Prayer and Your Destiny

It is getting hard to overestimate the importance of our personal relationship with God in these last days. I believe that a solid knowledge of Scripture and apologetics alone cannot protect us from the fiery darts of the wicked one.

Jesus said, “Watch and pray lest you fall into temptation.” Since we are commanded to “pray without ceasing” (1 Thessalonians 5:17) to “abide in Jesus” (John 15:4) we cannot expect adequate protection from Satan and evil if we do not “draw near to God” so that “He will draw near to us”.

It doesn’t matter how much potential seems to be  in a situation. For the believer, it is only through prayer and fellowship with God that any LASTING benefit can be obtained. We cannot trust people to help us reach our potential or fulfil our destiny in God, nor can we trust in our money (which really belongs to God anyway if we are His disciples). We must trust and obey God. Obedience to God helps us to stay on speaking terms with the Lord, and when we obey Him, we abide in Him, and He works in and through us and even for us in wonderful ways.
Prayerlessness is the great sin of the church today. It has at times been the sin of my own life. We simply cannot look to other Christians around us as a standard for our prayer life, for what it will take to “get by” in the eyes of God. No, we need to be passionately interested in drawing near to God. Otherwise we will forget who God is to us and how wonderful He is and then our hearts become relatively indifferent. We are in trouble once we have lost the desire for God’s presence in our lives.

The only way we can express that intense love for the Lord is through spending as much time as we can in PRAYER. This includes praising God, meditating on His Word and waiting in silence before Him. Jesus, not personal entertainment, must be the focus of our hearts and minds in order for us to be spiritually secure in God.

A “mature Christian” who is not passionately interested in drawing near to God in prayer is spiritually SICK. It doesn’t matter whether they are a pastor, an evangelist or a teacher of the Bible. May God revive us in the fire of His love. May God help us all to arise from slumber, to watch and to pray.

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  1. First, I am grateful to God for having helped me find you while looking for help from Christian Community.
    I don’t actually know where to start telling you my story… But to make it short. I feel completely lost and unconfident in the way my life is going. I am holding on to God but at the same time, I feel ashame to go to him.
    I have so much regrets for having abused the generosity of the Lord. Though I knew what was right and what was wrong, I decided and stood by my own principles… And this is not the first time. One episode which is always on my mind is when I was cursed by the ex-girlfriend of my ex-boyfriend for something I wrongly did anomynously. I sinned, asked for forgiveness then when things went well again, I sinned again & again. Now being in a tunnel, I don’t even know how and what to do. I almost no longer have a career when I used to be one of best in my fields. My marriage is almost broken cause it was based on lies from my husband which I only learned one year after our wedding last November. My couple is no longer a couple. And it’s been a few weeks now that I started seeing someone. I feel lost in myself cause that person is not me. I have allowed myself to be tempted and I seem never able to say NO. I want to have my career back. My life back, stand up on my feet with God as my support. I feel like I want to cry but then I tell myself that I am just being an hypocrite.
    My life has not always been so miserable. I had the most amazing relationship with God even when I was a child and during my teen years. God made miracles in my life. I messed everything up. I want my relationship back with him..Please help me Lord. I thank all of you for your prayers and advice.

  2. I know from personel experiance I have found that my greatest victories and and greatest experiances with God havent been at a revival or at a prayer meeting but have boon with my face to the floor all alone seeking God out.God wants to bless his childern so much that I have seen blessings,espialley financial blessings chase down people who were seeking God out but I have also have seen so many christians walk right on by their break through.It is time now more than ever to seek Gods face with a sencere and humilty because this world is becoming darker by the seconds that go by.Michael thank you so much for this awesome and powerful web sight because I learn allot even though I have been in spirtual warfare and deliverance minestries for over 20 years I learn allot from this web sight.So thank you for all that you do…….Be blessed Tim

  3. May Holy Spirit quicken and revive us together with the Lord in heavenly places through PRAYER!

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