Prayer for my mother in law

I would like to ask my brothers and sisters in Christ to pray for my mother in law. She suffers from a heart condition and shes currently in the hospital. She also had a stroke two weeks ago and can hardly move. Please pray for her that God will take away the pain, heal the cause of the pain in Jesus Name. Her name is Mavis.

I believe God is our healer and He heals all diseases. I am starting a three day fast tomorrow for her healing and I am trusting God to heal her.

Thank you

What do YOU think?



  1. Thank you, and my fast is going very well. Today I have been very weak physically but I didn’t give up because I believe God called me to do this fast for a purpose and if I give up that purpose might not be fulfilled.

    My mother in Law is getting better slowly and to me that shows that God is at work within her and I believe He is going to heal her completely.


  2. bornagainbytheblood says:

    Yeukai – may the Lord grant your request from your fast; meanwhile, I will pray for her.

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