just trust that the holy spirit of God will give you what you must say before hand and. We are all supposed to be able to give an account of our Lord & savior Jesus Christ. So if you are in him, Trust in him, be in the armor of God & in the spirit. For we are Supposed to do all things without moaning & complaining. Or as my family & friends call it the 11th commandment. But give thanks to God for every situation. Because he is with you & is your deliverer. I just know that God is faithful & true so if it isn’t all truth than it is not Him. If it is part truth, well I have never heard of a partial christ. So be in him and trust in him & at the urging of his spirit, say what you are told, Don’t greive him by ignoring him. I hope that I you are inspired and steadfast in Christ Jesus, love and grace be unto you, your Sister in Christ Jesus, Annette

        • lookingforhope2011 says:

          Last night as I was in prayer they came to mind. I have talked to them before about it. But no change yet. Guess all I can do is keep praying

        • mvthomas says:

          Dear Annet,

          Thank you for your reply. Yes; Mormons or Catholics or Anglicans- they are all good people, creation of God. By showing ourselves as examples, and also by praying for them, we can bring anyone to Chirst. Some may take only a little time, and others may take longer time. God Bless you.

    • usefuluserusing says:

      consider it done,God bless you both,

    • I suggest you pray to the saints for intercession and fast.

  2. I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I am breaking out in sores &
    have had visits concerning my oldest Daughter. The temptation to pick up the
    troubles and then I put it in Gods hands & I’m having a hard fight here. My
    thoughts are drawn back to my ex-Husband & I Don’t want that. Even though I
    have forgiven him for raping our Daughter & drugging me. I just can’t afford
    to trust him. I have another Daughter & I won’t go back to that painful
    place. I am fighting an addiction to food & several Diseases. I never
    claimed to be perfect I have had a sinful past. But Jesus is my future. I
    need answers, prayers & my ears & heart want to hear Gods Voice. I am trying
    to be patient spirital warfare is going on in my life & body. I don’t know
    which spirit is harming me & no matter what my situation I Was bought & paid
    for with a very dear price. I am calling on all my brothers & sisters in
    Christ Jesus to go to their prayer closets and pray for all of their family
    in Christ to be healed from all of their afflictions & To be delivered from
    the snares, uncleanliness & evil thing of Satan. To bless the lord always &
    praise his worthy name. I ask as many who are willing to do this & that our
    Father will put this desire in all that are to answer this call & to help
    this weary sister and lift up me as an sacrifice before the Lord. In Christ
    Jesus’ Name I pray. Amen !!!!!!!!!!!! Strength us all Lord. Deliver us. Let
    your holy will be done.

    • lookingforhope2011 says:

      These last days are more evil than ever. Satan knows his time is near and he is doing everything he possibly can to aggravate and hinder the saints of God. But I know how the end of the Bible ends. We win! Yes Glory to God we win. I will keep you in prayer as best I can. And although we still cry ourselves to sleep at night He is still able to sustain us. Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil.! Just like the three hebrew children about to be thrown in the fiery furnace they confessed that our God is able to deliver us! But if He choses not to we will still not bow to your statue! Off to the furnace they went and a fourth person who was said to look like the Son of. Man was with them!. They came outnot even smelling of smoke! Praise God!. Joy comes in the morning! I will stand with you in the victory of the Lord God Almighty!

    • Contact me on skype: there are various ones that are coming together for prayer and spiritual help. You can be encouraged with others together and get prayer answers.

      Skype: michaelf8888

    • Healing is progressive. It takes time. Miracles are instant. Just thought I would tell you that. Don’t give up on yourself and don’t give up on God. You may need some counseling. There is nothing wrong with that. It probably would be best to see a Christian counselor, if you want to go that route. How long have you been a Christian?

