I would like to thank all christians on this site,its nice to incourage you and be incouraged by you.True believers that will take time to help people are not so easy to find anymore. I have 2 grandchildren ages 7 and 11,both have cystic fibrosis,and are my little buddies,their mother is no good and rarely ever seen,my son has full rights ,the mother has none.a long story of trouble ,the kids stay with me very much of time, Anyway much prayer and fasting been going on,but deliverence not yet has come,but it will…They have some lung deterior damage already, I ask all who will join in prayer with me to put an end to their trouble so they can have a testimony of their own,they have had enough trouble in their short life, I know this can be done and I fully exspect it to come to pass.I will be grateful for any and all help with your prayers,Thank you with all my heart!!

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  1. childofjesus says:

    “Our Gracious Heavenly Father, I thank you for these little kids Dylan & Chandler..Lord you have seen them suffering day & night with this disease of cystic fibrosis..please have mercy on your little kids..Father, let them experience your healing touch.. give them new cells & organs which are deteriorating..You have said that even if a mother forgets her child, You oh Lord will not forget them..Fill them with your Love & strengthen them to go through all these pains.Lord also i pray to strengthen their grandad both physically & spiritually so that he may be able to take care for his grand children..” Jehovah Jireh, provide them with finances for medical bills..In Jesus Mighty name i pray..”

  2. Captainmathew says:

    Dear Brother!
    I visualize the agony you have, owing to your beloved grand children. Yes, Mr. Joseph it is really heart touching experiences you have. I know how much a grand father cares for his grandee.
    No doubt, your belief will certainly be fruition-ed. Yes the hands of our savior Lord is not shortened. He was, is and will be the same yesterday, today and for tomorrow.Amen.
    I take it as a responsibility to PRAY for your grandchildren and I am sure we will not be hopeless in our aim and God will hear your supplications. Amen!
    My prayer.. “Our Heavenly Father! we praise thee and worship thee for all we have, good or bad, we understand everything is well known and well planned by our Lord Jesus and nothing in our lives with out thy knowledge.
    Thank you Lord for Brother Joseph, who works hard for thy name and we understand thou cares for him, and we submit both the children, the grand children of your servant Joseph. We know thou know-est their suffering due to CF, one of the rarest of the rare diseases, and we pray they be cured immediately and instantly. We ask in the precious name of our Lord Jesus, Amen!
    Yes, Brother, be contented in Him name, as he has His plans in you. Submit yourself for His will and leave the children under His care.
    God Bless!

    • Yes I will pray. I will seek the lord and plead the blood of Jesus over these little ones. Also, I don’t know what the situation with their Momma is. I just know that we have no right to hate her, but whatever evil shi is choosing I will pray for her deliverence as well. I say this in the name of my lord & savior, Christ Jesus, Love, Annette

      • lookingforhope2011 says:

        In the short time I have gotten to know you you have been a tremendous blessing. I know with all my heart what these children mean to you. And I know what they mean to our Heavenly Father. So in the sweet precious name of our wonderful Savior Jesus I pray for Gods mighty hand to touch and heal these precious little ones and surround them with a heavenly host of angels days and night. That no weapon formed against them shall prosper and their hearts be full of love and healing all the days of their lives!. Your a tremendous blessing and I know the victory is already here!

      • Holyroller_11 says:

        I thank all who pray for them,one is 12 now his name is Dylan,the other is 7,his name is Chandler, I know a miracle is coming for these. their mother stays in jail or in a mental hospital half the time, She was going to their school and causing trouble and imbarressing Dylan to the point the princple ban her from the school,police were called, she filed faulse charges against me and my son,had us arrested,but we were cleared of all. I was getting phone calls from her cursing me and hanging up for 2 months until I had police call her and tell her i more time and she would go to jail. she is very faithful to her master(satan),but God is delivering every time.

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