Prayer for breaking free

Hi its me again,

Firstly thanks for all the prayer up to now and also thank you for the Viral Prayer Network and taking out the time to serve in prayer. God bless.

I’ve been pressing into God a lot in the beginning of this year now going through a course steps to freedom with Jesus – The Holy Spirit’s been revealing areas that I needed to confess going contrary to God’s will and I’ve been experiencing some breakthrough into deliverance and peace. One of the main things God showed me that for some reason was that I was rebelling against His will by not living in His grace, protection, acceptance and love. He showed me that that is His will for me, and I’ve been breaking through into freedom by obeying Him in this area (still resistance/temptation to the stronghold). When I take a stand now and live in His grace, protection, love and acceptance I find such freedom and peace and strength in the Lord. My issues posted in previous posts seem to vanish when I obey God in this area. Its wonderful.

I would like to ask for prayer in the spiritual realms and for strengthening and power to break fully free from satan’s bondage and hold on me. I want to break free to live for the Lord, be free in Him, and learn to do His will. As of writing this I am walking in freedom but had to stand firm most of the morning to break free into freedom. It feels like a temptation/force trying to keep me in bondage. Anyway, thank you so much for the prayer, it means so much for me.


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