      • I know that healing can take time. I believe God fo my healing even if it doesn’t look like its happening on the outside. I have been a believer since I was 5 but I became a born again believer at 23. I am now 47 & have been fighting with my armor on for the past 8 years & had an even harder fight these last 4. I know that we all see things in different ways but I think that is how God made us. I want to be an encourager in christ. & offer hope. Many on here are so busy arguing that I think if a new believer comes on her & sees the disputing that they may not See that all of the discussions aren’t meant to harm anyone. They need incouragement & chastizement from the lord but I don’t think that some here chastize. In fact when I made an offer to incourage & pray for others I was basically rebuked & accused of feeling sorry for myself. I don’t think that person understood me. I said that I believe in my healing even if I can’t walk. What I meant was that I’m believeing that God will heal me even if it doesent look like he is on the outside. But what was said by that person sounded to me very harsh & hateful. I don’t know everything, but if God wants me to encourage & Pray for others, well then that’s just what I’m going to Do. So I spent quite sometime lifting that person up in prayer last night. 😀 & I will again tonite.

        • You’re right. Sometimes we can’t see God working in our lives, but you can be assured that He is working behind the scene. Let me share this with you. Back in January of this year I got sick and I went through a hard time. God gave me a verse and a song. He gave me Psalm 55:22. It says:

          “Cast your burden upon the Lord, and he shall sustain thee: he shall never suffer the righteous to be moved.”

          The song is called: “Just When I Need Him Most”. The first verse goes like this.

          Just when I need him, Jesus is near, Just when I falter, just when I fear;
          Ready to help me, ready to cheer, Just when I need him most.


          Just when I need him most, Just when I need him most;
          Jesus is near to comfort and cheer, Just when I need him most.

          Also, I have a saying up on my back door that goes like this: “No matter how bad it is, or how bad it gets, I’m going to make it.” I put it up there years ago when I was working, because I had a hard job. I have never taken it down.

    • Holyroller_11 says:

      Your not a sacrifice to God your his child,and when you came home to him,your past was tossed in the sea of forgetfulness,never to be remembered no more.Everyday with Jesus is a brand new day of a brand new life,praise Almighty God! I say often ,find an alter and pray until delivered,to many,but I have a good reason,It works.complete healing is available in the alters.My experence has always been at the last moment,after we have tryed it all,and then we give it all to God and wait on the Lord,he delivers.I didn’t get this out of a book,I learned it on my knees and experenced it myself many whole

    • barbie49701 says:

      I am being healed from the sore you speak of friend. Look to our friend Job.

      Job 2:7 So Satan left the meeting with the LORD and gave Job painful sores all over his body, from the bottom of his feet to the top of his head. ERV

      Job 2:7 So went Satan forth from the presence of the LORD, and smote Job with sore boils from the sole of his foot unto his crown. KJV

      Satan is not going to separate you from God in Jesus name I confess this and believe it to be true. You have the strength of the lord within your body to heal you.
      For these sores or boils, when one come you need to put a warm wash cloth over them. Hold it on there and confess you are healed by Jesus strips, they will come to a head, then break open and drain. Keep laying your hand upon them and praying for Jesus to heal you and remove them. Rebuke Satan he’s the cause. Go to the prayers and confessions within this site and read about demonic oppression. You are set free in Jesus name confess this only. Be slow to speak and quick to listen to the word of God. Watch what you say. You can call curse upon you. Be blessed and check out the prayers and confessions. They will help you so much.

    • childofjesus says:

      Hi Annette,
      I understand the pain you are going through. Since you’ve taken refuge in J-E-S-U-S, be sure all is going to be well! Sometimes God allows unpleasant circumstances (diseases, financial set backs and others) into our lives, so that we can lean on Him completely. He treats us individually, so that one day we can be with Him forever. Once I was sharing about Jesus to my colleagues (all non-christians),one of them said “if you so strongly believe in Jesus, then why your God does not heal you from ‘SINUS’ ? For a moment I had no answer but then I said “My God is capable of healing me!!! but i’ve never prayed fervently for healing this infection b’coz i take sometime to pray for others too.” That day when I questioned the Lord why i had to face this awkward situation, You just say a word, and i shall be healed. After this God gave me a thought that through this infection, He wants me to understand what it means to be in a sick body and to pray for sick knowing their pain as mine..As i mentioned He treats each one of us in a unique manner, so its not neccessary that He will give you the same lessons as mine..Ultimately, He wants us to draw closer to Him and trust Him in every circumstances..Matthew 11:28 “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” Whether we’re in sick body or healthy one, it does not change the fact that Jesus is a Living & Loving God!!!!!

