prayer warriors needed

I need allot of prayer,my minestry is getting ready to put on a huge conferance next month on  the  Suicide spirit,but I am getting allot of reports that so many christians want to go to hear about this but the number of people wanting to get involved in being greeters and ushers is down to almost none.So many christians are so afraid of this spirit that they dont want to have to pay any consequences so they dont want to get involved and now even my friend Ray is really being hit hard of suicide thoughts but didnt tell any one till now.Brothers andsisters in Christ you can not afford to keep silent at all.If the enemy is hitting you with thoughts of any thing sinful you need to share it with some one.When I was deep into Satanism one thing I learned real fast is if you want to bind up a christian convince them that their problem is so great know one else has that problem and if you tell any one people will think your a freak.Please realize that if you expose your battle to some one it weakons the enemies power,but if you keep your battle silent in your mind Satan has a freewil oppretunity to destroy you.Please hear what I am saying I used to keep christians bound up by useing these tactics while useing familar spirits with curses.Not one christian was called to be on an island,and Satans greatest weapon is to convince some one to become isolated and with drawn.Please I plead with my brothersand sisters in Christ to come to the knowledge of who you are in Christ.Revelation 21:8 points out that Cowards,sexualley immoral,murders and liars will partake in the lake of fire.Please realize you have mighty weapons to stand on if you will just humble your self and believe.God is awesome and you dont have to feel shame because you sinned or your batteling with thoughtsof suicide or something else just please dont isolate your self.Jesus loves you so please come to the knowledge of Christ Jesus.And I ask please pray that God will send me helpers for this conferance,thanks Tim

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  1. Lily -N-Valley says:

    A few hours ago, I was standing in my kitchen, when out of the blue. I felt I should just end it. Which is something, I would not do. I do not even know where the thought came from but I rebuked it. For I am the head and not the tail.

    In the name of Jesus, I come before You asking that You bring Your Holy Spirit filled Christians from the North, East, South and West, Father put the ones You have hand picked for this very purpose into their vehicles or on a bus and lead them to this man and his church. Father Your word says whatever we ask in believing You will do. Jesus said whatever we asked in His name You would do. These are Your words and Your promises to us. You said Your word would never return unto You void but that it would accomplish what You sent it forth to accomplish. For You are not a man who can lie. You are the Almighty, You are Holy and You do that which pleases You, for Your ways are Higher than ours. There is none higher or more powerful than You. When we are weary from battle, Your grace is sufficient for us. Because You are the one true God and You are Holy with You nothing is impossible. You said You would never forsake us.You’ll make a way when there seems none. Father take control of this situation and prepare Your special warriors you have set aside for this battle and bring them in to bind this spirit in Jesus Holy name so that the people might see Your awesome power and and sing praises unto You. For you are more than worthy. Thank You for answering my prayer, You’re so Awesome and I am so blessed to be Your child thank You for loving me. Amen

    My God is an awesome God and He hears and He answers prayers. Thank Him and PRAISE HIM !!! He is Holy and He is oh so much more than worthy. If people are leaving let them they are not the right ones for this. Praise the Lord He’s got your back, He sticks closer than a brother. God knows what We need before we ask. I really feel He has got people set aside for this and you will have them. Therefore it is important that you start praising Him and thanking Him and do not quit until it is over. It is very important to start praising Him and thanking Him. I cannot stress that enough. When you feel worn down in the battle, lift your voice and praise Him like you have never praised Him before. Holy, holy is He, praise You Heavenly Father. thank You. He is our strength and refuge. He will not forsake You. God is never early, He is never late but He is always right on time. He will not send you into battle without providing you with what you need. God is a loving, merciful God. Have faith. Don’t forget praise Him, thank Him.

  2. Blackmagicrescue says:

    Hi Tim,

    Oddly enough I just posted a very similar post to what I found you have posted here.

    Hope you are well..

  3. deborahknight20 says:

    Any one out there who is alone and bound by this emnity open your eyes please and cry out to the Lord who does not want you to die. I know what it is like to be at the point of taking my life and God actually spoke to me and delivered me because Jesus came and delivered me. Fear is a spitit who will make you cower and think there is no way out.These attacks and feelings are all actual beings that are oppressing and trying to take your life, it isn’t you. Satan and his minions are going to hell, they just want to take you with them and believe me it is much worse than whatever you are going through, so get in touch with someone on this site, me if you like. We are rooting and praying for you.You are in the right place. Blessings.

  4. Timothy Luke says:

    "In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, we take our authority as believers and bind the hand of the enemy from hindering this conference and its workers – including discouragement and depression, condemnation and suicide. "Greater is HE who is in us, than he who is in the world." In the name of Jesus, we speak life and peace and love to those called to labor in this field. The Lord of the Harvest has called us to action, and we shall obey him, and not any other… in JESUS' name."

  5. Tim,
    Luke 10:2 ” The harvest is truly great,but the laborers are few, therefore, pray to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest”
    That is exactly what I will do!
    You are so right about the isolation thing, it’s almost a litmus test as to whether you are being targeted by the enemy! I will pray for your friend Ray too.

  6. Joshuagm1991 says:

    Ready to go to war buddy. I’m not exactly sure what it means to be a prayer warrior, but I believe my prayers are effective and I’m saying prayers.

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