Pray for me to overcome sin

i basically need prayer to over come the sin of adultery.

am dating a married man. i know its sin, but i cant help myself.

i have tried and tried and as Michael said on your own you cant do it.

i need help from the most high God to overcome this sin.

thank you for helping me in prayer.

What do YOU think?



  1. faithishearing says:

    Assibey, I will pray for you. But I have to ask, what do you want me to pray for?
    A lot of people make the mistake of asking God that if He wants a relationship to end, to end it for them.
    God will never do for you what He clearly says in His word must be done by you. In other words, God cannot force you to do anything. He can give you the power to do a thing, but that power is useless if you don’t claim it and act on it.
    That you are unsettled in your spirit about this relationship, is God rousing you to action. He is already there. He is ready to help you. Action on your part will take faith.
    When I led a life of sin, I too became uncomfortable. I tried and tried to stop on my own, only to fall flat on my face. Then one day I prayed and finally did what I should have done all along. I removed completely everything that would cause me to stumble. God impressed me with this thought, it was either going to to Him, or those treasured, useless idols in my life. I chose God and I will never regret it. God offered me something better, and I never looked back.That is important: don’t think on the ‘what-ifs’ if God placed you somewhere that is exactly where you need to be, and you’ll never have peace if you are somewhere God didn’t intend for you to be.
    Further advice? Surrender your life to God and trust Him enough to act on His Word, knowing He’ll be there to help you. Agree with Him that your sin is sin and ask Him for His help. Cut off all contact with this man and anyone who will or have supported your life of sin. Surround yourself with people who are concerned for your spiritual well-being. Confess and be accountable to a close Christian friend and/or pastor. Join a body of believers and be in fellowship. Commit yourself not to live a double-life, but to live one life of Christ-like honesty and openness. Where there are no secrets, there aren’t any lies.
    It is hard to do, and I’ll even dare say, extremely hard, but when you act in faith, it is amazing how much God opens doors for you. I never thought I’d be where I am today. If someone would have told me a six months ago, as an agnostic, I would have laughed them to scorn.
    It is 100% worth it. 🙂
    Don’t settle for anything less than the very best that God wants for you!
    I’ll pray for you.

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