      With prayers

      • I want to thank You for your message & your encouragement. I understand. Many believers have been almost cruel but I don’t know fully why things have happend to me. But I believe that God believes in me enough to let me go through it & that he will bring me out Victorious. There have been times when I was upset with him yet I never denied who he is or what he has given me. I know this may sound delfish. But for awhile I just couldn’t move or budge. But he showed me through a friend that I was acting like a child. He showed me just because I wanted to go to heaven there is a time for everything & I wasn’t finished yet. So I want to encourage you my sister. That I am not shaken & that I am anchored to the Rock of my salvation. & I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Fight the Good fight of faith & keep on running that Race. For if we Do neither than we are sure to Lose. Your sister in Christ Jesus, Annette

  3. zylent_bhabes07 says:

    hi im new hir i looked at this site and so thankful i found this site, at this moment im so afraid of my cousin coz everytime he get drunk he keeps on talking loud outside and trying to get some trouble, his a trouble maker and im afraid of my brother to get fight of him, im afraid that they let the devil come with them, i wanna pray to Jesus Christ to enlighten my cousin mind and let the spirit of God comes to his mind and heart and to make me strong always to protect my family,,, thank you Jesus blessed me always

  4. I am on my 36th day of fasting and would like prayer through these last days. I am in need of more of God, guidance and resources. Please pray with and for me. If you can fast, just one meal, that would be great also. Thank you for this site and all your prayers. I pray God blessed each and everyone of you more than you can imagine.

  5. needinghim2 says:

    Hi everyone. I’m new here. What I’m looking for is prayer for deliverence from sexual demons in my husband and from being a pathalogical liar.
    I cannot go into particular details but he seems to have pedophilia tendencies, sexual appetite for deviant things, a draw to womanizing and living in denial about a great deal of what he has done in his past as well as what he is doing now.
    He claims he’s a born again Christian but yet he behaves like this incessantly and claims there is nothing wrong with what he is doing and it’s me that is making something out of nothing. He has a knee jerk reaction to anything female and sexual nature He believes he isn’t doing anything any other red blooded male isn’t doing, GOD made men this way and I am the one who is wrong. (….he doesn’t respond to me this way at all).
    This is a brief synopsis of the situation but I need to know where I can find prayers of deliverance. Where can we find men to mentor him and take the viels of deception off his eyes and chains off of his heart?
    I am using some prayers but am in need to know what else if anything I can do.

    Thanks and be blessed!

    • Beloved says:

      A good place to start is the spiritual warfare tab at the top of this page.Additionally,Dr. Doug Weiss,a Christian mental health professional has written many books on addictive sexual behavior that can plague men.You should know,however,that you cannot pray for someones deliverance if they are in denial about their behavior.People have to WANT to be free! Pray for him to have a revelation about the sinfulness of his thinking.You might be able to bind the spiritual forces that keep him from the truth,so that he would even be able to repent. There are no magic prayers or formulas to be followed here.What is needed is a truth encounter!
      God Bless you,
      P.S. remind him what Jesus had to say about lusting after a woman in your heart: It is adultery!!!

  6. Darryl Wood says:

    It is really good to be among like minded people. Life has been such a struggle and only through the help of God have I made it this far. After over 40 yrs of drinking, drugs and fast living I finallly got IT. I can ONLY find HAPPINESS through JESUS CHRIST. Even during this nearly year long jouney I have lost 4 jobs and had to move twice. Sometimes in my mind my past life looks so much easier though I know in my heart that is a lie from Satan. I am evermore grateful that God has brought me through it all. Though right now I am without work and about to be evicted and lights cut off I will still PRAISE God witth all my heart, mind and strenght for the balance of my days. I am asking all who pray and know the worth of pray please pray that God will have HIS way with my life and that he gives me the strenght to come through all that I need to come through to please him. In Jesus name a brother on his journey to the Kingdom. Amen Darryl

    • Beloved says:

      The Hebrews looked back on their time as Egyptian slaves favorably.When the going got tuff in the desert,they longed to go back to Egypt.This is a picture of us in our journey after being translated from the kingdom of darkness,to the Kingdom of Light.Remember,Joshua and Caleb believed God,and they made it to the promised land! Trust in the Lord,Darryl. He WILL bring you through!
      I pray that the Lord provides everything you need,and even some of what you want! 🙂

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