Prayer request for Annette

My dear brothers & sisters in Christ,
I request all of you to uplift Annette in your prayers.She is going through severe pain while trying to pass the kidney stone.Please pray that she may be able to go through this unbearable pain and recover as soon as possible.

Lifting her in my prayers

What do YOU think?



  1. Captainmathew says:

    Sure, sis. Both Anette and her daughter are in our daily prayers, in family prayer get together and personal! Our hope is in Jesus and let us be confident that both of them will be cured fast! Amen.

    • Annette1016 says:

      This past week I went on a camping trip with my Dad and his wife, my sister and her husband my brother and his family and my cousin and his wife. I personally have suffered from a spirit of self hate and fear for most of my 47 years and while camping, things became so very clear to me of how dreadfully lost in manipulative ways my Dad and sister are. And it also became so clear to me that I would never be accepted as a loved one with them, that I and my children were their entertainment. And we were there for them to have those to belittle. I left feeling as though I had failed them all, for I have prayed for them all for years, but told them that I would not be going on a camping trip with them again. The sad thing is, how can I explain that I love my family, but dont respect their cruelty, I honor them, but dis like their teasing to hurt others. How do I walk with the lord and not compromise my values when they clearly have turned away from the lord in action and word. And how can I learn to love myself when those who were supposed to love me clearly dont love me? I ask How did others learn tollerance and not lose self worth? Any help? Love your very hurt and saddend sister in christ jesus, Annette

      • Timothy Luke says:

        Our love for self is not based upon the love of others toward us. Jesus said, ‘if the world hates me, it will hate you also.” So, the genesis and basis of our love and perspective of ourself must come from God, not man. You forgive them their ignorance and you repent for valuing their opinion (of yourself in this case) more than you have valued God’s opinion. In this you have idolized them above God and you have reaped the fruit of your sowing. Time to burn the field and plant a new crop with the true seeds and you will reap the true harvest. Don’t plant thistles and expect to reap something better….
        This is just a short answer, to a sister I love and appreciate!

        • Annette1016 says:

          Thank you, it is so easy to fall into that old pattern, but I am a new creation and you are correct, I am repenting right now and tearing down those idols! For he who does the will of my Father is my mother and brother and sisters. and Dad! I know this and failed the test, God says beautiful things of whom I am and they have torn me down yet God builds me up! I must realize who he says I am and keep that held within me! For no opinion is as important as his! Thank you again Timothy! Love your sis in christ Jesus,Annette

          • Timothy Luke says:

            Dear Annette, you have not “failed the test…” You are simply on the road to passing it!

  2. henry jose says:

    my dear friends, i humbly beg you all to pray for my grandmother who is severely suffering from chest pain, please remember my grandmother in your prayers for a complete cure.
    praise be to God

    • childofjesus says:

      I will surely remember your grandmother in my prayers. Have faith in God, He is a miracle working God.

  3. lookingforhope2011 says:

    Yes Lord, we come into agreement, for by Your stripes we claim healing for sister annette. By Your great Mercy oh Lord we claim healing in Jesus name! Amen

  4. childofjesus says:

    Dear Lord,
    I thank you for Annette’s life and all the Blessings she has in You.
    I commit my sis Annette into Your Loving Hands. Father, nothing is hidden from you.You have seen her suffering from various ailments.This time oh Lord as she is trying to pass the kidney stone, the pain is unbearable.I command ‘this pain’ in Jesus Name to leave her. In your name may she be healed completely.Father, hear this prayer in compassion. In Mighty name of Jesus, i pray..Amen

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