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hi my name is Anna, and i begun today a 1 week fast, and i really need a support, it is really hard for me to fast, however, recently i was able to do 3 day fast, but i binged heavily after it, i regret it. but now i want to avoid those situations, and really get closer to God. I am fasting for 2 things; weight loss and a guy in my class that i really (reallllllllllly) like but i won’t see him again after june. So i hope that i will make it, after 7 days, if i will be able to continue i will, if not, i will brake it slowly and start my exercise program, since I’m a runner and an irish dancer. It would really mean a lot if someone would pray for me, because i really need help with this, and I believe that God will listen to my and your prayers. I really need to lose weight, i was in a depression not long time ago, and im recovering now. and im 15 yrs old and i, somehow, really like him (maybe more than like), as i never did anyone. So please support me in this journey and pray for me, because i dont want to get into the depression again, i also was cutting myself, which i regret the most, i still want to sometimes but i try not to, it’s hard. Im also leaving my best friends soon and probably never seeing them again, i dont want them to remember me like this. depressed, fat, ugly etc. i want to mean something to someone.

thank you for reading this, Anna

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  1. I have a professor that has been rude to me, and seems to be attacking me passively aggressively and not so passively aggressively to the point I have had another student come up and say something. He cuts me off, has made statements on my personality/way of communicating and even brought up my personal relationships. He has dated previous students before, demeans Christianity/Catholicism, and just misuses his power as a teacher. I have heard him say something like there are ways to get people to leave or drop out of the program and am afraid he is trying to do this with me. I am in the counseling program and want to be a counselor. Please pray for God to intervene to help and protect me and deal with this teacher Al’s inappropriate behavior and quickly. Thank you!

  2. charles rutley jr says:

    hello and God bless you my name is Charles rutley jr I live in Webster texas I am requesting prayer concerning my job and finances I currently work for lazboy furniture galleries in Webster texas I am struggling mightly with my sales my quota is 50000 written sold furniture a month I am having trouble topping that everyone else except one other person is consistently writing 55000 a month some 70000 or 80000 I don’t claim to be perfect but I do know the Lord and am a faithful tither I don’t know what it is keeping me from writing those type of numbers being a single person writing that amount is barely enough to pay my bills in Jesus name pray for me that I exceed the 50000 every month until I am done with school im currently in school for process technology if the Lord spares my life ill be graduating in april of 2016 pray for that that God brings that to pass and that I get a job at one of the refinies or a pipeline in Jesus name and that he protects me everyday I work there from getting harmed or harming myself in Jesus name also pray that me and Stephanie Cerritos get married and have a beautiful family thank you and God bless you and I hope he bless you with the desires of ur heart pray for health of my family and friends and yours as well also pray that elden matthew carl is moved off of my job I don’t want anything to happen to him but he has threated me and my other coworkers to stab or beat us up at some point and he is serious he is a 9 time arrestee and 2 time felon I know no one is perfect but he still talks like that and everyone thinks its in him pray for me and my coworkers that he would stop permantely or that God would move him my boss doesn’t believe us

  3. I need brothers and sisters of God to help me in my prayer. My husband has left me with four kids to another country to seek opportunities for a job. When he left here I wasn’t aware that he is not gonna spend time with us. He left in March 2010 and we have never seen him again. He sends smses occasionaly and email once in a while. When he left I had just given birth to a baby girl. He left when the baby was 12 days old. I am now left alone with 4 small kids. I have a decent job and God has blessed me with a very good job. I have been a provider since 2007 to date. I asked him to come back and look for a job in our country and he refused. He believes whatever he is trying to do there will work. When he came down in March, just before I gave birth, I discovered an email from a woman and when I confronted him he said it is just a friend. It was not the first time something like this happens. He cheated on me many times in the past and confessed that he will never do it again. I am now confused – don’t know whether he is really there to work for his family or to do both (cheat and seek opportunities to work). I am asking you to pray with me to allow God to work through him by bringing him back home. The kids are asking and crying for for him everyday. I pray to God to make him repend from cheating. I trust in the Lord and I believe and confess with my own mouth that God will change the situation I am currently faced with. I need your prayers!

  4. anat167 says:

    ok so im restarting the fast at 4am, cuz i just binged again:'(

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