Prayer for my unborn son

Greetings in Jesus wonderful name.

I need prayer for my unborn son. My blood is creating antibodies against my baby blood, and I am not ready to be induce because I am only 31 weeks pregnant. The doctor said they can do nothing but monitor me each time I attend clinic. God is a miracle working God, and when two or three comes together in agreement, things happens. (I am O negative and my husband is O positive the two blood types don’t go that well together). Worse case scenario his blood cells can be destroy. Please join me in prayer for him, and that I will reach 37wks safely then they can induce me. Thanks


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  1. Gods sunflower says:

    greetings in Jesus name.

    I wish to thank every one who prayed for me and my son. I reached 37 wks safely, they did induced labour but God was with us each step of the way. I returned home from hospital yesterday after spending a day short of a week there. The labour was uneventful, because they had to rush me into surgery for an emergency C-section. My baby boy began to show signs of distress, to find out that the unbilicol cord was wrapped around his neck, but God is a great big wonderful awesome God. I am in so much pain, but He is helping me to cope and today is not as bad as yesterday. God is faithful. My son is healthy, his blood is ok, and all is well as long as we continue to trust in God Jehova.

    God bless each and everyone of you.

    • Timothy Luke says:

      Hi! Thanks for the update. We have been praying and we are so thankful for the good report! We shall continue to pray for the Lord’s provision for you sister!

  2. Lord, I pray in Jesus’ name that you can protect Jennifer’s baby. Lord, you ARE a God of miracles and we pray for this miracle right now. That you would bless Jennifer and her unborn baby. We ask for this in Jesus’ name. Amen.

  3. Jesus we just come to you and ask you that you may greatly bless Jennifer. Lord we pray that you may bless her unborn child and that your power may come into her situation. Lord we pray for healing and blessings. Please intervene in Jennifer’s situation.

    We cry out to you
    Please come
    In your name Jesus

  4. Heavenly Father, we ask your protection over Jennifer and her precious baby. Let the baby reach at least 37 weeks safely. We command Jennifer’s immune system to calm down and accept the child’s presence in the body. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

    Jennifer – ask the Holy Spirit to reveal if there are any things you have thought or said that may have given place to this situation. Is it your first child? SOMETIMES people have made vows earlier on in life concerning children which affect their pregnancies.

  5. prabhakar says:

    Dear Sister,

    The Lord is constantly with His children. He is in the midst of you and your family. Lets pray.

    Lord, We believe all things are possible for you. Please bless this unborn child of Jennifer and renew the baby’s blood. Please Lord, show your mercy and grace on Jennifer’s family. Please sprinkle your calvary blood over her land and strengthen her faith. We are crying out to you Lord, Please heal both Mother and Baby with your healing touch in no time and bless them abundantly. Thank you for stopping Jennifer’s tears and we give thee all honour O faithful God. Thank you for your protection to your children.

    We Love you, we Praise you, Glory to you Lord, Thank you for your healing and blessings in the name of Jesus, Amen.

    Dear sister Jennifer, please meditate the word of God all the time. I will keep you in my prayers everyday. Keep faith in our loving Father He loves you and your new child. Have a joyful life.

    Yours in God’ service

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