prayer warriors needed

I need allot of prayer,my minestry is getting ready to put on a huge conferance next month on  the  Suicide spirit,but I am getting allot of reports that so many christians want to go to hear about this but the number of people wanting to get involved in being greeters and ushers is down to almost none.So many christians are so afraid of this spirit that they dont want to have to pay any consequences so they dont want to get involved and now even my friend Ray is really being hit hard of suicide thoughts but didnt tell any one till now.Brothers andsisters in Christ you can not afford to keep silent at all.If the enemy is hitting you with thoughts of any thing sinful you need to share it with some one.When I was deep into Satanism one thing I learned real fast is if you want to bind up a christian convince them that their problem is so great know one else has that problem and if you tell any one people will think your a freak.Please realize that if you expose your battle to some one it weakons the enemies power,but if you keep your battle silent in your mind Satan has a freewil oppretunity to destroy you.Please hear what I am saying I used to keep christians bound up by useing these tactics while useing familar spirits with curses.Not one christian was called to be on an island,and Satans greatest weapon is to convince some one to become isolated and with drawn.Please I plead with my brothersand sisters in Christ to come to the knowledge of who you are in Christ.Revelation 21:8 points out that Cowards,sexualley immoral,murders and liars will partake in the lake of fire.Please realize you have mighty weapons to stand on if you will just humble your self and believe.God is awesome and you dont have to feel shame because you sinned or your batteling with thoughtsof suicide or something else just please dont isolate your self.Jesus loves you so please come to the knowledge of Christ Jesus.And I ask please pray that God will send me helpers for this conferance,thanks Tim

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