Prayer to be set free from evil spirits

Please pray for me that God would deliver me from
evil spirits that torment my mind with fear and sexual thoughts. I have
confessed all of my sins and have turned to God but I’m still dealing
with these evil spirits for about 10 years. Thank-you B

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  1. Tearz-4-Jesus says:

    I too have evil spirits,ive been a christian since birth,but did not know my true lord and savior my whole life untill last year,since then my life has been changed and i hav new meaning to live. . But i hav demons who stil torment me with perveted,evil thawts,drugs,sex etc. . .i try to ignore them,pray hard repent,bt i struggle with deep sins…may you please pray for me,even tho i am not a perfect christian,i stil pray for many of my friends salvation and trust Jesus wil cum through,praise Yeshua! Our beloved anointed

  2. Tradewinds says:

    I can tell you that I know and feel your pain, I truely, truely do. God be with you. Don’t give in or give up that is what satan wants.

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