Prayer and help needed.

I would like to request prayer because I know that God is dealing with my heart. I want to be sure and want to be in his will.

I have been a Christian for about 12 years now. My husband accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord in Feb. of this year. For a long time I have always felt I could detect demons in people. I think my husband has the gift also but he does not feel lead by the spirit to do anything with it other than discern it. I have a nephew who has some physiological issues but I believe he is being tormented by a demon. He has come out in detail about it and is only 10 years old. I have seen him when this demon has a hold of him and there is no way this child is pretending. I have talked with him (and prayed with him) several times and thought the demon had left him because he was doing better. Last week I find that its back full force. Since time I have talked with several people including my pastor. It seems I keep running into dead ends and this morning God continued to lay something on my heart. I want to be anointed with the gift to cast out demons. I am not afraid and not intimidated. I know a lot about demons because I was riddled with them myself for years. Not to the extent I have seen with some people but I know them. I run across strangers that I know have a demon or demons and find myself compelled to lay my hands on them and cast them out. There is no doubt it’s not me or my power it’s the Holy Spirit within me. I know I can do nothing in my own power. I would like prayer and guidance in this issue if anyone one has time to help me. I am thinking of asking my church family to lay their hands on me and pray for this anointing but when I mentioned it to my pastor he just looked at me like I might be a nut. When I was asking him if he knew someone who might be able to help me all he would say is you just better find someone who’s ready. While thinking about this (today) I heard a quiet voice telling me to stop looking and start acting. It was if the thought was put in my head I didn’t just wish it up. Anyway, I would love some help or comments.

God bless and keep you,


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  1. Timothy Luke says:

    The command to cast out devils in Jesus’ name is given to believers. You have the authority of a believer, if you believe. And, you believe, you just didn’t know the anointing is part of what you received with the laying on of hands after baptism. You do not need another anointing, but you do need humility and the ability to hear the Lord’s call to deliver in any given circumstance. Jesus did not cast out every demon he saw just because he saw it. Pray for these people to be strengthened in their inner man to walk in the freedom the Lord would give them. If a person is not seeking deliverance, they are probably not ready to walk in it, so discipleship and teaching them is also part of discerning of spirits. These are guidelines, not rules. Thoughts, not dictates.

    Blessings to you. Feel free to ask further questions, or comments.


    • Many thanks Timothy.

      For a long time I have felt I had the gift but never used it because of the fear someone would think I was a lunatic. When you talk about having the desire to cast out demons folks tend to look at you like you might just be a little off in the head. I have my reservations about some that do this and deliver from physical illness but alas I know it’s not my place to judge. I know in my heart that God has given me His Holy Spirit and through Him I am able to move mountains (Matt 17:20) I do understand that a heart must be ready to follow God if they want to be healed. That brings us back to the fact we only serve one or the other.

      I want to learn how to differentiate demons. I don’t want to just equip myself with one or two scriptures and then go out on some demon hunt. I know that God will put people in my path if I am truly faithful to His calling. I don’t believe that casting out a demon has to be as dramatic as the movies you see. But, if I ever came in contact with something that violent I wouldn’t want to leave any room for mistake because I didn’t educate myself for it. I want to be equipped for the work God wants me to do. I don’t think this is just some curiosity stage I am going through. This has been a desire I have had for a long time. I believe in laying my hands on people and know God can do anything if we ask it in his name but this particular topic screams at me.

      I would like to know if there are books I could read to help my understanding

      • Timothy Luke says:

        The movies are created by the devil to instill a fear of evil and dissuade Christians from dealing with them. It is funny how puny these demons are in comparison to the power of almighty God! In a demon’s wildest dreams, it has the power to do all those things to a believer. If we walk presumptuously, we can be attacked. If we walk in the spirit, there is covering. I would not recommend you go seeking to stir up the devil’s kingdom just for the sake of it. Let the Lord lead you as you minister to others and take things one step at a time, with humility and fear of God, and let Him do the rest.

        I hope this helps…

        • Oh I understand completely. I dont want to put myself or family in danger. I know if God wants to use me he will bring the need to me. I have started reading in the Spiritual Warfare section of this site and its been a big help. I have let the things you have said soak in and with prayer I know God will show me where he wants me to go. I am very careful how I use the word humbal. Right when you think you understand humility you find you are falling short of it. I know this is going to take time, fasting and prayer.

          I am so glad I found this site becasue it has been so very helpful.

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