prayer for mother deliverance mentally ill

urgent! mother life to be totally xformed..and a willing heart husband verbally abusive and drug user, and alcolholic..the family needs healing and the holy spirit strong presence

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  1. Timothy Luke says:

    Hi Tristatedts, Michael and I have been praying for you, as we have for all the other prayer requests and needs that happen to be mentioned in posts. How are you doing?

    • Anonymous says:

      thank you for your prayers. i know we walk by faith and not by sight. thank u for continuously upholding us by the power of his word. i expect a miracle but this is a weight for me as well and tedious at times. my love walk need to develope more because the book stays that the doesn’t keep count of the offenses. well i need help my husband without provocation told me to f — u for people to hear well i will live and not die. life and death in the power of the tongue–well i don’t want to be married to him. yes, he was drunk but the stink and disrespect isn’t good. he said i had a lot of stuff with me. well, this is not the truth. i do pray for all of us and our extended family the presence of God would overwhelm us all and bitterness would not take root in my heart. nevertheless i say Lord let your will prevail in our lives. i pray the father would bless and grace your day with is abundance and presence for taking your time to intercede for our family. i thank God for the family of God and for the blood of Jesus that binds our lives.
      Thank you for your kindness
      In his care!

  2. Father we lift this family to your able name. Let there be the overflow of the holy spirit. May the blood of Jesus christ that speaketh better things than that of Abel cleanse this family from disease, alcoholism, abusiveness and all kind of illness. Lord deliver them for they are on Mt zion – the heavenly Jerusalem where there are innumerable angels. Disconnect them from all generational soul ties and let them know and have faith that Jesus has nailed everything on the cross. AMen.

    • Anonymous says:

      i cried to see someone prayed for us. i know that people do lift up others and we are not always aware. I do pray the the life in your words utter before the Father will resonate in our Lives and that we would be strengthen in our core being. i thank God the Father for your time before him to honor me and mine with your prayers of Faith for us. My Prayer that My Father in Heaven who hears every utterance will take that word of Live spoken to him and over our Lives that the Strength of his Word to show himself strong on behalf of us here and that the victory of his word will show himself strong. i pray that all my family that we will be prepare to receive the divine visitation ofThe
      Father handiwork in my life and yours.
      Eternally Graceful that you care enough to present us before the Father and Declare his word.
      Thank You!

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