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Hi fellow Christians, My name is Lenin I Just wanna share few words with you guys i had been working herein Dubai for the last 5 years, God has given me wonderful opportunities to build up my job career but i couldn’t get success in that because of ignorance when my life’s going on smoothly, i forgot our lord Jesus so that, God punished me by losing my job. Now i’m in trouble as i lost my job now i realized that what wrong i have done in my life. hence, i request you to advice me to how to reach/ interact with God and my dear friends i request all of you to pray for me to get out of my problems really im in trouble now just worrying about my children and their education to continue in this country . please i beg all of you guys to advice / pray for me if i do fasting and prayer to God who can help me out i believe in Lord Jesus Christ.

with warm regards,

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  1. Please pray for me i new beginning to get my license and a car and to finish school this summer to be blessing and start modeling and keep losing weight to healing and be stronger and wiser smarter and better and to worship god each to protect and heal my family and to have a good life and keep god in my life and to get a good job

  2. Pray for me to get my license and to finish school and to become successfulaalso yo heal me and fix my broken relationship with juwan and me and pray that things get better where we love and care for each other also to find a good job that pays well and a modeling job and gor my family yo get better and work on our problems and just for a better life for me better days and to grow and have fun

  3. debbie lueck says:

    prayer for restoration of Tyson and Debbies marriage
    Soften tysons heart and all who are directing him for divorce. four children that need a special prayer for a hedge of protection during all of this

  4. please pray for me and my family and my deliverance from evil

  5. Daniel Cahill says:

    Hi my brothers and sisters at Christian Faith if you were homeless in NYC for the last 5 years and will turn 68 in 3 days having pretty much lost all hope ,what would be your prayer well then that’s mine because I trust your judgment right now more than my own.GOD richly bless you brother Danny 7/21/14

  6. charles edward rutley jr says:

    hello my name is Charles Edward rutley jr and God bless all.I am here seeking prayer in my marriage my wife Angelique and I have been separated for a little over 3 months now we haven’t gotten a divorce yet we are going to Christian counseling in the next week or so pray that that helps or relationship and that God would help put our relationship back together and that she return home soon and not only return home but that our relationship is better for both of us when she gets here.Also pray that God would help me on my job I work in sales and im normally near the bottom of the company on a regular basis although I have had some good months in Jesus name pray that God would make me the head and not the tail and that my sales volume isn’t just the head for 1 month but that it would be on a consistent basis in Jesus name I know I have more potential to do good than I have been doing there pray that God would help keep me at the top and bless my finances I am an obedient tither and I care about what God wants for my life.Also pray that God would help me to be able to save I have 125 dollars in my saving and that’s all pray that God would greatly increase that in Jesus mightly name.Also pray for my health that God would keep me in good health for many years pray that my old car would hhold up with no major problems for a few more years and also that God would help me finish school in 2 years in Jesus name.I don’t have kids and if its not meant for me to have them pray that God would help me lose that desire.Pray for my wife my family my friends and coworkers for yourselves ur churches and world peace in Jesus name.And also that God would move elden carl to another job in Jesus name.Amen

  7. Daniel cahill says:

    Hi my brothers and sisters asking special prayer for GODS strength and provision i am 67 years old homeless in NYC the weather tomorrow night could be in the low 50s and its too much its just too early and if you get sick at my age going into the winter forget it.GOD richly bless you brother Danny 8/12/13

  8. Dear Friends,

    Please pray for the conflict in Syria. May God’s will PREVAIL in this entire conflict and that it be resolved peacefully and that a military strike BE AVERTED so that no innocent Syrians will perish. Please pray in agreement for this so that God’s mercy prevails and the evil plans of man be destroyed. Also, that those who were truly were behind those chemical attacks be brought to justice.
    In Jesus name. Amen.

  9. chinyere says:

    You are suffering because like Huck Finn said you have not put God first and followed His path, now you are suffering the consequences. I know this because I am going through a similar thing. But thank God He makes provisions for our weakness. He allows us to repent and come back to Him. Make Him your priority, not your job, career or anything else. Practically, this means making time to communicate with Him daily. Seek out scriptures that speak to your situation. Confess them daily and wait on Him. If you are led to fast do it, but most importantly make sure you make time for Him in prayer before anything else. “Seek first His kingdom”, and everything else will fall in place. May He grant you your heart’s desire according to His perfect will. Amen

  10. Huck Finn says:


    God bless – Hang tight you have people in prayer . Right Now.

    God is not punishing you my friend… It’s just because you did not follow His career/life plan and this is what happens. Many here have done that so you are not alone…

    You are actually doing what you need to do… Pray – Read your bible and talk to Him. God Loves you and He also Likes You.

    Read Psalm 23 and 33


    • Dear Mr. Huck Finn
      Greetings in the name of our Saviour Lord Jesus Christ
      Thank you so much for your support and really appreciate you for giving a wonderful encouragement
      May God Bless You.



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